Glowing paint: advantages and disadvantages

Glowing paint: advantages and disadvantages

Scientific and technical thought is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and modern life is very impetuous, and we do not notice how certain achievements firmly enter our life and become habitual.

Likewise, glowing paint, which few people heard about a couple of decades ago, today has a wide range of applications. It is used not only for household needs, but also in various design projects, to create a festive atmosphere at parties..


However, in order to get the maximum result and not harm yourself or the objects to be painted, you should know some features..

The main feature of these paints is their ability to glow in the dark. Depending on the composition, they are intended for different surfaces..

Some of them, due to their high toxicity, can only cover objects outdoors, while others, safe ones, can paint objects indoors and even apply drawings to the body..

Paints can be reflective and reflective. How the glow occurs depends on the type of active ingredient. Reflective paint is paint that glows when exposed to rays of light..

Glowing paint based on acrylic varnish will glow only when exposed to ultraviolet light. Her pigment can be of different colors, but the most spectacular will look like red, yellow, green and pink shades..

Since black does not reflect light, but, on the contrary, is light-absorbing, the black pigment is not used in luminous compositions. However, regular black paint is used in combination with luminous paint to create images..

Fluorescent paint can be colorless, do not contain color pigment, and no images will be visible in daylight.

If the basis is a phosphor, then in the dark the paint will glow due to the energy that it has accumulated under the sun.. To “recharge”, she will need to stay for a quarter of an hour under bright daylight or artificial lighting.. Such paint will “work” for a very long time, accumulating light energy during the day, and giving it away at night..

Its service life is calculated in years. Its active pigment phosphor tolerates high and low temperatures well, does not interact with the environment, is chemically stable, and therefore paint with a phosphor can be used not only for external finishes, but also for interior.

Phosphorus-based paints, as a rule, are not used for interior decoration, as phosphorus is harmful to health..

Glowing paints have their own characteristics when used:

  • They need to be applied on a clean, dry surface..
  • Thorough stirring is imperative before use, as the phosphor is a powder, and it can precipitate.
  • The paint should be applied in 2 layers. The second layer is applied to the completely dried first.

  • It is better to apply the glowing composition on a white surface. If the base is dark, it will absorb light energy. For this reason, it is recommended to apply a white primer on the surface of many products..
  • Working with phosphoric paint requires the mandatory use of special eye and skin protection. Also, do not inhale vapors containing phosphorus – you need to use a respirator.


Since there is no official classification, the type of paint can be determined not only by the active pigment, but also by the surface on which it is applied. Different formulations can be used for the same surface..

Suitable for covering various materials phosphoric paint. It can be used to apply drawings to metals, fabrics, glass, wood, concrete, plastic. It quickly accumulates light energy, and then releases it over long hours, providing a beautiful phosphorescent glow..

Since prolonged exposure to phosphorus can cause nausea and more severe poisoning, modern paints replace phosphorus with a phosphor that acts in a similar way..

When buying phosphorescent paint, carefully read its composition on the package – it depends on whether it can be used indoors.

The phosphor is a phosphorescent powder, therefore the paint with it is called phosphorescent..

Also, paints in which the pigment can accumulate both sunlight and electric light, and then give it away, are called luminescent. The night color may differ from the color that the paint has during the day..

The undoubted advantage of luminescent paints is their harmlessness.. And since they are made on the basis of varnish, they have another remarkable property: by creating a film on the painted surface, they protect the object from moisture and other adverse environmental influences.

For some people, floristic glowing paints are of particular interest. They are designed to create a glowing effect on vibrant flowers..

The paint can be applied to flowers of any type, it will not affect the vitality of the flower – phosphor paint is harmless to plants.

It can be used to process any parts of plants: petals, leaves, buds. And for cut flowers, it will even extend the life.

You can apply it in any way. In the daytime, it will look like a light white bloom. Any light source will “charge” it.

A slightly different look is fluorescent paints. They can be of any color and look like ordinary paint. They do not differ from conventional coatings either day or night. A source of ultraviolet light is required for their glow. They can be used on wood, concrete, paper, metal or plastic. In order for their effect to manifest itself, one layer is quite enough.

The base for fluorescent compositions can be of any color, they can even be applied to other designs made by conventional means. Fluorescent paints are not harmful to health, so they can be used in homes and places where there are large numbers of people.

Some modern manufacturers are mastering the release of compositions in which the glow effect appears as a luminescent with a gradual attenuation and as a constant one when irradiated with ultraviolet light..

Manufacturers produce phosphorescent paints in different containers: in cans and cans..

Spray paint is more popular due to the following properties:

  • it is easy to use;
  • this is a ready-made composition; solvents and other substances do not need to be added to it;
  • it can quickly paint a large surface;
  • she dries quickly.

In order not to paint over the excess surface, it should be covered with construction film..

How to choose?

When purchasing a luminous paint, you need to take into account some details:

  • Although glowing compounds can be applied to different materials, it is still important that the paint is intended for the material of the surface you intend to paint..
  • It is necessary to take into account whether the environmental conditions where the object to be painted is located will affect the preservation of the composition (high humidity, temperature drops, mechanical stress and other factors). Formulations for external use must be resistant to weather conditions (rain, snow, strong solar radiation).
  • One of the key points is the absence in the composition of substances harmful to human health, which allows the use of paint for decorating interiors and living quarters..

  • You should be especially careful when choosing body paint – an indication of such use must be present on the packaging..
  • Choose a high-quality, albeit more expensive, product from reliable manufacturers that have been on the market for a long time and have proven themselves well..
  • It would be useful to ask whether this paint is charged from artificial or natural light sources, or you will have to purchase a special UV installation for fluorescent paint.

  • You should find out how intense and long the effect will be, especially if you choose paint for country houses..
  • Also ask about the base on which the composition can be applied and whether you need to purchase a primer..
  • Be sure to keep in mind that the color of the purchased paint does not always coincide with the color that it will show when glowing, so as not to be disappointed with the effect obtained..

Application area

Glowing paints are widely used in various spheres of human life. They are actively used to decorate buildings, giving a fabulous look to streets and squares.. For this purpose, colorless formulations are often used..

Invisible during the day, they will miraculously take us to another reality at night.

Street paint is most often used for painting concrete and metal. She can decorate facades, gazebos, fences and fences. For a brighter glow, she will need a white base..

Reflective fluorescent paint is often used for interior decoration. Nightclubs, restaurants, discos transform their premises by placing stained glass drawings on the walls. In theaters and circuses, it is used for decorations, costumes and make-up..

The cosmetics industry has adopted this interesting material, and today some firms offer glowing nail polish and facial cosmetics..

For many performances and shows, artists apply glowing designs to the skin of the face and body. Such a direction in art as body art is also not complete without body paints.. The effect of the body compositions lasts 7 hours and is easily washed off the skin with warm water.

Transparent glowing paint is widely used for souvenir and decorative products. She is used to decorate clothes and fabrics, facing materials, glassware, children’s toys.. Tuning cars and painting motorcycle helmets is a common area of ​​their application..

Fishing enthusiasts know that there are luminous devices that can be used for deep and night fishing: lures, jigs, spinners and much more..

A common area of ​​application for reflective paints is in industrial plants and the road, as they contribute to an increase in the level of safety.

They designate fire exits and escape routes, dangerous turns and obstacles on roads and in tunnels.

They are applied on road signs and warning plates, on clothing details of many categories of workers, as they begin to glow brightly every time they are hit by headlights..


There are many manufacturers of glowing paints on the market today, and many of them produce quality products..

One of the most worthy brands – Revell. This brand was created in America in 1943. At first, his products were plastic toys, doll furniture. The company expanded, merged with others, including European companies, and the company’s product range grew. Revell began to produce prefabricated models of cars, ships and airplanes. The products were a huge success. In addition to the kits of the models, the company has established the production of all the necessary accessories for assembly. Among them were paints, brushes, sprayers.

Revell is constantly developing, studying world experience, modernizing and expanding production. Taking care of clients, she develops interesting programs with bonus points and promotions. You can use bonus points to pay for some purchases. The company’s consultants are always in touch and help customers choose goods that will be delivered to any corner of Russia.

Revell paints are very popular due to their excellent quality and wide range of colors. They are suitable for painting various surfaces and are resistant to aggressive environmental influences.

The line of luminescent paints is represented by water-based acrylic compounds. Environmentally friendly materials are used for their manufacture.. They are suitable for decorating children’s toys.. When applied, a thin, even layer is obtained, which dries quickly and makes it possible to apply the next layer.

The paint does not have a pungent smell, is not subject to ignition. You can easily mix different tones if needed. Luminescent yellow, silk matte red, and matte orange paint look especially beautiful..

Some companies are engaged not only in the production of paint, but also in the production of luminous products.. Among the leaders is Noxton. It offers the widest selection of colorants of various types (fluorescent, fluorescent, reflective) for various surfaces and for a variety of purposes..

Noxton paints are economical and safe, have a very long service life, and high-quality dyes are used for their manufacture..

Noxton also offers a large assortment of finished products (over 40 directions), among which you will find:

  • luminous self-adhesive film;
  • safety signs and vests;
  • nail polish and hair gel;

  • souvenir products;
  • paintings;
  • items for interior decoration;
  • items for different areas of design.

The company “Nevidal”, which has existed since August 2011, has proven itself well. The company produces and sells luminous paints and aerosols, special pastes and liquids for mirrors and glasses. The company also sells luminous products that can transform different rooms..

One of the directions of her activity is the production of luminous paintings. They are suitable for any interior, make it mysterious at night. “Fairy world”, Magic Crow, “Leopard” are full of charm and magic.

Pictures can be charged by any light or heat source in a few minutes, and they will glow for 10-12 hours. The glow can be blue or green. Manufacturers promise that this function will work for up to 100 years..

See the video below for even more uses for glowing paint..

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