How long does silicone sealant dry?

In the process of carrying out repair work in houses or apartments, the question always arises of how and with what it is possible to combine various materials and products. For example, how to glue pipes when installing plumbing, how to insulate electrical wires and much more. Silicone sealant comes to the rescue in all these cases. All of its types, characteristics and drying time will be described in detail in this article..


The best way to seal a surface in a bathroom or anywhere else with high humidity is to use a silicone sealant. This is a very convenient building material that allows you to firmly connect surfaces of different textures and is considered a high-quality waterproofing agent..

Before proceeding to the consideration of the main question of the solidification of the composition, we will determine why silicone sealant is so good and why it is often chosen for installation work.

The positive properties of this composition include:

  • high adhesion rates;
  • long service life;
  • not exposed to chemicals;
  • moisture resistance and heat resistance;
  • resistance to various weather conditions, due to which the composition can be safely used not only for indoor, but also for outdoor work;
  • the ability to stretch, as a result of which it can be used to repair moving areas;
  • health safety.

The disadvantages include:

  • the impossibility of painting the applied layer of sealant (but you can purchase a composition of the required shade in the store);
  • poor adhesion to the old layer of silicone sealant (it will have to be dismantled in advance, which can cause some difficulties).


The drying time of the sealant is different – it directly depends on its type.

For example, sanitary sealant. It is used directly for installation work in rooms with high humidity, in the bathroom. In addition, sanitary glue is used to seal window frames. It follows from this that the composition of this type of sealant is resistant to a humid environment, does not lend itself to UV rays, it is not affected by the air temperature.

In turn, sanitary silicone boasts higher potential and performance. They use it directly when working with plumbing products. It can be used to connect and fix surfaces of various textures, for example, non-porous and aluminum. With the subsequent use of the finished plumbing, the sealant will not succumb to the action of any type of detergent. In addition, it can easily withstand a temperature pressure of +150 degrees. Service life – for decades.

The universal sealant is also waterproof. Its adhesive power allows you to bond surfaces in rooms with a damp environment. In addition, it is UV resistant..

There are also many other sealants designed for different fields of activity..

  • Car. Has a black color, used for works related to automotive technology.
  • Red. It is used for the installation of electrical wires. It can also be used to repair car components. Dries up as soon as it reacts with humid air.

  • Bituminous. Used when installing the roofing surface.
  • Aquarium. The name speaks for itself. It is characterized by high resistance to high humidity. After drying, it has a transparent color. The strength of this glue for centuries.
  • Electrical insulating. Used for surface insulation and sealing. With its help, electrical equipment is protected, the work of which takes place in a humid environment..

What determines the drying time?

One of the main nuances of each silicone sealant is its composition, which subsequently affects the strength, the drying process and, of course, the adhesion of the surfaces to be joined. Sealants on this basis are divided into two types: neutral and acidic. The sanitary look is considered neutral. Due to its resistance to high temperatures, it is used when working with a heating system, when installing plumbing in the bathroom and in the kitchen. It contains alcohol and ketoxime, which counteract the appearance of household fungus. The neutral sealant dries for about 24 hours, while the ambient temperature should be from +5 to + 40 ° С.

Acetic acid is present in the composition of acid sealants, which also fights against fungal bacteria.. The only problem is that they cannot be used on metal, marble and cement surfaces. But you don’t have to worry about plastic coatings, wood products or ceramics: when applied, the acid sealant gets into the structure of the product to be glued and, due to this, creates an additional layer of strength. The drying time of silicone sealant depends not only on its composition, but also on the surrounding external factors. For example, in a humid environment with a warmed atmosphere, the sealant will dry much faster. In this case, the polymerization process will be accelerated due to the released steam.

The next step is to consider a two-component sealant. It contains special additives. Due to these additives, the setting and drying time becomes shorter..

But nevertheless, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the composition in advance, since additives and dyes are added to some sealants in large quantities. And this factor affects drying, taking into account the increase in the desired time.

You should also pay attention to the density of the silicone. It is worth noting the thickness of the applied layer: the thicker it is, the longer the composition will dry. So, 1 mm of sealant dries out in less than a day..

Summing up, it can be understood that acid sealants, due to their composition and structure, dry in an average of 4-6 hours. Neutral sealant in about a day, but if the air temperature is above zero. Otherwise, the process will take longer.

How to apply?

Working with a sealant, by its nature, does not require a lot of work, but in some moments one should behave with restraint and accuracy..

So that the bonding process is performed efficiently and lasts a long time, experts recommend adhering to a certain sequence of actions.

  • First of all, you must definitely change your clothes. Working with silicone is, of course, easy, but getting dirty is even easier. But getting rid of dried glue on clothes will be impossible..
  • To apply the composition to the base, you must use a special silicone gun. You will need to cut off the tip of the sealant itself and put a dispenser on it. The dispenser will also need to make a cut, thus adjusting the flow of material.

  • All dirt and dust must be removed from the work surface. Also, the working area for applying silicone should be degreased. To do this, you can take pharmacy alcohol. After the degreased surface should dry, so that the silicone does not come off during application.
  • Apply a layer of sealing compound. It is necessary to apply carefully and smoothly so as not to stain the outer surface of the glued products..
  • After application, any excess silicone that appears should be immediately removed with a damp cloth, preferably lint-free. Rinse hands with soapy water.

Often in the modern world, many have begun to abandon the classic color of the bathroom. and bring in different shades of various colors, for example, red or black. In this case, using a white or transparent sealant is simply unacceptable. But there is no problem here either, the main thing is to consult with a specialist who can choose a color solution for each bold and bright design..

As for the white and transparent silicone, the white sealant can be used in principle for any work: it can be both plumbing work and electrical work – mainly where it is practically invisible. If the sealant must be on the surface visible to the eye, then a transparent version is used. It can also be used when working with glass surfaces and ceramics..

Recently, aquariums have come into vogue, for which manufacturers of sealants have developed a special composition technology. After all, it must not only firmly hold the parts of the glass to be glued, but also have one hundred percent water resistance in terms of its characteristics. The most important thing is that aquarium silicone should not emit harmful and dangerous substances, since not only water interacts with it, but also the flora and fauna of the aquarium world. After applying the sealant to the surface of the aquarium, it is imperative to remove all excess, even the smallest. Otherwise, due to the incompleteness of the filled seam, leakage may begin..

It should be noted that the color solutions of aquarium silicone are also varied..


Quite often, during the repair process, there is a problem with the drying time of the silicone sealant. The questions immediately arise, how to minimize this process and dry the glue faster? It is necessary to artificially increase the air temperature, preferably up to 40-50 degrees, in a closed room where the silicone dries. The setting speed will increase significantly. And so wait until completely dry.

You can also use ventilation. To do this, it is worth opening all windows and doors, creating a high airflow rate, which will speed up the solidification process..

There is another way that should also help the sealant harden much faster: it is necessary to spray the initially hardened seams with water. It is advisable to do this from a spray bottle. The applied surface seam of the sealant dries instantly. Full solidification of the glue increases by 0.5-1 times.

You can understand the quality of the sealant, its functions and capabilities by reading the annotation that is written on the package. From this, you can understand in what conditions silicone can be used, for which environment it is intended, how long the glue cures..

When choosing a silicone sealant, you should pay attention to some of the nuances.

  • A good silicone sealant should be 90% silicone rubber and filler. Plasticizers, fungicidal additives, catalysts should be in the composition of no more than 10%.
  • The presence of the letter “A” on the packaging means that the silicone is acidic. When using it, you must wear personal protective equipment: mask, gloves.
  • A high-quality sealant costs at least 150 rubles per package, otherwise there is a fake in front of you.

For how long sanitary silicone sealant dries, see below..

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