How to apply hammer paint on metal?

For decorative coating of metal elements, a special hammer paint is used. Its feature is the unusual texture of the surface of the product after the composition has dried. Also, this paint is able to hide well the defects of the metal surface. To achieve the desired effect and the desired aesthetic appearance of metal elements, it is necessary to paint correctly.


This type of paint got its name because of the special appearance of the painted surface. After the paint composition dries, the metal elements look as if they were hit by a heavy sledgehammer or hammer. This type of paint is often referred to as blacksmith paint..

The paint coating contains epoxy resin, acrylic and alkyd-styrene base. A specific decorative effect is created thanks to auxiliary components: fine glass, silicone oil and fine aluminum crumbs. Also, the paint contains special silicones that make the painted surface water-repellent.

Hammer-type paint for metal is available in cans or special spray cans of various capacities..


Hammer paint is of several types:

  • Nitroenamel (NTs-221). The most affordable. It is mainly used for interior finishing works, as it performs the function of only a decorative paint coating. Does not possess water-repellent and protective properties, corrosive.
  • Hammer enamel (ML-165). It can withstand high heating temperatures (up to 130 degrees). Due to the styrene base in its composition, it has a high degree of adhesion to the metal surface. This compound can be applied over rust. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

  • Epoxy enamel (EP-1323). It combines the functions of surface priming and decorative painting. It is able to withstand high temperatures, has high anti-corrosion performance. Most often used for painting gates, art forging parts, cars.
  • Hammerite hammer enamel (made in the UK) one of the most expensive. After this dye composition dries, a film with high protective properties is formed on the metal. This coating completely protects the metal surface from oxidation..

Suitable for all types of work and metal surfaces. It can also be applied to rust. Spray application is undesirable.


Hammer paint is most often used to paint the following products:

  • Cast iron decor items.
  • Metal structures: doors, fences, fences, gates.
  • Cars, various metal parts and mechanisms.
  • Structures made of steel and other metals: pipes of various sizes and purposes, beams and support structures, weather vane, metal fasteners.

  • Cast iron and metal furniture.
  • Decorative fittings.
  • Production machines, equipment.

In addition to directly metal surfaces, hammer paint can be applied to glass, tiles, plastic, wood.

Carrying out works

This type of paint can be applied by brush or roller. Some types of coloring composition are sold in special spray cans..

It is desirable to apply the coloring composition on a horizontal surface.. This means that it is advisable to remove vertical surfaces (doors, gates) and provide them with a horizontal position. If this is not possible, you should choose a hammer paint with a higher viscosity and cure rate to avoid smudges..


  • The surface on which the paint will be applied must be well cleaned of dust, debris and other contaminants. It is also important to remove any greasy or oily residue from the surface..
  • Stir the paint thoroughly. A precipitate forms in the coloring composition during storage, it is necessary to bring the solution to a uniform distribution of particles and elements in it.
  • Apply the coloring compound evenly. The paint should be applied quickly enough, as it sets and thickens rather quickly in the open air..
  • After application, you need to wait 30-40 minutes for the applied layer to harden.
  • Another layer is applied to the surface with the hardened layer.
  • Then the algorithm is repeated: after applying the layer, a break is made, then the surface is again covered with paint.
  • Usually 2-3 coats are required.


  • Apply the dye composition with a hammer effect using a fur roller. Foam roller paint can corrode.
  • It is best to use a spray gun to paint gates or doors in an upright position. This attachment sprays paint in micro-droplets for quick drying and no smudges.
  • You can control the color decorative effect. For example, taking one color as a basis, highlight various structural elements with a different color, applying it last..
  • Complete drying of all layers occurs after 24 hours. Before the expiration of this time, it is necessary to exclude mechanical impact on the painted surface..

  • Do not work with this dye composition in conditions of high humidity or temperature. If the work is carried out indoors, it is necessary to ensure constant adequate ventilation..
  • It is better to sand glossy surfaces before applying hammer paint to achieve a slight roughness..
  • If the product you intend to paint is new, then take care to thoroughly remove the factory grease. Greasy and oily contaminants prevent the adhesion of the coloring composition to the surface.

How to paint metal with hammer paint, see below..

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