Grasaro porcelain tiles: stylish ideas for your interior

Grasaro porcelain tiles: stylish ideas for your interior

The Russian company Grasaro produces ceramic tiles. The brand appeared relatively recently, but has already gained fame as a manufacturer of durable and stylish porcelain stoneware.


Porcelain stoneware from the Samara company Grasaro attracts attention with its increased strength. If we consider this indicator on the Mohs scale, then the tile has all 7 points. The company uses a unique production technology, so all products are characterized by a high degree of reliability..

The secret to creating such a high-quality material lies in the fact that the brand uses special methods of pressing and firing ceramic granite, making the structure of the material homogeneous..

Grasaro takes care of its customers, therefore it controls all stages of production. To obtain a quality certificate, all products are tested before being sold. For the manufacture of tiles, only natural ingredients are selected, and high-quality dyes make it possible to obtain materials of rich and bright colors..

The production uses modern Italian equipment. The brand’s employees constantly monitor the latest technologies, trends in the construction market and interior design in order to offer their customers only the best products..


Grasaro porcelain stoneware is in high demand due not only to its strength, but also to its many other advantages..

  • Environmental friendliness of the material. Ceramic granite is made exclusively from natural raw materials, therefore it is safe and can be used to decorate bedrooms and children’s rooms.
  • Excellent moisture resistance. The company’s porcelain stoneware can be used even in rooms with high humidity or outdoors.
  • Chemical resistance. The material is not afraid of contact with any detergents and other compounds.
  • Fire resistance.

  • Resistance to temperature changes modes.
  • Diversity. A wide range of colors and textures of the material allows you to choose the best option for the embodiment of interior design in any style direction.
  • Affordable cost. The low price allows people with different income levels to become owners of stylish and high-quality porcelain stoneware.
  • Long service life. Due to its good wear resistance, the tiles will serve you for many years without losing their original appearance and properties..


The Russian company Grasaro offers high quality products for every taste.

There are three main types of goods in the manufacturer’s catalog:

  • polished porcelain stoneware intended for the creation of strong floor coverings, for wall cladding of interiors, as well as for decoration of building facades;
  • monocolor, represented by slabs of porcelain stoneware with a monochromatic surface;
  • textured slabs capable of conveying the texture of various materials as accurately as possible.

Ceramic granite faithfully imitates various textures and colors. Slabs perfectly reproduce the pattern of natural wood, volcanic stone, marble, quartzite, fabric and other materials.

The brand produces tiles in three standard formats: 200×600, 400×400 and 600×600 mm. This range of sizes allows you to choose the most convenient option to create the perfect surface.

The choice of shade remains with the buyer, since the brand’s designers use a wide range of colors..


The Grasaro assortment includes over 20 collections of porcelain stoneware slabs. This variety allows you to choose the best option for the embodiment of any of the most daring design ideas..

Classic marble

Porcelain stoneware of this series perfectly conveys the texture of natural marble. Thanks to the use of Digitech digital printing, the drawing attracts attention with its precision. The collection includes white tiles and black decorative elements. The material is made in the form of squares measuring 400×400 mm.

The Classic Marble collection is suitable for decorating any house and apartment. It can be used to decorate toilets and bathrooms. Often this porcelain stoneware is also used to create flooring in hotels and inns..


This tile perfectly conveys the woody texture, accurately repeating all the veins and color transitions. The collection features an imitation of the surface of trees that grow exclusively on the Norwegian coast of the Arctic Ocean and are of particular beauty.

The Svalbard collection is often purchased for the design of saunas and baths, as well as country houses, since the imitation of natural wood fits perfectly into such premises. This porcelain stoneware is often used to create interiors in a traditional European style, because such surfaces give the atmosphere a special comfort. The collection is presented in six colors and is produced in the format 400x400x9 mm..


The tiles from the Textile collection perfectly convey the texture of the textile coating. The series is presented in white and gray colors. It accurately displays large weaves and mimics canvas fabric.

This tile is ideal for Scandinavian and eco-style interiors. The herringbone decorative element allows you to create amazing combinations with background tiles. Porcelain stoneware of this series is made in a format of 400×400 cm, so its installation is easy and quick..


This collection also attracts attention with its original texture, as it perfectly conveys the texture of bamboo. The collection includes tiles in several colors: black, beige and brown. All options are harmoniously combined with each other, providing an opportunity to create interesting combinations.

Bamboo porcelain stoneware creates an atmosphere of harmony, tranquility and unity with nature. The collection also includes decorative elements decorated with floral ornaments and geometric prints. The manufacturer offers tiles in two formats at once: 600x600x10 and 400x400x9 mm.


Magma porcelain stoneware accurately reproduces the texture of solidified volcanic rock. It reproduces not only the relief, but also the natural unevenness of this stone. This collection allows you to make the interior restrained and austere, as it is made in four colors (beige, black, gray and white).

The tiles are made in the formats 400x400x9 and 600x600x10 mm, so the creation of a floor covering even in spacious rooms does not take much time and effort..

Due to its excellent strength, porcelain stoneware can be used for laying in places with high traffic.


Positive customer reviews are the best evidence of the quality of Grasaro porcelain stoneware. The brand’s customers confirm the excellent quality of the products. The tile really has increased strength and long service life. It is not prone to deformation, resistant to mechanical stress.

Customers also like the variety of collections, each of which allows you to create a luxurious interior with a unique design. Among the assortment of the company, you can find an option for any style direction..

Grasaro products are suitable for both interior cladding and exterior decoration, since the tiles are not afraid of harsh weather factors and do not change color under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Also, buyers note the affordable cost of porcelain stoneware and the ease of laying the material..

How the Grasaro porcelain stoneware is produced, see the following video.

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