Foam-cement Makroflex: features and scope

Foam-cement Makroflex: features and scope

Not so long ago in construction work there was no alternative to the universal assembly material – cement. Currently, such an alternative is the Makroflex foam from Henkel..

Main properties and specifications

Makroflex polyurethane foam-cement is a completely ready-to-use polyurethane-based mixture. It not only holds various building materials together, but also perfectly seals joints, improves heat and sound insulation of building structures. The mixture can be used in the temperature range from – 5 to + 35 ° С (the optimum temperature is + 21 – + 35 ° С). All this is made possible by the technical characteristics of the foam..

The main properties of the assembly composition are:

  • density – 20 kg / m3;
  • setting, or the time of formation of a surface film, – from 5 to 9 minutes;
  • complete foam hardening – 30 minutes, under certain conditions it can be reduced to 25 minutes;
  • change in volume – 5% up or down;
  • water absorption – no more than 1% in 24 hours and a maximum of 10% in 28 days;
  • sound absorption – 60 dB;
  • thermal conductivity – 0.037-0.40 W / mxK.

After complete hardening, the cement foam is able to withstand temperatures from -40 to + 90 ° C. Will not lose the composition of its properties and will not collapse with a short-term increase in temperature to 110 ° С.

According to international standards, the assembly mix aerosol can does not contain CFC propellants. In addition, when squeezed out, the foam has a mild odor, which disappears when the composition solidifies..

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of Makroflex polyurethane foam is its ease of use, instant readiness. Fastening building materials no worse than cement, it does not require additional labor costs: just open and shake the can well. In addition, compared to most conventional assembly mixes in bags, foam makes it possible to work in the off-season at fairly low temperatures..

The innovative composition has other benefits as well..

  • Ease of use and cost-effectiveness. A special nozzle-gun allows you to apply the composition to specifically designated places and in a certain amount. This makes it possible to avoid overspending of the cementitious adhesive. According to the manufacturer’s application, 1 can of foam can replace 1 bag of cement. At the same time, it is equally easy to apply foam on both horizontal and vertical surfaces..
  • Versatility. Cement foam can be used on a wide variety of substrates.
  • Slight shrinkage. This cement foam compares favorably with other assembly compounds..

  • Can be applied to dry and wet surfaces. Makroflex foam adheres equally well in both cases. The only limitation for application is the presence of ice or snow cover.
  • Can be used not only for masonry, but also for gluing or fixing individual parts.
  • High speed of hardening, which allows to shorten construction time.
  • Sealing and penetrating properties, thanks to which the foam can fill even the most difficult to reach crevices and pores, reliably sealing them.
  • High quality and durability of the hardened material.

An additional advantage of foam cement can be considered the simplicity of its transportation and the absence of dirt when working with the composition (as opposed to transporting sand with cement and dust when working with them).

As for the shortcomings of the Makroflex installation composition, they also exist.

  • Sun-resistant. To prevent the destruction of the hardened foam, it must be covered from above with a building compound or finishing materials.
  • The possibility of a negative impact on the skin, mucous membranes and the human respiratory system in case of violation of safety measures when working with the composition.
  • Quite a high price.

The last drawback, however, is fully paid off with a small expense, which in the end still allows you to significantly save on construction and installation work..

Where is used?

The scope of Makroflex foam cement is wide enough.

Properties and features allow you to use it for:

  • restoration of block masonry and erection of small light lintels;
  • insulation and cladding of various surfaces;
  • installation of window sills, window and door frames, stairs;
  • the need to eliminate gaps and strengthen the insulation seams.

At the same time, the composition demonstrates excellent adhesion with:

  • wood and wood products;
  • most polymeric materials;
  • concrete;
  • glass;
  • ceramics.

Foam adheres well enough to bitumen and foam coatings, which significantly expands the scope of its application. Foam-cement provides the least adhesion on galvanized, plasterboard and mineral wool surfaces. An important point is that you can use the Makroflex assembly ready-mix for both indoor and outdoor work..


Maximum efficiency when using polyurethane foam helps to achieve following some of the recommendations of professionals.

These tips primarily relate to surface preparation:

  • before applying the composition, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants, dedusted and degreased;
  • if the installation will be carried out using foam concrete blocks, then it is necessary to thoroughly dry them (with respect to other materials, this item is optional);
  • cover with foil the places where it is not planned to apply foam.

It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for working with the composition itself:

  • before starting work, a can of cement foam must be kept at room temperature for at least 12 hours;
  • before applying, the container with the composition must be shaken vigorously at least 15 times (the procedure must be periodically repeated during operation);
  • when installing the cylinder on the pistol, the first is held vertically upside down;
  • the gun can be removed from the can only after the mixture is completely finished;
  • the gun after work must be thoroughly rinsed with a special compound.

If it becomes necessary to replace the cylinder during operation, this must be done quickly so that the foam in the gun does not harden when it comes into contact with air..

In addition, the manufacturer draws the attention of users to the limitations of the maximum permissible joint width, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. For example, in case of increased dryness of the air, it is recommended to fill the seams and crevices with foam in several stages. In this case, each layer of the composition should not exceed 3-4 cm. Before applying the next layer, the previous one must be moistened with water.

Attention should also be paid to the recommendations regarding the use of foam when working with various materials..

  • On concrete blocks with a thickness of no more than 115 mm, foam is applied in one strip in the center. If the thickness of the walls is greater, then it is necessary to apply two parallel stripes, stepping back from the edges of 3-5 cm. Similar requirements apply to the use of foam in brickwork.
  • On gypsum panels, the composition is applied from the inside in strips with an interval of 15 cm and an indentation from the end of 5 cm.After that, the panel is firmly pressed to the surface and held for 3 minutes.
  • When installing window sills and steps, foam cement is applied to the fixing part of the element in 2-3 strips along the edge. After that, the part is installed in place and pressed with a load along its entire length for at least 1 hour..

Important: despite the fact that Makroflex foam belongs to assembly mixtures, it is a lightweight polymer-cement composition. Therefore, it can be used in the construction of partitions, but not load-bearing walls and structures.!


The demand for Makroflex foam cement is indicated by numerous reviews of professional builders and those who simply make repairs in an apartment on their own. The vast majority of these reviews are positive. Buyers especially note the versatility of the composition: from sealing wells and thermal insulation of the roof to finishing facade works. In addition, consumers are attracted by the ease of use, because unlike cement, which must be mixed, strictly observing the proportions, the polyurethane foam is already completely ready for use, which means that work with it goes much faster, and the result is much better.!

For the advantages of Makroflex foam cement, see the following video.

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