Features of the design of the ceiling in the bedroom

Arrangement of the ceiling space in the bedroom is an important stage of renovation work that requires special attention. It is in this room that we rest and relax after a hard day.. Therefore, a feature of the bedroom design is to create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the modern design options for ceilings.

Types of structures

The secret of creating a beautiful design in any room is simple – all you need is that all the elements are designed in the same style and complement each other favorably. This is especially important in the bedroom – here nothing should annoy and interfere with rest..

There are several of the most common ways to arrange a ceiling space in a bedroom..


Painting has long become a classic in the design of the ceiling space. Usually the surface is painted in a delicate color with water-based paint. Today, such coverage cannot be called modern. To refine the space a little, the perimeter of the ceiling can be cover with baguettes half a tone lighter or darker than the selected paint.

You can paint the entire ceiling or its individual parts, creating a pattern or emphasizing decorative elements. By tinted the upper part of the walls in the same color as the ceiling, you can create a visual effect of the depth of the room..

Styrofoam panels

The use of such panels also applies to simple options for decorating the ceiling space. They appeared on the market in the early 2000s and quickly gained popularity due to the cheapness and simplicity of the material. After so many years, it cannot be said that their popularity has declined, until now many consumers choose this particular material..

There are square and triangular panels with beveled or right angles. Their texture can be matte, glossy and pearlescent. There are models that imitate carving or stucco molding on wood and stone. Colored panels look spectacular, and if you don’t like any of the existing options, you can paint the material in any color.

Real craftsmen, even from such a simple and unpretentious material, can create a truly chic and elegant ceiling..

Wooden panels

Wood has always been a hallmark of luxurious interiors. Original wood paneling is a great way to create a unique country or modern bedroom. In addition, natural wood is an excellent element for creating an eco-style interior.. Wood look panels can be used – high-quality performance will look no worse than the original.

Ideally, the ceiling is sheathed with panels that are a shade lighter than the wood floor or room furniture. When using natural wood, it is pretreated with special agents to protect it from moisture and pests..

Plasterboard constructions

Plasterboard is used to create suspended and multi-level ceilings. Such ceilings can be assembled by yourself or contact a specialist. Plasterboard ceilings are good because you can give the surface to almost any shape. Before installation, it is not necessary to level the ceiling – drywall will hide all irregularities. In addition, it is easy to clean and requires little maintenance..

Drywall lends itself to staining and toning – the paint fits well, and the color will hold for a long time. It can also be used as a base for cladding with wood panels or stretch fabric..

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings will help not only to simplify repair work, but also to correct the image of the room, create a romantic atmosphere, or, conversely, give the bedroom aristocratic severity.

Stretch ceilings are:

  • single-level;
  • two-level;
  • multilevel.

By texture, the canvases are divided into:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • satin.

If desired, you can combine canvases of different textures or combine with plasterboard structures. The range of stretch fabrics is so great that everyone can find the perfect option for creating a dream bedroom..


The design of the ceiling space can be anything you like. When choosing a design, you need to focus primarily on personal preferences and, of course, financial ability.. The design of the ceiling should be in harmony with the general style of the room.. This is the only way to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the bedroom..

Classic style implies calm tones, traditional stucco-frieze, gilding. In a luxurious interior, the ceiling can be decorated with frescoes or caissons. But at the same time, all the rest of the bedroom decoration must correspond to the level of such a ceiling..

In the old days, ceilings were often painted in the manner of paintings, and plots or patterns could also be applied to them. Bedroom today in style baroque or rococo can be decorated with ceiling painting or photo printing. Stretch ceilings with a pattern, floral motives, original drawings will look good.

In style bedrooms high tech it is most advantageous to give preference to tension structures or to install suspended ceilings. In any case, multi-level structures of different volumes and shapes will be appropriate here. It is best to make a ceiling in such a room not with straight lines, but with wavy lines, each of which can be decorated with original lamps. Mirrors on the walls will complement the effect of spaciousness and visually enlarge the bedroom.

Asymmetric plasterboard ceilings look good indoors in style retro, art deco, modern. But for rooms decorated in oriental style, ceilings with photo printing are suitable. Blooming flower buds, ornaments, oriental patterns will look great.

Arrangement bedrooms for a child requires a more thorough approach. You need to think over many nuances, taking into account the age of the baby and his hobbies..

The entire design of the nursery should stimulate the child to develop, awaken in him the desire to learn about the world around him..

That is why for preschool children, the best option for decorating the ceiling will be photomurals with images of their favorite characters, animals, planets and maps. Very often, the ceiling in the nursery is decorated with a picture of the starry sky, and the painting of stars with fluorescent paint will give the baby real magic.

For older children, you can use stretch fabrics with abstract patterns, geometric lines. High school students prefer a strict, but laconic interior, so they most often choose monochromatic ceiling options. It will be more environmentally friendly to decorate the ceiling with clapboard. Of course, you can just stick interesting wallpaper on the ceiling, but this method cannot be called practical.. Better to choose more modern and durable options.

When decorating a nursery, it is also important to take into account the tastes of the child. Girls usually choose paintings with images of butterflies, fish, flowers, fairies and toys. Older girls love multi-colored canvases, all kinds of patterns, creative color combinations. Boys prefer cartoon car design. You can also choose neutral compositions – a starry sky, an image of a rainbow, clouds.

The better to finish?

When choosing a material for finishing the ceiling, first of all, you need to be guided by personal preferences. But there are several of the most popular finishing methods, which have gained their popularity for a number of advantages over other methods..

Practice shows that stretch ceilings will become the most profitable and modern solution for a bedroom. This is an almost universal way of decorating any space, which is also durable and practical. But their most important advantage is the environmentally friendly material used in the production of canvases. PVC film does not emit toxic substances, does not smell and does not harm the health of others. That is why stretch ceilings are optimal for equipping bedrooms for children and adults..

Moreover, the tensioning fabrics are capable of withstanding a heavy load, they are easy to clean and, if necessary, must be repaired and dismantled..

In second place in terms of environmental friendliness – whitewashing the ceiling with chalk. This is a natural and safest method, which, in addition to its positive natural properties, has some disadvantages. First, the native ceiling must be in perfect condition. Secondly, you need to ventilate the room well after whitewashing. Thirdly, the washing surface is not very practical, as it is easily damaged if steam or moisture accumulates on the surface..

Otherwise, chalk whitewashing is a great way to quickly and inexpensively make the ceiling beautiful..

Another eco-friendly material used to decorate the ceiling space is drywall (gypsum plasterboard). It contains simple components – water, gypsum, cardboard. After assembly, ceilings are often impregnated with waterproof compounds and painted, which affects the level of their environmental friendliness..

Multilevel ceilings should be done only if the parameters of the room are large enough to accommodate suspended elements. But in small bedrooms with low ceilings, it is better to make a structure in one tier, bordered by a curly frame. Drywall – almost universal material: suspended ceilings can be not only of any shape, but also have beveled corners or even be inclined or oblique if the design requires it.

However, in any case, the interior in this design always looks advantageous, and correctly selected colors and shapes can transform any bedroom..

Tips & Tricks

Any designer knows what a huge role the color palette of a room plays in the interior. Almost all experts have long moved away from the traditionally white design of the ceiling space, replacing it with fashionable delicate or, conversely, contrasting shades..

All colors can be conditionally divided into warm and cold.. The first are all shades of red, orange and yellow. When the ceilings are painted with paints of warm colors, their surface seems to “sink” a few centimeters down. This is because warm shades have a closer effect and all surfaces will appear closer..

Cold colors include all shades of gray, blue, purple, dark green in their palette. They have the effect of distance, so if the room is small, then the ceiling painted in cold tones will be visually higher.

A pleasant atmosphere in the interior is obtained only with a harmonious combination of warm and cold shades. That is why multi-level ceilings are often painted in different colors, combining, for example, red with blue, orange with brown.

When choosing a color palette, do not use your favorite shades. Chances are good that they will become annoying over time.. It is better to opt for neutral colors that blend harmoniously with each other..

If the bedroom is located on the east side, then both warm and cold colors can be used. But the latter should be saturated, otherwise the ceiling will look faded. The bedrooms located on the west side are deprived of the early sun, so it is better to paint the ceiling in warm colors.

Do not forget that the overall design of the room should be harmonious. Thinking over the color scheme of the ceiling, it is important to take into account the dimensions of the room: for a small bedroom with high ceilings, it is better to choose a matte finish, it is also better to refuse dark colors and strongly pronounced textures.

From the point of view of psychologists, the optimal ones for decorating ceilings are:

  • light green;
  • pale blue;
  • light pink;
  • beige;
  • light brown.

Shades of yellow and dark brown are not recommended, in the finished form the coating will look old.

The most popular color in the design of ceilings was and remains white. White glossy stretch ceilings look especially good, which will look harmonious in any interior. For lovers of creative solutions, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the options for black glossy ceilings, the mirror surface of which, together with spotlights, is simply mesmerizing.. It is advisable to emphasize such a ceiling with appropriate furniture or unusual shades of bed linen..

Modern designers are very fond of using LED lighting as a decoration for mirrors. With its help, you can create truly original lighting effects..

Multilevel ceilings look no less original, one “floor” of which is made of glossy canvas, and the other – of matte. So you can delimit the space, dividing it into dark and lighter zones..

Multilevel ceilings in the bedroom can be supplemented with decorative elements such as:

  • imitation of stucco molding for a bedroom in a classic style;
  • a canopy for a bed, fixed in a “pocket” made of plasterboard;
  • all kinds of chandeliers and lamps.

An alternative to chandeliers can be fluorescent paint or ceiling stickers that store energy during the day and glow at night. Some manufacturers even produce stretch ceilings with phosphorescent ornaments, silver threads, hidden lighting. Which option to choose for the bedroom is up to you.

One of the creative ways to decorate a ceiling space is to install a glass ceiling. It is a suspended frame on which translucent acrylic is attached. Such a ceiling is highly durable, it is not afraid of even careless blows. In combination with a classic chandelier, the glass ceiling will look amazing. And the translucent plates, glowing from the lamp, will fill the room with a pleasant flicker..

There are several options for decorating tiles:

  • matte spraying;
  • pattern on a translucent base;
  • imitation of crystal;
  • painting.

By alternating tiles of different shades, you can achieve a unique effect. And a roll call with stained glass elements in the decor of doors, cabinet facades or window openings will make the image of the interior complete.

As mentioned above, sometimes the ceiling performs not only decorative functions, but also zones the space.. Experts do not recommend dividing the room into more than three zones., even if the size of the bedroom is very large. When constructing a suspended ceiling, its shapes should overlap with the shapes of the furniture they accentuate..

Often, bedrooms are decorated with textile draperies in the form of sails, waves, stoles. But textiles quickly collect dust, so they often have to be removed, which over time can negatively affect fasteners and drywall at the joints..

Beautiful examples in the interior

The dark ceiling in the bedroom will look especially impressive. And the glossy surface will make the ceiling higher and give it depth..

Multilevel designs look good in combination with various decorative elements. It is best if they are made in the same color scheme..

Flowers on the ceiling will add romanticism and comfort to the room. It will always be pleasant to relax in such a room after a hard day..

A great option for a classic bedroom – wallpaper with the image of the starry sky.

      White ceiling is not always boring. In combination with the original design, the snow-white canvas in a strict drywall frame looks simply luxurious.

      A mini video review of an interesting ceiling with wood patterns, you can watch in this video.

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