Glossy stretch ceilings: types and colors

Glossy stretch ceilings: types and colors

The tendency to decorate the ceiling with a stretch canvas is gaining in popularity. These designs are in demand due to a number of advantages and high performance characteristics..

Since today the focus is on the brilliant texture of the material, we will consider glossy stretch ceilings in more detail, having studied their varieties, current colors, subtleties of choice and visual perception.


A glossy stretch ceiling, in essence, is a panel stretched over a metal frame. The fixation of the material is uniform, rather rigid and sufficient for the panel to be even, without sagging and folds. As a material for decorating the ceiling area, PVC film is used, developed using a special technology, which eliminates deformation for a long time..

This material is made of synthetic components, which makes it resistant to microorganisms..

It does not crack, does not tear, it is moisture resistant, is able to withstand a significant amount of water if a leak occurs from the neighbors on top. Due to special impregnations, the material is frost-resistant. This design eliminates the formation of condensation, which is important for houses and rooms with high humidity, and allows the use of these structures in any room of the home, including a bathroom and a combined bathroom..

An additional bonus is the transparency of glossy textures, which allows you to decorate the ceiling with built-in lighting with a realistic effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

Glossy stretch ceilings have a lot of advantages, among them there are several main ones:

  • The film provides the ability to paint in any shade of the color palette, which allows you not to be limited in choosing a design idea, choosing any tone for decorating the ceiling.
  • The presence of reflectivity provides the creation of a visual effect of increasing the space: due to the gloss and light color, the ceiling appears higher, and the walls of the room – wider.
  • These canvases are durable. Subject to the installation technology, careful handling and proper care, they will last for many years without deteriorating external characteristics..
  • Such material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, thanks to which glossy stretch ceilings can be installed in rooms bathed in the sun.
  • This material provides for the technology of photo printing, which allows you to decorate the ceiling composition with a pattern of any topic, up to your own photo of the client’s choice..
  • The glossy texture of the material is associated with luxury. It makes any interior elegant and fits especially well into modern and classic styles..

  • When installing structures with a glossy stretch canvas, you can vary the height of the frame, which makes it possible to mask a noticeable difference in the height of opposite walls.
  • This texture is perfectly combined with other options: for more expressive design, you can combine glossy canvases with matte and even satin.
  • The ability to combine with plasterboard structures allows you to radically change the design of the ceiling by means of stretch canvases. Often, together they form the main highlight of the interior of the room..
  • Glossy texture is a real find of design in styles for which it is important to demonstrate the achievements of modern technologies through the coating, emphasizing the synthetic base of the material..
  • Such materials are distinguished by an acceptable cost, which is suitable for every buyer, regardless of the budget and taste preferences..
  • These canvases are perfectly combined with different forms of central and auxiliary lighting, which opens up endless possibilities for the design of any room..

Having a number of advantages, glossy tensioning structures are not without disadvantages..

Let’s note the main ones:

  • Reflectivity creates emotional stress. For this reason, options with large glossy inserts are undesirable for decorating bedrooms and children’s rooms..
  • Material with a glossy texture in most cases has a small width (3.5 m), which explains the presence of seams that are visible when looking at the coating.
  • The used film is not able to withstand punctures and significant mechanical damage. Violation of the integrity and deterioration of the appearance will lead to the need to dismantle the canvas.
  • The glossy texture competes with the applied pattern. Visually, it hides the clarity of lines and contours, so more often it has to be done in color and monochromatic.
  • Despite the compatibility with any kind of modern lighting fixtures, the use of chandeliers should be subject to the specifics of the decor. If the material is decorated with photo printing, the chandelier can interrupt the beauty of the design..
  • Gloss reflects glare from lighting devices and sunlight, which, when looking at the ceiling, causes some eye discomfort.

When using a material with a high reflectivity, a so-called mirror effect is obtained, which, by increasing the parameters of the room, creates disorientation and doubles the number of pieces of furniture.. Outwardly, this is associated with disorder and forces to reduce the number of details of the arrangement. and accessories to a minimum.

Mirror varieties are especially difficult to perceive..

Types and designs

Glossy stretch ceilings are presented in a wide range today.

Let us briefly consider the main options for designs, which can be conditionally divided into:

  • single-level;
  • two-level;
  • three-level;
  • multilevel.

Sibling varieties are classic panels in the shape of the ceiling. They practically do not have a complex decor, for greater expressiveness and giving a relief they are decorated with ceiling plinths, moldings, cornices, small inserts with imitation of plaster molding.

To give versatility and relief, they complicate the shape of the metal frame and add drywall (a sheet of lightweight gypsum material, pasted over on both sides with construction paper or special cardboard). This approach allows you to add variety to the design of tension structures, to make the design special, and often even creative..

The difference between two-, three- and multi-level structures is the number of plasterboard inserts located at different heights relative to the floor.

Small inserts of PVC stretch material with a glossy texture allow the use of seamless technology. Thus you can decorate ceilings with materials of the same color at different levels, without losing the integrity of the film appearance.

Colors and prints

Today, the best shades for tension structures with a glossy texture are as follows:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • pink;
  • Ivory;
  • lilac;
  • blue;

  • yellow;
  • coffee with milk;
  • turquoise;
  • chocolate;
  • champagne.

Favorite color scheme is white.: it fills the space with light and harmony, softens any design. For this reason, today in the ceiling decor with a stretch canvas designers recommend using two-color combinations.

So, the use of saturated, and sometimes dark tones is allowed. It can be a contrast of white with purple, brown, blue, green and even black..

A two-tone ceiling is used more often in two-level structures. You can solder two colors or use photo printing.

If the design is more complex, it is recommended to use white with contrasts of related tones. If you want to use a design with a picture, they try to choose it in a neutral theme, so that when you change wallpaper or other decor, the atmosphere in the room does not cease to be cozy.

In this case, the ceiling itself must set the desired mood for the interior..

Large flowers, pigeons and angels, a photo of a person in perspective, military equipment and aircraft are excluded. Large drawings and incomprehensible colors have a crushing effect, create a sense of their own insignificance.

The focus is on the theme of the sky: the daytime version in blue tones with clouds will fill the space with air and lightness, erase the boundaries of the upper ceiling.

The night sky in the stars or individual constellations, nebulae, with the right illumination, will give you an incredible feeling of unity with something unknown. If the theme of nature and space is alien, you can choose an abstract sketch without overloading the canvas with bright colors..

Simple ornaments, stylization of images, interweaving of plant branches are appropriate.


To make the glossy material look better in the design of the ceiling, you should choose a small backlight. This can be done using LEDs – modern light sources that, due to their low power consumption and high conversion efficiency, do not need a substrate during installation. They do not melt the film and shine brightly enough.

The best light inserts in the design are soffits (recessed spotlights), panels, cord and flexible LED strip. However, to eliminate the negative effect of creating glare, it is better to embed the lighting in drywall structures, leaving the main canvas intact.

Fiber optic filaments are used for the effect of twinkling stars. different thicknesses. The combination of spotlights with fiber optic allows you to create the effect of the volumetric stretch fabric.

Which is better to choose?

Having chosen a canvas with a glossy texture as the basis for the design, note for yourself several important nuances: this will help to make the interior more harmonious. Start from the purpose of the room. Let this material be environmentally friendly and harmless for everyone, however, in order for it to fit into a particular room, you will have to take into account the complex effect of reflection so that it does not cause discomfort for household members.

  • Do not combine glossy films with complex designs. If you want to make a special design with a realistic image, use the game of shades in the form of star nebulae and composite lighting of the built-in type.
  • If comfort is important to you, give up the mirror texture: you will not be able to relax in any room with such a decor..
  • If you want to decorate the bedroom with this material, allow a small insert above the bed or an accent with a transition to the wall at the head of the bed.

  • For the kitchen, you can pick up a white canvas (its reflectivity is lower), complementing it with a dynamic insert, for example, a solid green.
  • Saturated colors are allowed for the living room: this room occupies the central part of the house, its design should be special. Large inserts with a glossy texture are appropriate here. However, combine gloss with matte contrasts to soften..
  • For a small room, hallway or corridor, it is preferable to buy a white covering. If the room is sorely lacking in light, order a photo print with a blue sky and sun rays. Choose a translucent texture: this will allow you to make the print realistic with the help of internal illumination.
  • Consider the combination of shades of the color palette: do not try to mix cold tones of a glossy coating with warm ones. They will begin to compete with each other, which will disrupt the harmony of perception..

Consider the nuance: the smaller and darker the room, the lighter the shade of the glossy material should be. The darker it is, the higher the mirror effect, but visually lower the height and width of the walls..

Care Tips

Glossy coatings used in tensile structures require special care. The reason for this is the texture of the film..

  • It can be wiped off as it gets dirty using a damp cloth or semi-dry sponge. This will not do any harm to the material as water will not be absorbed. The use of chemicals and aggressive abrasive substances is excluded. The use of liquid for washing glasses is allowed.
  • If you need to remove dust, just walk on the surface with an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
  • For wet cleaning, use a perfectly clean cloth or sponge. Otherwise, after drying, streaks may remain on the surface, showing the remains of dirt. Sometimes, after wet cleaning, you have to use a dry cloth to eliminate this cleaning defect. No pressure on the coating and contact of the film with the base.


Stretch glossy ceilings are recognized as a stylish and modern way to decorate any interior. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews left on the Internet. In the comments, it is noted that the installation of these structures is quite simple, which in most cases allows you to do it yourself, without resorting to the help of a specialist from outside..

These designs allow you to bring to life a lot of ideas in different stylistic solutions. Such a ceiling changes the perception of the interior of any room, the glossy texture looks beautiful, original, aesthetically pleasing in any room.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Let’s consider several successful design examples in order to personally assess the possibilities of glossy PVC film in the decor of stretch ceilings. An example of pulling walls with a light glossy stretch coating.

The white gloss of the stretch fabric fits well into the open plan that combines the guest, dining and cooking areas.

The use of two shades: white softens the contrast insert, decorated with fiber optic with twinkling stars effect.

A laconic technique in a dynamic interior: the white color of the material is emphasized with brown drywall.

A heavenly insert in a two-level structure decorates the twin boys’ room. The role of central lighting is played by several spotlights built into the drywall.

The use of a dark insert forces the use of light furniture and carpeting in the interior. The canvas is decorated with a massive chandelier to soften the perception of the selected color.

Original photo printing under the texture of a tree is appropriate in a modern kitchen interior.

Highly reflective insert accentuates the small living area with fireplace.

The decoration of the stretch fabric with molding and the softening of the plasterboard construction demonstrates the elegance and a certain solemnity of the classic interior design.

See the following video for the benefits of glossy stretch ceilings.

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