Features of Makroflex FR77 polyurethane foam

Almost always, construction work is carried out using polyurethane foam, because it is needed for high-quality sealing of various seams. Quite often, it becomes necessary to use fire-fighting foam – in this case, you can pay attention to Makroflex products.


The brand began manufacturing these products 30 years ago. During this time, he mastered the production of polyurethane foam, glue, cleaning fluids, tools and sealants of various types. The production takes place at factories in Finland and Estonia, and it is in demand throughout Europe, as it is famous for its excellent quality..

The brand cares about consumers, therefore it constantly develops new products using the latest technologies, trying to achieve uncomplicated use and improve their performance.

One of the great products is Makroflex FR77 fire-resistant polyurethane foam. It is available in 750 and 1000 ml cylinders, is suitable for many types of work, provides heat and sound insulation, and also has a good level of adhesion to most materials. Since foam is a fire-resistant material, it is advisable to use it for sealing joints in structures where fire safety must be observed. These can be public places, residential apartment buildings and private houses, industrial premises..

It should be noted that the products have been tested and comply with the European and international standards..

This one-component professional foam can be used with a gun for more precise dosage and flow control.

You should be aware that filling large voids must be carried out in several stages, since complete hardening occurs after about 24 hours., and the primary treatment can be carried out in 20-30 minutes. Moisture is required for curing. If the ambient humidity is less than 60%, then the surface must be moistened. When there is ice or frost on the surface, work cannot be performed..

The surface must be cleaned before applying the foam..

Before starting work, the balloon is kept for 10-12 hours at a temperature of 18-20 degrees. Shake it several times immediately before use. An open bottle must be used within a month. Heating the cylinder up to +50 degrees and above is unacceptable – it is explosive.

When working with foam, you need to use personal protective equipment for the skin and eyes..


The main characteristics are the following indicators:

  • fire-resistant – withstands an open flame for 4 hours;
  • possesses the highest class of fire resistance – not only does not support combustion, but also retains its properties;
  • perfectly performs the function of heat and sound insulation;
  • adheres well to concrete, stone, metal, wood and other building materials, with the exception of polyethylene, teflon, silicone;
  • 750 ml can gives 45 liters of foam;
  • used at temperatures from +5 to +30 degrees;
  • hardened foam can withstand low temperatures (up to -40 degrees);
  • possesses moisture-repellent properties;
  • resistant to mold formation;
  • has a long service life if protected from ultraviolet radiation.

You can store the foam throughout the year at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees.

This wonderful product has a drawback: it does not tolerate ultraviolet rays, therefore, after finishing work, it is recommended to cover the sealed seam with another material (putty, sealant, special paint) to protect it from UV exposure.

Also, the foam is not suitable for low temperature applications..

You will learn more about Makroflex foam by watching the following video.

Where is applied?

Due to its properties, Makroflex FR77 is widely used. First of all, this is the provision of fire protection for doors, walls and windows of structures, which must be fire resistant.

Also with its help:

  • channels for cables and pipes in the wall or ceiling are sealed;
  • cracks and holes in the ventilation ducts are filled;
  • various seams and cracks are sealed;
  • joints of roof structures are sealed;
  • soundproof screens are created;
  • the gaps near the pipes are sealed;
  • construction details are mounted;
  • insulating materials are glued;
  • heating and sewerage pipes are fixed.

In order for the products to show all their properties, you need to follow all the instructions and recommendations for use..


Consumers leave a lot of reviews about Makroflex FR77, which are mostly positive. Users say that although the foam is professional, it is convenient for even an inexperienced person to use it. The gun dispenses foam, but it must be cleaned periodically. Consumers say the can provides the specified product yield..

It is also noted that the products meet all the declared characteristics.. The foam was applied to surfaces of different materials, and it held them together perfectly.

Many advise to moisturize the surfaces to be coated to improve the bond.. Also, people advise to immediately remove the foam drops that have fallen on other places, otherwise it will be almost impossible to clean them later. As a way out of the situation, it is recommended to cover these surfaces with polyethylene..

      One of the recommendations is to use gloves and other protective equipment when working..

      Consumers love that foam is great for leveling seams and filling in empty spaces, providing a high level of fire safety in areas where children are often found.

      People are happy that the foam is durable and retains its properties well. However, they warn that products are capable of deterioration from exposure to ultraviolet rays, so it is advisable to cover it with some kind of composition. It is also noted that it cannot be applied at subzero temperatures..

      The products are affordable and have an excellent value for money.

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