Features of plumbing sealants

Features of plumbing sealants

Every man at least once in his life was engaged in the installation of plumbing equipment. Everyone knows that water, in general, is difficult to cope with. And so it constantly leaks somewhere, pipes drip and so on. Previously, things like cement and rags were used to fill up various kinds of gaps in sewer pipes. The bottom line was that the pipe joints were simply wrapped with rags, after which all this was covered with a cement solution. But this method was not only pretty messy. Its effectiveness was also poor..

But due to the fact that technical progress is constantly moving forward, today there are other ways to make pipes tight. One such method was the use of a silicone-based sanitary sealant..


A couple of decades ago, the cracks between plumbing fixtures and walls were covered with various kinds of mastics or grouts. These substances cannot be called bad, but in terms of properties they are significantly inferior to current sealants, with which it is very easy to work, and which provide excellent quality of the joints. It should be said that the plumbing sealant itself is viscous and dense, which makes it possible to form an extremely tight seam at the point of contact. Plumbing sealant has a wide range of applications. It is used to seal various joints, and not only in the bathroom. And it is also used in the kitchen. Pipe joints are processed with it. Sometimes used as an alternative to glue.

Current sealants and similar substances have an antiseptic effect, which is why many people even seal windows with them, as well as glass inserts that are installed in bathroom doors. Their use allows, if not prevent, then at least minimize the formation of mold..


There is a wide variety of sealants. Each of them has its own special and unique properties. We will try to tell you about all types of sealants that are available today..

The first category to be mentioned is the sealing type tapes.. They are usually either foil-clad or conventional and are intended to seal the joints of various water and sewer pipes and pipelines. They are created on the basis of polymeric substances. The term of use of such an option can be up to 40 years..

Another interesting option is polymer sealants. They are used to process sewerage joints and water supply systems. They are a great solution because they are versatile and can work with just about anything. Such a material is made on the basis of rubber, which allows it to have excellent elasticity and good adhesion properties. There will be silicone sealant from the same series. The silicone solution is by far the most reliable.

It should be said that they can be:

  • neutral;
  • acidic.

The first category has no acids in its composition, which prevents him from destroying the pipes. This greatly expands the possibilities of its use. At the same time, such a sealant is more expensive. And the acidic options are of excellent quality at a fairly affordable price. However, they are not suitable for all surfaces, and with some they can enter into various chemical reactions..

The third category of sealants is technical sulfur. It is created during the processing of various petroleum products and is sold in the form of lumps or powder. This option will be an excellent solution for joint sealing on cast iron pipes. Low cost will be an additional advantage. Sulfur is a tough yet brittle pipe sealant that must be used correctly.

The next option is Portland cement. This option is made from calcium silicates, clinker and gypsum. To use it, you must dilute it with water. When you get the paste, you can start using it. This option perfectly seals pipe joints and can be an excellent solution if you need to seal other joints as well..

The next type is epoxy resin, which is a liquid all-purpose adhesive. To obtain good sealing properties, it is mixed with a hardener. It is very convenient to use such a resin if you strictly and accurately follow the manufacturer’s recommendations..

And also often bitumen mastics have been used as a sanitary sealant in recent years. Especially interesting will be mastics based on bitumen and rubber, as well as bitumen and polymer substances. Such a waterproof option will be an excellent solution when working in an apartment or bathroom. Speaking specifically about pipes, this moisture-resistant option will be an excellent solution for polypropylene pipes and PVC-based pipes..

Another type that I would like to mention is hemp, as well as jute ropes.. They are excellent for sealing joints on pipes made of cast iron or ceramic. Such materials are readily available and very easy to use. At the same time, they are still inferior in characteristics to modern sealants..


Among other characteristics of the sealant, users often do not pay attention to such a feature as color. Everything seems to be not such an essential category, but if the seam to be repaired is in some rather prominent place, then the wrong choice of sealant in color can violate the entire aesthetic component of the interior of the bathroom or any other room.

Typically, the color scheme that sealants can have is as follows:

  • if it is universal, it will have an exclusively white color;
  • if universal, but on a silicone basis, then it can be both white and transparent;
  • the neutral version can be either black or gray, brown, white, transparent;
  • acrylic sealants are exceptionally white;
  • sanitary ones are white and transparent;
  • parquet solutions can have a color that matches the color of the parquet board.

Attention should be paid to the color of this material, because the repair should not only be durable and of high quality, but also at least neat and aesthetic. In addition, today there are categories of sealants that can be painted with paints or varnishes, so you can get almost any color by simply hiding the seam. This option will also be interesting for people who are not satisfied with the colors of the sealants offered by the manufacturers. But most people prefer colorless solutions..

The basis on which the sealant is made also plays a role.. If it is silicone, then you simply won’t be able to paint it yourself. If we are talking about acrylic, then a person can paint it on their own. To do this, you just need to pick up a roller with a brush, and you can start painting. This substance will simply absorb the paint and cannot be distinguished from the entire painted surface..

By the way, it is also important that coloring the sealant in one color or another will not affect either its quality or its technical characteristics at all..

Scope of application

Note that a variety of sealants can be used in a large number of areas of human life. But it would be best to say where this or that category is applied, which will make it clearer to understand which category of substance can be used in a particular issue..

If we are talking about silicone sealants, then they have a fairly large scope of use.. So, they are indispensable when installing plumbing, from taps to installing a toilet. And also it will be an indispensable solution for sealing joints between the wall, sink, kitchen countertop, bathroom, sink and so on. In general, they can be used in the water sphere and any other related to it. Due to the fact that modern sealants have pronounced antiseptic properties, they can be used when sealing windows, glass inserts in interior doors in order to prevent the formation of mold. By the way, sometimes silicone sealant is used for cable laying as an alternative to the so-called liquid nails..

In addition, sealants are also often used to seal the outlet from the toilet bowl to the common riser..

Do not forget that you can apply a sealant to seal joints only after you are convinced that it can calmly withstand the effects of natural and anthropogenic factors. To do this, you need to pay attention to its characteristics, which are indicated on the packaging, as well as the year of manufacture of the product. After all, it is known that sealants, the expiration date of which has expired, significantly lose their properties..


Let’s consider how to choose a high-quality sealant that will allow you to achieve the necessary goals and complete the tasks. To begin with, even before going to a specialized store, you should clearly understand in what conditions and where the product in question will be used. If we are talking about a bathroom, then you should definitely buy a moisture-resistant and water-repellent composition. If we are talking about a field made of wood, then it should be as elastic as possible, and it should not contain any solvents or substances of a similar type..

Also, before purchasing a sealant for home use, it is better to pay attention to a few points..

  • Where this composition can be used – for external or exclusively for internal work, or in both options at once.
  • In what kind of work it can be used – window, plumbing, roofing or some other.

  • For which categories of surfaces is it intended.
  • The elasticity characteristics it has.
  • Makeup color. Can it be dyed, or, conversely, it cannot be dyed, so that its elasticity characteristics do not decrease.
  • What type of sealant is there: household or professional. The latter can only be intended for a person employed in the construction industry and clearly understands how this particular composition can be used..
  • Working temperatures of the composition. That is, can the solution be used in the climatic conditions of the region where you are going to use it?.

Even following these minimal tips will give you the opportunity to find a quality and interesting solution for your home..

It should be said that plumbing sealants are, indeed, widespread today due to their versatility, as well as the large number of properties that other compositions have. But at the same time, the choice of such an option as a sealant must be taken with all seriousness and attention in order to get the result that you need..

For how to work with anaerobic sealant adhesives, see the next video..

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