How to choose a gun for polyurethane foam?

How to choose a gun for polyurethane foam?

Polyurethane foam is used in construction to quickly fill the space between the wall opening and the frame. This material is indispensable in the process of installing metal-plastic windows, since it is thanks to it that it is possible to guarantee the tightness of the entire structure. To apply the substance, a special gun is usually used, which is available on the market in a large assortment..


Polyurethane foam is a hardening substance that prevents the formation of cracks and allows certain building elements to be fixed in the structure. The only drawback of foam is the fact that it is poorly supplied from the can, so for these purposes it is best to use special pistols..

If repair work is carried out at home, then a cheap pistol will be the ideal solution, but for constant use you need to purchase a professional version.

The enormous popularity and demand for this device is due to a number of advantages, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • the ability to dose the material used as clearly as possible;
  • ensuring economical consumption of foam and high-quality sealing;
  • the ability to use cylinders not immediately, but some time after opening.


There are a huge number of varieties of polyurethane foam guns on the modern market. The most popular is the Teflon-coated pneumatic gun. This option is perfect for spraying small areas. Depending on the frequency of use of polyurethane foam guns, amateur and professional options are distinguished..

A distinctive feature of professional cylinders is that a special gun is used to extract the foam. But household options simply include a plastic pistol attachment, which acts as a pistol..

Pro options have good coverage and durability. Thanks to this, they can be used on a regular basis and not be afraid that they will begin to lose their properties. The main disadvantage of household pistols is that such a cylinder must be fully used within a few hours after opening. But the use of the professional version makes it possible not to worry about the safety of this building substance..

The use of a household pistol significantly increases the amount of foam consumed, since such devices cannot boast of the presence of an adjusting screw that fixes the speed of foam extraction. In other words, if you compare the cost of an amateur option and the cost of purchasing a professional device, then there will be no significant difference. That is why it is recommended to buy special polyurethane foam guns, which are arranged accordingly..

Criterias of choice

The modern construction market includes a huge number of polyurethane foam guns, so that everyone can choose the most optimal option for themselves. The choice of a device should be approached with all responsibility, because it depends on this circumstance whether it will fully fulfill its obligations.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the material that was used in the manufacture of the gun for polyurethane foam.

The structure of the unit can be made of the following materials:

  • Inexpensive plastic. All budget pistol models are equipped with just such plastic. Such mechanisms cannot boast of reliability, so using a plastic pistol for a long time will not work. In addition, the work performed using such a device is not of high quality..

  • Durable plastic that is resistant to mechanical damage, shock and scratches. In terms of quality characteristics, such models are not inferior to metal ones, but at the same time they can boast of a long service life, ease of use and reliability. The gun is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Teflon-coated metal pistols. These products are expensive and are usually intended for professional use. A distinctive advantage of such models is the ease of cleaning them from the remnants of polyurethane foam..

You should also pay attention to the ability to disassemble the mechanism.. Budget varieties are usually monolithic devices, so after the first failure they can be thrown away. But collapsible varieties can be repaired without problems by replacing broken parts. Even in spite of the high cost, demountable polyurethane foam guns are more cost effective as they can be used for much longer..

The normal operation of the device also depends on the tightness of the valves. That is why it is recommended to check it before buying a pistol. It is best to use for this purpose not polyurethane foam, but an ordinary cleaning liquid. You just need to screw the bottle with the cleaner into the adapter, then pull the trigger a couple of times.

In this case, it is worth making sure that there are no liquid leaks.. The cleaner should be sprayed at high pressure, not just flowing out of the barrel. We leave the gun and check its tightness again after a day. If there is no problem with tightness, it will be possible to spray the substance under high pressure. But if the liquid simply flows, and does not fly out, then it is best to refuse to buy such a unit, since it will not be able to perform its functions efficiently and serve for a long time.

The frequency of using the device is also important when choosing. If you are only going to use the pistol occasionally, then you can opt for cheap monolithic models. But with regular use, it will be more profitable to buy a professional version with a Teflon coating. It is distinguished by a high price, but it will pay off quickly enough due to the fact that you do not have to constantly change pistols..

If you buy a model from a certain manufacturer, then you need to study the issue of the availability of spare parts. It often happens that due to the lack of a certain spare part, it is not possible to repair the device, as a result of which the gun for polyurethane foam becomes unsuitable for further use..

Principle of operation

Before buying a device, you need to carefully study the features of its design. Only in this case, you can purchase an assembly gun, which will fully fulfill the obligations imposed on it. And this building device got its name due to the similarity with hand-held firearms..

They have a huge number of common external and internal nodes, which are similar not only in appearance, but also in purpose. First of all, we are talking about the barrel through which the polyurethane foam comes out. The liquid substance literally falls out under tremendous pressure, after which it polymerizes into a solid.

In addition, the construction of the foam gun includes a trigger, which is a trigger. It is the pulling of the trigger that activates the entire mechanism, as a result of which the foam is released from the balloon. The pistol also includes a grip that can be made of plastic or metal. It is necessary in order to hold the instrument in hand..

During the purchase process, it is imperative to hold the polyurethane foam gun to make sure it is convenient to use. The handle can be of various shapes, and the choice in this case depends solely on the personal preferences of the master.

Some expensive foam gun options are equipped with a special mechanism to control the flow of foam. We are talking about a fixing screw, thanks to which it is possible to control not only the speed of release of the polyurethane foam, but also the volume of the released substance. Before you start using the cylinder and the construction gun, it is necessary to keep the cylinder itself for at least 6 hours in a room with room temperature. In addition, before use, it is necessary to shake the can as much as possible, after which you can already proceed to remove the protective cap..

The exhaust mechanism should be set in motion as smoothly as possible by pulling the trigger. Otherwise, you can release a huge amount of polyurethane foam, which will fill the opening not only from the inside, but also from the outside. It should also be taken into account that the polyurethane foam tends to increase, therefore, it is not necessary to fill the opening completely with it. And the direction of movement of the foam is set by the operator in whose hands the given construction tool is.

With regard to the exit speed and the amount of materials, this circumstance can be adjusted using the fixing screw. It should be noted that this circumstance depends on the experience and skills of the master who controls the tool..

Standard models of polyurethane foam guns are supplied with a whole range of accessories and nozzles. Most of the models on the modern market come in cardboard or plastic packaging, which also includes several attachments. They can be stored in the same box..

To do the job, most models are equipped with the following types of attachments:

  • Conical shapes, which are necessary in order to fill the narrowest possible gaps and cracks. This attachment allows you to easily reach the most difficult to reach places.
  • An extension cord, which is a flexible tube made of polymer materials. This accessory is also indispensable when working in hard-to-reach places..

Most of the tips offered are reusable, so they can be used for a long time. However, after each use, they must be cleaned without fail with acetone or a special agent that may be included in the device kit. Otherwise, the polyurethane foam will completely dry out, and the tool itself will become unusable. If the liquid agent was not removed in a timely manner, and the foam had time to harden, then it will be necessary to clean it mechanically. However, for this it will be necessary to wait at least a week for the substance to completely dry and set..

For spraying, you can use the special nozzles that come with the kit.

How to use?

In order for the work carried out to be of high quality and durability, it is necessary to use the foam gun correctly. Close attention in this process must be paid to the preparatory stage, the essence of which is to shake the can of foam at least 20 times within a minute. Only then can you remove the cap and turn the adjusting screw on the gun itself..

As a result, the valve closes, after which it will be possible to connect the container so that it is under the gun. The adjusting screws are used to control the speed at which the foam is discharged. The trigger should be pulled as smoothly as possible, since this is what allows you to control the speed of the foam protrusion.

The basic rule for using a gun for polyurethane foam is that the cylinder itself should be on top, above the gun and only in vertical form. Only in this case, the gas can push the contents of the container, otherwise it can damage the construction tool and render it unusable..

Sometimes it happens that the muzzle of the pistol is too thick and because of this it is impossible to penetrate into a hard-to-reach place.. In this case, it is necessary to use special tubes that come with the construction tool..

In the process of carrying out the work, it is necessary to be as careful as possible, since if the foam hardens, and the work was carried out poorly, then the process of their elimination will be quite difficult and lengthy. After using the gun, the nozzles should also be rinsed immediately, since after the substance has hardened, it is extremely difficult to cope with this matter..

Tips & Tricks

When working with a gun for polyurethane foam, some problems may arise that are directly related to the inconvenience of using the structure. It should be ensured that the cylinder is always in an upright position in relation to the construction tool. Otherwise, this greatly complicates the use of the tool and may cause damage to it. And to eliminate this drawback, very often you have to resort for help to a special tube, which is designed to lengthen the pistol.

However, this has a negative impact on the comfort of using the machine, as the operator has both hands busy and cannot react quickly..


There are many companies on the modern market that specialize in the production of polyurethane foam guns. The products of each company have their own distinctive features, therefore it is recommended to pay close attention to all aspects. It is best for amateurs to choose devices from well-known brands that have managed to prove the reliability and high quality of their products..

The following manufacturers are most popular today:

  • Kraftool. It has been on the market for many years and produces reliable devices. The company’s catalog includes both amateur and professional options.
  • Soudal. This manufacturer produces polyurethane foam guns, which are made exclusively of metal. Most models boast Teflon coating for durability and reliability.
  • Matrix. The company’s catalog includes many devices made of aluminum alloys. The handles of each model are made of plastic, and the kit includes replaceable attachments.

  • Ultima – is one of the most renowned manufacturers of construction tools. The range of the company does not include plastic-coated devices, but there are a lot of metal options. A distinctive feature of Ultima pistols is that they provide the ability to precisely control the amount of foam used..
  • Blast hard manufactures high-quality metal devices characterized by Teflon coating.
  • Hand Tools – professional pistols with a metal body.

Pistols for polyurethane foam “Varyag” are very popular in the domestic market. A distinctive feature of the model is that it provides for the removal of the spout by twisting the nut. This allows you to quickly clean the device. The manufacturer paid close attention to the materials used. The cylinder mount is made of brass, which has a positive effect on the number of consumable fixings.

One of the most popular models on the construction market is the “Matrix 88669”. It boasts a durable and attractive body and Teflon coating. In addition, the device is famous for its special spraying, which to some extent resembles a non-stick coating on a frying pan. It is thanks to him that the foam sticks tightly like in a feed tube.

The developers have done everything possible to make it as easy as possible to use this foam gun. After use, it is enough to simply wipe the device and clean the spout using a special nozzle. However, this requires careful handling, since Teflon is extremely easy to scratch, so any irresponsible attitude can ruin high-priced inventory..

The pistol is equipped with a strong and smooth trigger, fingers from which do not slip out when pressed. Metal was used for the production of each element, thanks to which the structure boasts strength and reliability..

Among the main advantages of the model are the following:

  • cleaning is quick and easy thanks to the Teflon coating;
  • the handle is renowned for its convenience and provides good protection against pinching;
  • the body is made of durable copper, which makes the device resistant to mechanical stress.

Professionals will definitely appreciate the Hilti cf-ds1 polyurethane foam gun. This model is considered one of the most optimal tools for professional use. In appearance, it quite closely resembles the firearm of the same name and has a dense body..

The trigger is equipped with an additional slider, which is designed to block accidental pressing. Thanks to this, you can not worry that the foam will come out while the pistol is on the belt or in the luggage compartment of the car..

“Hilti cf-ds1” boasts a thin spout with no nut at the end. This makes it possible to push the tip almost anywhere. This model can also boast of its tightness. The tool body is made of reinforced plastic. The only drawback of this foam gun is that its body cannot be disassembled. In the event of a breakdown of such a monolithic structure, it will not be possible to replace a certain part and use the device further.

Among the main advantages of “Hilti cf-ds1” are the following:

  • small weight, which greatly simplifies the transportation and use of this construction tool;
  • the presence of a blocking slider, which prevents accidental squeezing out of foam;
  • large handle, which will be comfortable even for a person with a large hand;
  • the ability to use the unit in a lateral position;
  • foam is not passed when falling;
  • durability – this model can be operated for at least 7 years.

One of the most expensive and professional models is the Matequs Super Teflon. The products of the Italian brand are famous for their high quality, reliability and durability. A distinctive feature of the device is its unique design, due to which the mixture at the outlet is more plastic and of high quality. Unique circuit design allows the device to work in all conditions.

In addition, the Matequs Super Teflon boasts a 4mm widened needle, which allows you to close the cracks in a short time. Despite its ergonomics, the grip is hardly suitable for people with a large hand. Among household guns for polyurethane foam, the “Stayer Econom” model is very popular. Its distinctive feature is reliability and durability. The developers have equipped the device with a special stainless tube for feeding, which is easy to clean and does not get scratched. The only drawback is that the tubing cannot be removed for flushing.

The cylinder is secured with an aluminum grip, and metal is used for the production of the trigger. Despite this, it descends smoothly and without any problems..

After the foam is applied and all work is completed, you need to additionally treat the barrel with a cleaning agent. If this is not done, then there may be problems with the passage of the cleaning agent in the future. The feeding system features a ball valve at the inlet and a special mechanism at the outlet.

One of the advantages of this model is a well-thought-out design, which ensures the reliability of use of the device and its durability. Thanks to its robust body, it copes well with mechanical damage..


You can find a huge number of reviews about each model of a gun for polyurethane foam. Generally speaking, all craftsmen and amateurs agree that the use of such a construction tool greatly simplifies the process of filling the gap with foam. Masters advise devices from companies “Whirlwind” and other manufacturers, which are distinguished by a large handle. This provides a high level of comfort in the process of use and allows you to carry out all work as quickly as possible and at a high quality level. The rating of pistols depends, first of all, on the materials that were used to produce a particular model and how the unit is arranged.

Thus, the polyurethane foam gun is a unique construction tool., designed to significantly simplify the process of filling gaps and openings with substance. The most important thing is to choose the right unit so that it can fully cope with the tasks assigned to it..

With single or rare use, you can give preference to amateur options, but for regular use it is best to buy professional models. It should be remembered that monolithic options cannot be disassembled, therefore, in the event of a breakdown, repairs will be impossible..

For information on how to use the foam gun correctly, see the following video.

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