How to change a light bulb in a false ceiling?

How to change a light bulb in a false ceiling?

Over the past ten, fifteen years, the installation of lamps in a suspended ceiling has been widely used. These ceiling structures are attached to the false ceiling of the apartment. Such a halogen euro bulb in the spot can be quickly connected or removed. This will be discussed in this article..

Suspended ceiling as a light source

Before installing the suspended ceiling, a frame is assembled from wooden bars or from a metal profile, which are directly mounted to the concrete or wooden ceiling of the room. Then the ceiling covering itself is attached to the frame. For example, drywall can serve as a ceiling material for such a ceiling. But also such ceilings can be stretch, in which the ceiling is made of strong synthetic material. These structures perfectly hide all the defects of the main ceiling of the room and give it a smooth and smooth look..

Between these two ceilings (main and suspended), thanks to the assembled and fixed frame, a free space of up to 10 cm is formed. This empty space hides the electrical wiring for connecting future lighting and the main structural elements of the light source. To connect lamps and various light sources, special holes are made in such a ceiling.. A distinctive feature of such a ceiling is the ability to install built-in lamps..

General tips for replacing a light bulb

Very often, suspended ceilings are equipped with point light sources, which naturally contain light bulbs. Whoever assembled the structure of such a ceiling himself knows how to replace light bulbs. Those to whom the company produced the installation may not have such knowledge, in this case it is better to call a specialist or find the necessary information on replacement yourself and try to replace.

In most cases, burnout is the main reason for replacement. And the way to put another one depends on what kind of ceiling lighting you have – an ordinary chandelier or lamps.

If one of several light bulbs in a pendant chandelier burns out, you should not immediately change it. In this option, it is more convenient and safer to wait for daylight hours, and replace the burned-out one in daylight. And if the need makes it necessary to start replacing in the dark, find an extraneous source of light, for example, a flashlight. You may need pliers and a screwdriver, it is better to wear gloves on your hands.

Before replacing it is necessary to de-energize the light source being repaired by turning off the machine or the wall switch..

Keep a new light bulb close at hand so you can turn it back at any time..

Never, when turning on the lighting after replacement, do not look at the light source, do not stand under it, because the possibility of a marriage in the light bulb is not excluded, and when turned on, it may burst.

The type of lamps used in the false ceiling

There are mainly four types of light bulbs used in the false ceiling..

  • Halogen. This view can be installed with the smallest space between the false ceiling and the main one. Halogen bulbs can light up a room quite brightly and are a little more difficult to replace than a regular light bulb. Care must be taken when replacing. The operating time of this type of lamp largely depends on the correct installation. In the household network, frequent voltage drops occur, which do not affect the operation of the light source for the better. For this, it is recommended to use voltage stabilizing devices..
  • Conventional incandescent bulbs. Each of us has known these products since childhood, and changing them is not difficult and knowledgeable. But ordinary lamps have one significant drawback, they heat up quickly and therefore are not suitable for all types of suspended ceilings..

  • Fluorescent lamps. This type of lighting fixtures, despite their high cost, has become widespread. They are very economical and consume the least amount of electricity, and their lighting performance is much higher than previous samples. They have a number of negative qualities – products with a hot start light up slower than other analogs, have a limitation on the number of on, off, and they contain mercury vapors, which further complicates the disposal process.
  • LED lamp. A more economical and long-lasting option for this type of ceiling. Their brightness sometimes surpasses those of luminescent products. The operating period of LED lamps reaches 72,000 hours of production, with a conventional lamp only 1000 hours.

When changing different lamps, it must be taken into account that two types of caps are used for them. The first one is with a regular right-hand thread and is used for the classic chuck. Most of us know how to change a light bulb with this look. The second option is a G-shaped base with various types, the lamps are installed using the two pins available. These pins serve as a guiding function, and firm attachment occurs after a characteristic click..

It is not recommended to press on the lamps when replacing, if it does not fix, just pull it out and try again, the pins may not always fall into the G-shaped guides the first time.

Mounting methods

Three options are used to mount different light sources, and the change is carried out in different ways. Before replacing a burned-out light bulb, turn off the voltage and prepare a solid base on which you can stand. It can be a stepladder or stool.. Replacement should be started only when it cools down, otherwise there is a risk of getting burned.

  1. First mount – standard. It takes place by twisting the lamp into the socket. To replace it, you just need to unscrew it and screw a new one all the way.
  2. Two-pin mount – such a fastening is inherent in halogen lamps, they are held by two metal guides. To replace, it is necessary to unlock the retainer – holding the lamp with one hand, with the other at this time bend the retaining ring. Then they take out a light bulb and insert a working one. After a characteristic click, the latch is fixed. For this procedure, the suspended ceiling does not need to be disassembled, the holding structure of the luminaire does not get out of the hole..
  3. Special cartridge. This mount is prevalent in fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures. When replacing, as in the previous version, remove the retainer, take out the glass and unscrew the light source. This cartridge must be rotated ninety degrees when changing..

Replacing the incandescent lamp

Before replacing this type of lamp, first, if necessary, remove the cover or frame. Then, holding the cartridge, I unscrew the bulb counterclockwise.

It is better to wrap the cracked lamp and take it out of the socket, while trying not to look at it, in order to avoid the debris getting into the eyes. If the lighting device exploded, the remaining glass is also removed using any soft cloth, and the base is unscrewed with pliers.. When twisting a new bulb, you do not need to make much effort, you can break.

Replacing the fluorescent lamp

A fluorescent or energy-saving lamp, unlike an incandescent lamp, has a fluorescent tube. It is very easy to change such a light source, there is a choke next to the base, and with the help of this device it can be easily pulled out.

Replacing the LED lamp

When replacing a light source on a false ceiling, first turn off the power to the source by turning off the power source. Then prepare any stable stand that you can stand on without risking falling, and you can conveniently change the light bulb. When replacing a lamp on a stretch ceiling, be extremely careful and careful, such a coating can be easily torn or cut.

To replace this type of lamp, it is necessary to unlock the locking ring. Then get it out and pick up a working one with the same parameters. After replacement, put the retaining ring back in place and lock the lamp in the holder.

There are some tips for replacing a false ceiling lamp:

  1. Provided that the design of your ceiling provides for the presence of yellow LED lamps, but such lighting is not enough for you, purchase standard white ones. The lighting level will immediately increase, but the consumed amount of electricity will remain at the same level.
  2. To extend the life of the lamp, do not take it with bare hands; when replacing it is more advisable to use cloth gloves.
  3. Always remember that stretch ceilings may not be able to withstand an overly powerful lamp. Use 35W or less bulbs to prevent damage to the ceiling.
  4. For the perfect effect of transmitting lighting to the ceiling in the same room, use lighting fixtures of the same design. Thus, you will achieve not only the desired lighting, but also an attractive appearance in the interior. And if, due to some circumstances, you cannot find the one you need, change them all.

And in order for this situation not to happen again, you always need to purchase several more of them..

Replacing a halogen bulb in a false ceiling

If your false ceiling is designed with halogen bulbs, it will take a lot of effort to replace them. Such lighting fixtures have a number of advantages: they do not dazzle and have a well-perceived soft and pleasant light. The service life of such lighting fixtures is no more than five years, but this is much longer than that of a conventional lamp..

When replacing, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply and carefully remove the retaining device that secures the light source. Having reached the cartridge, unscrew the faulty one and replace it with a new one. Then place the mount and fix it securely.

Changing any light bulb, no matter what kind, does not require special experience and knowledge, there is nothing complicated in this process. You may only face one problem when replacing – you may not be able to find a suitable model.

Therefore, it is recommended to always buy them with a certain margin in order to avoid such problems in the future..

Lamp replacement recommendations

When replacing lamps on a stretch ceiling, always adhere to the following rules:

  • always turn off the power supply to the lighting fixture;
  • you need to make sure the integrity of the wiring and the reliability of the contacts;
  • always consider what voltage they are designed for;
  • in case of mechanical damage to the fluorescent lamp, it is necessary to carefully clean the remaining traces when broken from the walls and ceiling, because they contain mercury vapors;
  • if the halogen lamp cannot be pulled out, then it is better to take out the entire lamp, after which it can be easily removed;
  • it is necessary to familiarize yourself in advance with the technical data and features of the use of certain types of light sources for a suspended ceiling.

For information on how to replace a bulb in a spotlight, see below..

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