Features of linden lining

Linden lining is in great demand in the market of finishing materials. It has unsurpassed aesthetic characteristics and is also characterized by impeccable quality. This material can be used for walls, ceilings or floors. The individual features of linden lining create comfortable conditions for staying in a room decorated with it, and give the atmosphere a coziness.


Linden lining has unique features, due to which it is actively used not only in the decoration of residential buildings, but also in baths, saunas, and other types of premises. It is worth noting that linden has many medicinal properties that are embedded in its inflorescences, bark and wood. The modern production of such a lining due to the use of improved technologies allows it to be used not only inside, but also outside the structures. Each of the options for its application has an unsurpassed look, since this material is in perfect harmony with various interior items..

The main features of linden lining are:

  • Colour. Has a warm light shade, close to light yellow or light brown. There are also white options. In general, the shade of the products directly depends on the type of wood..
  • Structure. Homogeneous, without knots and irregularities, and under the influence of special processing it becomes almost ideal for creating comfort in a particular room.
  • Density. Small enough and is no more than 520 kg / m3. This feature prevents strong heating of the lining under the influence of high temperatures, making it the best option for finishing baths and saunas.
  • Environmental friendliness. The low resin content in relation to other materials makes linden lining absolutely safe for health. In addition, the wood contains essential oils that have a positive therapeutic effect on the body..
  • Performance. It is distinguished by simple and quick installation, and also perfectly retains its original qualities under the influence of high temperatures. It can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Very pleasant to the touch and practically does not deform during operation.

It is worth noting that linden lining is quite expensive compared to many other materials. But at the same time, the price is fully justified by the quality, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Such a noble and durable finishing material, like lime lining, can serve for more than a dozen years, keeping its original qualities. In the process of finishing, it creates excellent thermal insulation in the room, filling it with coziness and comfort. Where linden lining has found its application, a pleasant honey aroma is always felt.

This wood does not emit harmful substances at all and only has a positive effect on the human body..

Dimensions (edit)

There are 2 standards regarding the size of linden lining:

  • Standard. Its thickness is no more than 2.5 cm, width – up to 15 cm, and length can reach 6 m.
  • Euro lining. Its thickness is 13, 16 or 19 mm, the width is presented in sizes 80, 100, 110 or 120 mm, and the length starts from 50 cm and can reach 6 m.

It is worth remembering that for interior decoration, a lining with a thickness of 14 mm is enough, and for outdoor use it is worth using options whose thickness is at least 25 mm. Adhering to this rule, you can easily create favorable conditions for staying in a particular room at any time of the year..

In the selection process, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the shorter the boards, the less their cost will be.. You should definitely pay attention to the size table, as well as the individual parameters of one or another version of the finishing material. Each package must contain all the information regarding the lining inside. Correctly chosen option and size of these products will make the room as comfortable and presentable as possible.


Linden lining is presented on the world market in a wide range.

There are the following grades of this material, each of which has individual properties:

  • Extra class. It is considered an ideal option, since it has the smoothest and most beautiful structure without knots, cracks or other defects. It also has a flawless shape and workmanship..
  • Class A. It is of sufficient quality, since it has minor defects in the form of a small knot or small crack, which give the material a special charm. Products of this type belong to the 1st grade.
  • Class B. It is characterized by an acceptable cost, and the board itself may have a small number of knots, and is also capable of changing color during long-term use..

  • Class C. Such a wooden lining made of linden is considered the most budgetary option. There may be obvious knots on the front of the boards, although their presence does not at all distort the appearance of the products.
  • Euro lining. It is produced exclusively according to European standards and is an example of impeccable quality. Its structural difference is considered to be deep grooves, as well as the presence of additional channels for ventilation and drainage. Such heat-treated lining has a wide range of applications, despite its high cost..

Each of these varieties of linden lining has its own individual characteristics that must be taken into account in the acquisition process. After all, this or that option is produced using a special technology designed exclusively for the manufacture of a specific type of finishing material.

Taking into account the individual characteristics of wooden lining, you can create a truly stylish and beautiful interior that will delight others with its unsurpassed beauty for many years..

Tips & Tricks

Adhering to the advice and recommendations of professional craftsmen, you can independently sheathe linden clapboard in almost any room.

The following rules for working with this material will help to avoid mistakes:

  • installation should be done in the warm season;
  • before finishing, the lining should be warm for several days;
  • it is best to use a heater with a reflector;
  • before starting finishing, it is recommended to treat all products with an antiseptic, which performs the protective function of the material and prolongs its service life;
  • after the antiseptic has dried, all surfaces must be treated with a special varnish or protective gel.

Professionals recommend using linden lining no more than 90 cm wide for small rooms.This approach during the finishing process will visually expand the space and make the room more voluminous. This is especially true in small rooms with low lighting levels..

The quality of the selected material plays an important role in the finishing process.. Natural linden lining not only completes the interior, but also creates a positive atmosphere for staying in it. This design contributes to both good working capacity and good rest..

It is worth noting that linden lining, despite some similarities, has a visible difference in comparison with aspen board. High-quality linden lining has a rich honey aroma and has an excellent antibacterial effect, which cannot be said about aspen products.

Linden wood has long been prized for its incomparable soothing and relaxing properties, which is why it is often used in aromatherapy to boost immunity..

Linden clapboard looks very beautiful in residential buildings, and its original natural pattern, combined with an even texture, fills the space with a unique charm. These products are considered the ideal solution for wall and ceiling decoration, as they perfectly retain their original qualities and create a comfortable atmosphere..

Professional craftsmen recommend using linden lining in rooms that are prone to frequent temperature changes. Due to the increased resistance to moisture and solar heat, the wood perfectly retains its original qualities, protecting the territory from adverse factors.

Due to safety, environmental friendliness and reliability, this material can be safely used when decorating children’s rooms, bedrooms, hotels, as well as public facilities..

Beautiful examples

Linden lining has found wide application in both interior and exterior decoration. Each option looks quite stylish and original, and fills the space with coziness, warmth and freshness. Staying in a room decorated with linden wood clapboard, a person can feel amazing comfort and peace..

The interior of country houses, where such wood is used, looks very noble and aesthetically beautiful.. Such decoration makes the room light and cozy, disposed to a pleasant pastime. A truly stylish look has a finish made in a horizontal position and complemented by light leather furniture.

The bedrooms, decorated with linden clapboard, harmoniously complemented by wrought iron or wooden furniture, are cozy and conducive to a good rest..

The hallways, the walls of which are decorated with linden clapboard, have a presentable and unique look.

This finish is perfectly complemented by leather or wicker furniture, beams on the ceiling, as well as large panoramic windows and a fireplace..

Kitchens decorated with wooden clapboard do not lose their relevance. In such an environment, it is always pleasant to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy the exquisite taste of various dishes..

Balconies and loggias with linden trim are always filled with a pleasant aroma and perfectly retain their original qualities even under the influence of unfavorable factors, such as sudden temperature changes, rain or snow.

Baths and saunas with linden lining finish are real classics.. Such cladding is actively used on walls, ceilings, floors, as well as benches and other constituent objects. This wood combines well with stone and brick, creating a single and harmonious composition. This interior design option looks really rich and perfectly emphasizes the high status of the owners..

It is worth noting that each finish option, made with linden lining, looks very stylish and unique. This design creates a pleasant atmosphere in any room, regardless of its type and purpose. That is why, where there is linden lining, warmth, coziness and comfort always reign..

For an overview of linden lining for a bath or sauna, see the following video.

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