How to make gypsum plasterboard vibrators correctly?

For residents of new buildings, apartments and houses, excellent audibility remains a huge problem. Only high-quality sound insulation will help to solve this global problem. The most important element of soundproofing structures is vibration suspension for drywall. However, not everyone knows how to make the right suspension. What is it, what are the types, subtleties of manufacturing and installation, let’s figure it out.

What is it?

Vibration suspension is a U-shaped bearing profile made of metal. On the crossbar of such a profile there is an elastic rubber component or an element made of elastomer or rubber. This element, called a vibration isolator, occupies an important place in the entire structure. It is he who does not allow the bearing gypsum profile to contact with the base itself (attachment point).

The main task of the gypsum plasterboard profile is considered to be the suppression of existing vibrations., as well as a further reduction in various structure-borne noises that can come from the wall or floor tiles and be given to the skeleton of the structure itself. On this type of fastener, as on ordinary suspensions, a rack-mount profile is mounted (directly on the wall), meanwhile, ceiling carriers – on the ceiling itself.


Vibration damping suspensions are distinguished by several properties, including the fastening system.

  • By use. They are versatile, ceiling and wall structures.
  • By size. Distinguish between standard products for fixing to a 60 mm metal profile and economy products for analogs with a width of only 47 mm.
  • According to the selected raw materials, taken as a basis for the production of vibration damping components.

SoundGuard is a leading manufacturer of vibration-damping gimbals. The advantages of devices released by this trademark are called:

  • high vibroacoustic ability, preventing various transmissions of low-frequency noise;
  • effective decoupling of vibration structures;
  • the simplest installation;
  • versatility (most of the fixtures are suitable for installation on walls, as well as suspended ceiling systems);
  • moisture resistance and long service life.

This type of device, equipped with elastomer insulating components, will not shrink when used. Durability and reliability are important metrics.

How to choose?

Strength is called the most important characteristic of vibro suspensions, because only strong fixtures can withstand gypsum plasterboard structures. These elements allow the metal profile to hold a layer of putty on the ceiling along with sound-insulating material and plasterboard.

The second most important component is called noise insulation.. Well-installed gimbals are designed to suppress noise and smooth out vibrations. This coefficient directly depends on the dimensions of the thickness, as well as the accompanying characteristics of the selected and used soundproofing material..

Vibration suspensions, among other things, are distinguished by the squaring of the sound-insulating material. A large square of such a base will make it possible to better isolate vibration and extraneous sounds. In addition, they are distinguished by the number of holes that are created for fixing. If the frame of a certain suspension is made with one hole, the installation time will automatically be halved..

U-shaped plates on vibration suspensions usually have several separate holes at once. This allows you to adjust the depth of the frame itself. It should be noted that all existing holes are sometimes different in size (depending on the manufacturer). There are some manufacturers of suspensions that require the use of a certain type of self-tapping screws..

With your own hands

Vibration suspensions, if desired, can be assembled independently. It is necessary to prepare perforated metal plates and sound insulating material (porous rubber material). It is quite easy to assemble them. Rubber rectangles are attached to the middle of the perforated plate from below, and then from above. Then the edges of the plate are simply folded over. The resulting suspension is ready for use..

Only 1 rubber layer can be used, although practice has shown that these suspensions are not entirely effective.

Check the quality of the finished vibration suspension with an ordinary bar. It is necessary to fix the device on a wooden block, then the resulting structure must be hit, while observing the vibrations of the U-shaped plates. The faster these vibrations begin to damp, the better the vibration isolation properties..


When repair work is done by hand, you have to adhere to and observe the specifics of installation. For the correct installation of a soundproof installation, together with vibration suspensions, you need to consistently perform several simple steps.

  • You need to measure the ceiling. For such work, a building level is usually used, this is how the lower corner is determined. From the lowest section, you need to maintain a gap in order to lower the surface, taking into account the thickness of the sound insulation and fixtures.
  • Frame guides are mounted, pasted over with sealing tape, attaching to the ceiling.
  • Next, you need to make a markup that will suggest where the ceiling profiles will be located along with suspensions and lintels.

  • Then, a home-made or factory vibration suspension is fixed using a dowel-nails.
  • Then you need to lower the edges of the suspension.
  • Bearing profiles are inserted into the guides, then they are fixed by means of suspensions. This creates a jumper.
  • Now you can lay the soundproofing material on the frame base.

After all the work done, you can start plastering the ceiling with plasterboard. The wall type of vibration isolation mounts is installed in the same way as ordinary direct acoustic suspensions. High-quality fixtures are used to create excellent soundproofing of the room during the installation of the plasterboard structure. To create excellent sound insulation in an apartment, you cannot save on vibration isolation between the ceiling and the wall. It is imperative to lay soundproofing pads under the profiles..

How to make vibro suspensions with your own hands, see the following video:

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