How to choose odorless metal paint for interior use?

Staining is the fastest and most reliable method of renewing individual items or the entire interior at once. In addition to numerous advantages, this type of room design still has disadvantages – for example, a persistent pungent odor when painting walls, which requires constant thorough ventilation of the room during operation. In some cases, the smell of paint can trigger a headache or even cause allergies..

The problem will be solved by the coloring composition, which practically does not have a pungent odor..


An odorless, quick-drying metal paint is usually created using binders such as acrylic or latex. This type of materials is made by water-based or water-dispersion methods. Water is the base, and a vinyl acetate or acrylic polymer with derivatives can act as a binder..

The advantages of such products in comparison with other types of paints and varnishes are obvious:

  • acceptable cost;
  • fast drying;
  • almost complete absence of smell.

Latex varieties

This product is an improved water emulsion formulation with many benefits. Acrylic-based paint is used for interior painting of textured wallpapers and walls, thereby emphasizing the beautiful pattern of the picture.

Flexible latex paints can be applied to the surface very easily, forming even layers. When dry, a strong film coating is formed that can protect the treated surface from various damages..

Manufacturers produce latex-type products for painting wall and ceiling bases with decent indicators of reliability and quality.

When choosing paint, you need to carefully read the instructions, since paints and varnishes for painting walls and ceilings may differ in their characteristics and properties.

White water-based latex paints are used to paint ceilings as they tend to be less affected by pollutants. Latex wall paint, due to its water resistance, better tolerates the negative effects of moisture.

Manufacturers also produce a range of semi-gloss and matte paints, which, when dried, create a coating with an appropriate effect. Wherein semigloss paints and varnishes are not classified as a universal finishing material, since instead of hiding, on the contrary, they emphasize the existence of defects on the surface of the base. If semi-gloss latex paint will be used, the base for it is carefully prepared beforehand.

Matte paints are considered universal., they are used for finishing different types of surfaces. At the same time, if we compare the parameters of water resistance and abrasion, matte are significantly inferior to semigloss compositions. A huge plus is the possibility of multiple repainting of the matte surface, so that you can quickly and easily update the interior of the room, giving the walls a different color.

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints are generally odorless. Acrylic-based compounds can be used not only for painting the floor, but also for other types of substrates. Such paint is often produced only in white, therefore it can be tinted, giving it the desired color..

When purchasing paints with the addition of acrylic, you need to look at the product labeling. Typically, products for rooms with high humidity have a special label..

Such a material can withstand moisture, but here we are not talking about constant exposure to water. Such a coating can sometimes be wiped with wet cleaning, but it will not withstand streams of water (especially hot).

Odorless acrylic-based coloring products are used when painting even an already painted floor surface made of wood or concrete. Very often, such paints are used for decoration in kindergartens, hospital buildings, residential apartments..

Before applying the paint material, you need to prime the base of the surface.. The characteristics of the primer will depend on the accompanying properties of the surface substrate. For example, wood absorbs the primer quite strongly, therefore, for high-quality adhesion, it is imperative to reapply the primer..

When choosing acrylic paints for painting windows and doors, you need to give preference to facade options, since the painted surface will directly contact the external environment.

Specialized components are added to such products, allowing the paints to retain their basic properties for a long time..

How to choose the right one?

In any apartment or house there are metal elements and parts that need to be updated occasionally to protect them from corrosion. Such structures are often built-in, therefore it is not possible to take them outside for painting..

Only the absence of smell in special paints and varnishes allows you to conveniently and efficiently repair such things.

Modern dyes for metal surfaces are usually sold in metal cans. It is very easy to paint with such a convenient spray can, since there will be no need to look for and buy a roller with a brush.

You will also not need to use expensive solvents or mix the composition with color. Paints and varnishes for metal are packed in other containers, however, it is the spray can that is considered the most practical and convenient for home use..

Metal paint without chemical odors should be applied to a previously prepared substrate..

Preparing a metal surface for subsequent painting involves three simple steps:

  1. The old paint coat is removed. In the process of removing the old paint layer, abrasive materials such as sandpaper can be used..
  2. Further, the metal surface is completely cleaned of dirt, grease and dust..
  3. After that, a primer is applied to it and wait until the primed layer dries.

The paint is applied evenly to the treated surface, then bubbles will not appear on it, and the paint layer will not crack when it dries completely.

If we talk about manufacturers, then there are quite a few of them, each specializing in one or another type of dye. In our country, for several decades, it has been used for painting metal paint “PF” – this composition is suitable for painting metal surfaces and not only.


      Water-based paints and varnishes without strong chemical odors with the addition of latex or acrylic are used more and more today. This type of paint material is becoming more popular than others due to its high anti-corrosion properties and ease of use in rooms, including poorly ventilated.

      White acrylic paints without a specific odor can be used as a base base when diluted with various tinting pastes, which is very convenient for obtaining the desired unique shades.

      For even more information on acrylic paints, including for metal, see the video below..

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