Gypsum plaster “Prospectors”: pros and cons

Gypsum plaster “Prospectors” gained recognition not only in Russia, but also in other countries. It is used when carrying out construction and repair work indoors with a moderate level of humidity. The composition can be applied on various surfaces, it is suitable for both foam blocks and brick walls.

Composition and color palette

This material is made on the basis of plaster. It is a dry composition with a light filler component. In order for the mixture to set better, mineral components and various impurities are added to it. The plaster is easy to apply, and the process does not take much time.

Today the most commonly used plaster colors of this brand are gray and white. It is very rare to find a pink mixture. This shade appears due to the natural color of the gypsum stone itself. If it is necessary to use plaster of a different tone, the problem is easily solved by adding natural colors..

The plaster is packaged in 30 kg bags. Before starting work, the mixture must be removed from the packaging and diluted with water. After that, it is applied to a previously prepared surface, which must be cleaned of dirt and dried, if necessary..

Where is applied

Gypsum plaster “Prospectors” is used for repairs, as well as construction work. Ideal for interior decoration. It can be used to fill seams and cracks, process ceilings, floors and walls, and use it in the repair of individual objects..

The mixture is often used for work in rooms with moderate levels of humidity.. It is convenient to apply a decorative finish on top of it. It has good adhesion to various surfaces, adheres well to gypsum, brick, concrete and foam blocks. Due to its versatility, this brand of gypsum plaster can successfully cope with the role of a putty.

Gypsum plaster “Prospectors” is widely known and has been used for a long time in the construction and repair of various objects. This is because, according to consumer reviews, the material is recognized as high quality and reliable, and also has an affordable price. The mixture can be used to treat bases on which it is planned to stick wallpaper or lay tiles in the future..

For rooms with any level of humidity, you can use the cement-sand plaster “Prospectors”. It is made on the basis of cement, sand and lime, and also has improved properties..


The plaster is available in white and gray (rarely pink) colors. To dilute the composition for 1 kilogram, about 500-700 grams of water are added. It is recommended to apply the material in a layer from 5 millimeters to 5 centimeters. With a layer thickness of 1 millimeter, the consumption of the mixture will be slightly less than a kilogram per square meter..

The diluted plaster must be used within 45 minutes. The room temperature during work should be from +5 to +30 degrees. The paper bags into which the composition is packed have a weight of 30 kg.

It is recommended to store the mixture in a warm and dry room, the shelf life is six months from the date of manufacture..

Preparation and execution of works

Before carrying out work, it is necessary to carefully prepare the surface. It is pre-cleaned of dust and dirt, old coatings are removed, which can peel off and adversely affect the quality of the finish. Surfaces that absorb excessive moisture should be primed in advance. For the convenience of consumers, instructions for use are placed on the packaging with the composition..

The plaster mixture is poured into clean water and mixed to a homogeneous consistency. After the composition has stood for about 10 minutes, you need to stir it again. Mixing is allowed both by hand and by machine (using a drill or a construction mixer). The final solution should be cream-like in density, homogeneous and free of lumps..

For more effective adhesion, you can treat the base with a primer. The mixture is applied in a layer with a recommended thickness of 5 to 15 mm, leveled and, after preliminary moistening, rubbed with a fiber grater.

If necessary, plastering can be repeated, but this should be done no earlier than a day after laying the first layer. In the case when it is necessary to process the facade of the building with gypsum plaster, it is recommended to use a plaster mesh for greater reliability..

If you apply a layer 10 mm thick, the total consumption of plaster will be about 15-18 kg per square meter of surface. Subject to all the rules, the preparation and application of the composition does not cause difficulties, therefore, this task can be easily dealt with on your own..

The main features of the composition

“Prospectors” – gypsum-based plaster mix. Mineral components and other additives endow it with a variety of properties that play an important role in construction and finishing work..

It should be borne in mind that the thickness of one layer can be from 5 to 50 millimeters, however, it is recommended to apply up to 15 mm of the composition at a time. In the case of using the mixture in a separate area of ​​a small size, the layer can be increased, but not more than up to 80 millimeters. This is a distinctive feature of the Starateli plaster. The composition does not form cracks even when it dries, it is durable and stable during operation.

The material is vapor-permeable. It means that in dry rooms, moisture vapors will not be allowed through, and where the humidity is higher, on the contrary, the plaster will be able to absorb and hold them. In general, the composition can help maintain an optimal climate in the room throughout the day..

As for the dry mix, it is absolutely environmentally friendly, meets all sanitary and hygienic standards. It does not harm both people and pets, therefore it is successfully used for work in residential, social, school and other facilities.

It should be noted the ease when using this brand of gypsum plaster. Its application does not cause difficulties, and the instructions for use on the packaging will help to understand the scheme of work even for unprepared consumers..

Based on user reviews, it can be noted that the gypsum plaster mix “Prospectors” is often used for their work by professional builders and repair teams. They note the high quality of the material, ease of use, no shrinkage and excellent plasticity..

Advantages and disadvantages

Consumers note a large number of advantages of the gypsum plaster “Miners” (in comparison with similar materials). First of all, it is necessary to note the high quality of the mixture, its resistance to cracking (both during drying and during operation). In addition, the material has good sound insulation, as well as thermal insulation of the premises. It can be used both for sealing small joints and cracks and for filling deep holes..

The finished surface, when properly carried out, turns out to be even and smooth, it can be used for decorative finishing, laying tiles, gluing wallpaper and under coating with paints and varnishes. It has vapor-tight properties, is durable in use, tolerates external influences well, is durable and reliable.

With all this, the price of this brand of gypsum plaster is quite affordable. On average, the cost of a 30 kg package varies from 300 to 400 rubles.

Of the minuses, there is a large consumption of the finished mixture per square meter, as well as its short pot life, which requires quick and accurate work..

How to work with gypsum plaster "Prospectors", see the video below.

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