Hammer enamel: types, manufacturers and applications

Hammer enamel: types, manufacturers and applications

When painting metal surfaces, it is important to choose a composition that not only provides the aesthetic appeal of the base, but also protects it from moisture, high temperatures and negative natural factors.

Hammer paint fully meets these requirements, which can be applied even over rust.


Hammer enamel is a coating used to protect metal structures from the appearance of traces of corrosion, as well as to mask small surface defects. Beyond metal, the composition can be applied to concrete, plastic and wood surfaces. After hardening, a durable layer with a hammer effect forms on the surface.

This is a coating that simulates hand-made, with the use of a blacksmith’s hammer, metal embossing. It is noteworthy that the formed layer is completely safe from the point of view of environmental friendliness..

In addition to its interesting appearance, the product is characterized by high technical properties:

  • It is characterized by increased reliability due to the presence of acrylic, acrylic-styrene and epoxy elements in the composition. In addition, there are aluminum powder and fine glass chips, silicone oil. This leads to good indicators of enamel adhesion, efficiency of polymerization and high strength indicators of the hardened layer. Glass chips, silicone and aluminum powder provide improved moisture resistance of the composition.
  • In addition to these qualities, hammer enamel is characterized by thermal strength, the operating temperature of the coating can reach + 80 ° C.

  • The ease of applying the mixture should also be noted. It does not require prior removal of rust and priming of the base. It is easily applied with a brush or by spraying an aerosol, while it does not emit an unpleasant odor, dries quickly (about 2-3 hours), does not stick when dry and does not attract dust and dirt.
  • The coating can be used for up to 3 years without requiring renewal. According to the manufacturers, the color of the coating lasts for 5 years. White enamel does not turn yellow, colored enamel does not lose the intensity of the shade.

If decorative qualities are not important, and the priority is exclusively anti-corrosion protection of the surface, you can not renew the enamel layer until 8 years.

Scope of application

Let’s consider the main use cases:

  • The weather resistance and moisture resistance of the composition make it possible to use it for outdoor work, including in regions with a harsh climate. The environmental safety of the composition makes it permissible to use it when working indoors. Enamel covers finishing elements, furniture, fittings, heating radiator design.
  • Vibration resistance allows the use of enamel for application to industrial equipment, the body of machine tools, paint surfaces located near highways, railway tracks and stations.

  • The ability of the material to repel dirt and the attractiveness of the enamel coating make it possible to cover garage doors, fencing gates, entrance doors with the composition..
  • The moisture resistance of the mixture provides reliable anti-corrosion protection of the elements of flagpoles and gutters covered with enamel. It is used to strengthen the strength and decorate the outer parts of safes, metal cabinets for various purposes..

The attractiveness and original appearance of the enamel layer cause the product to be applied to plastic, wood or glass surfaces of terraces and gazebos, forged elements. The latter, thanks to the coating, become even more refined, acquire a pleasant gloss..

Popular brands

  • Popular enamel with embossing effect ML 165. Like all hammer compounds, it is distinguished by its strength and moisture resistance, pronounced anti-corrosion properties. Feature – higher heat resistance. The maximum allowable operating temperature reaches 130 ° C. The composition is universal, has no restrictions on the type of surface and operating conditions. If you need to remove a layer of enamel of this brand, you can use xylene solvent.
  • If it is necessary to obtain color, it is recommended to use enamels EP-1323 ME, which can be applied to rust. It allows you to prime and decorate surfaces. It is mainly used for applying on the surface of automotive elements, parts of forklifts (body), gates, fences. Compositions 648 and 667 are recognized as an effective solvent for the material.
  • Among the enamels of the premium segment, it is worth noting Hammerite brand products. It has high durability, which means that even rusty surfaces can be painted..

  • If you are looking for an inexpensive formulation, take a look at NTs-221. However, it should be borne in mind that this is rather a decorative coating, it should not be applied over rust. Indicators of moisture and heat resistance of the composition do not exceed similar values ​​of conventional dyes for metal. Enamel “Prestige” has the same characteristics..
  • Hammer compositions for metal products have a different form of release, however, aerosol enamels are the most convenient for use. The leading manufacturer of such products is considered Bosny brand. The highest quality paint and a convenient, economical, well-thought-out design of the spray can – these are the reasons for the demand for the products. It is important that the composition does not contain mercury and other toxic elements..
  • An interesting effect is given by aerosol enamel Hammerite effect. Painted bases acquire a pronounced pebbled effect, a noble matte sheen. The composition is allowed to be applied over rusty substrates, however, if we are talking about a thick layer of loose rust, it is recommended to clean it off..

  • If necessary, apply a thin layer of enamel on uneven surfaces, products with many small details, choose products from Italian by Maimeri Idea Spray. Thanks to high-quality spraying and a special concentration of enamel, good hiding power and adhesion of the product are achieved.
  • Molotkovaya Dali 3in1 enamel, reviews of which are mostly positive, is also suitable for application over rust, as well as on new and already painted surfaces. It does not require special preparation, even when used on surfaces made of colored, galvanized and stainless materials. Good hiding power and economical consumption make the painting process easier and lower costs.
  • The 3 in 1 formula (that is, high rheological performance, protective and decorative effect) is also characteristic of the composition “Molotex”. It is convenient that the product is produced in containers of different volumes; to achieve the strength of the layer, its thickness of 80 microns is sufficient..

Application secrets

When covering new products, it is necessary to prepare them:

  • First of all, factory grease is removed with the help of a solvent or white spirit, then the surfaces are wiped with acetone. It is important to ensure that the grease is completely removed. To do this, apply filter paper to the surface. When greasy spots appear on it, the procedure is repeated.
  • Already painted surfaces do not need special treatment. All you need to do is remove loose coating particles and dust off the surface..
  • When using enamel on top of galvanized, aluminum bases, as well as surfaces made of non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, a primer for non-ferrous metals is pre-applied.
  • It will be possible to obtain a hammer effect on wooden surfaces only if they have been pretreated with an acrylic primer diluted with water.
  • Most formulations are suitable for application over rust. However, its loose layer is still recommended to be cleaned off with a metal brush or by means of special powders.

Works related to the application of enamel can be carried out at a temperature of + 10- + 25 ° С and air humidity indicators not exceeding 85%. The layer thickness should not exceed 100 microns. If it is necessary to create a 2-3 layer coating, it is necessary to let the previous layer dry completely and only then apply the next one..

It is important to carefully paint over corners and other difficult surface areas., since it is they who are more susceptible to corrosion. If necessary, make the consistency of the composition more liquid, the enamel is diluted with special solvents. Ideally, enamel and solvent should be of the same brand.. After mixing with a solvent, the composition is thoroughly mixed or shaken.

For airless spray or roller application, mix the enamel and thinner in a ratio of 9: 1, for airless spray in a ratio of 2: 1.

Application by brush in rare cases requires the addition of a solvent. The composition in the spray can is completely ready for use..

For information on how to paint metal with Alpina hammer paint, see the next video..

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