Features of Soudal sealants

Features of Soudal sealants

During construction and renovation, it is often necessary to make a tight connection. The Belgian company Soudal offers a line of reliable silicone and polyurethane sealants for household and professional use..


The family-owned company Soudal has established itself as the largest manufacturer of silicone and polyurethane sealants, various adhesives and roof seals. The company’s products are very popular all over the world, their quality is confirmed by certificates. Over its more than 50-year history, the company has opened 16 manufacturing plants around the world, which employs about 2550 employees..


Household and professional sealants are available as one-component and two-component. One-component is most often produced in tubes and cylinders. Such materials are completely ready for work, and to use them you need an assembly gun, which does not require any special skills..

Two-component sealants contain two components that are mixed right before use, as they do not last long. Therefore, they are more used by professionals..

Soudal sealants differ from each other in their composition, performance and application..

Consider a description of their properties and technical characteristics.

  • Silicone. “Neutral Silirub 2”, “Universal”, “Aquarium”, “For window glazing”, “High temperature”, “Classic” – all of them are elastic, durable, resistant to UV radiation and do not allow water to pass through. “Neutral” and “Sanitary” have antifungal properties, therefore they are recommended for use in rooms that are subject to frequent wet cleaning (bathroom, toilet).

Their high stickiness opens up great possibilities for combining with almost all materials, even those prone to corrosion..

There are special means for sealing glass products (for aquariums and glazing of window frames). Seams made with silicone sealants must not be painted over. But this is not scary, since sealants are available in different colors or completely transparent..

  • Polyurethane. Soudaflex 40, Soudaflex 40 FC, Soudaflex 14 LM – contain resins. They are the fastest drying, so you will not be able to store an open package for a long time. They are used for sealing joints between panels, window frames and double-glazed windows, waterproofing and for roofing. Their properties allow gluing materials of different composition without losing the quality of the seam. Seams made with such sealants can be painted and varnished.
  • Bituminous and rubber. They do not allow water to pass through, and therefore they are often used to protect the roof from rain, snow and other atmospheric phenomena. These sealants are perfectly combined with wood, metal, brick and many other building materials. Another advantage is that such formulations can be applied to a damp surface..

Surface preparation for sealing also does not require special preparation..

Seams made with bitumen and rubber sealants are strong, durable, flexible and weatherproof. Small disadvantages of such materials – they cannot be used at low temperatures. In addition, seams made with bitumen and silicone materials do not allow them to be stained..

  • Acrylic sealants. “Instant”, “Parquet” – contain a plasticizer, ammonia solution, fillers and safe antiseptic additives. Compatible with all building materials (especially wood). They are actively used to seal cracks in a timber, when installing a wooden floor, parquet, laminate board, installing baseboards, sealing door and window openings. But it can also be used for hermetic connection of pipes for various purposes, tile joints and repair of cracked furniture. The seams made with these sealants prevent the penetration of cold, which is important when insulating a house.
  • High temperature sealants. A special group of silicone building materials. They are able to withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees, therefore they are used in the manufacture of stoves and fireplaces, chimneys, sealing joints on boilers.

Important: before purchasing such materials, you must carefully read the information on the package. The temperature range for the application of this product is indicated there..

Choose only those products that are suitable for the operating conditions of your stoves and fireplaces. High temperature sealants are acidic and neutral. Neutral materials are compatible with all materials, but acidic materials cannot be used to seal corrosive materials, as well as in cement and concrete surfaces..

  • Heat Resistant Sealing Pastes. Fix All Classic – SMX polymer hybrids. This type can be attributed rather not to sealing agents, but to adhesives. Such materials are capable of withstanding temperatures no more than 200 degrees Celsius. But they have their advantages – they are chemically neutral. They dry quickly, but the higher the temperature in the working room, the higher the speed of their solidification. They can be used in saunas, showers, bathrooms.

They are also used to eliminate leaks in heating and water systems..


Soudal sealants are available in different colors.

  • Silicone available in a variety of colors: transparent, white, gray, black, brown, terracotta, dark brown, basalt, dark gray, buffalo leather, oak, stone.
  • Polyurethane sealants cannot be painted, but it is not so bad. After all, their colors are very different: white, light brown, dark brown, dark beige. Also available in concrete color.

Scope of application

It is clear that the composition of the sealing materials significantly affects their properties, and hence their scope of application is different.

  • If you need to seal joints in concrete or foundations, use silicone or bitumen.
  • For sealing houses from a bar, laying parquet, laminate boards, installing baseboards, use acrylic sealants.
  • For roofing work, polyurethane.

  • Silicone or polyurethane sealant is suitable for window frames..
  • To seal cracks in a brick wall, use a silicone.
  • Use acrylic sealants to seal seams during plumbing work, seal cracks in pipes..
  • For stoves and fireplaces, select only high temperature sealants.


Analysis of Soudal product reviews proves the high quality of the sealants. Of course, for each type of work, buyers use different types of Soudal products, but they all provide high quality construction and renovation work. Another of the arguments in favor of this product is the almost absence of negative reviews from consumers (both amateurs and professionals) on construction forums and a relatively low price..

Of the minuses, they only note the lack of elasticity of the material, and some do not like the price.

You can learn how to use a sealant to eliminate the leak between the wall and the bathroom, you can learn from the video below..

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