How to wash acrylic paint?

Acrylic paints are versatile, widely used in both renovation and fine arts..

Even small stains from acrylic are very difficult to remove from all kinds of surfaces, therefore, when interacting with this type of paint, you must be careful and be careful, and in case of stains, you need to know how to safely clean the surface.


A distinctive feature of acrylic paint is its unique composition, which includes: water, dye, acrylic acid and a film former. Thanks to the film, which helps the layer to harden quickly, and there are difficulties with washing acrylic.

First aid

To remove stains, you will need a certain set of products:

  • rag;
  • hard brushes;
  • sponges;
  • special gloves;
  • goggles and respirator.

Dispersion and oil paint stains are easier to remove while they are fresh. Therefore, when contamination appears, you should immediately take certain actions to remove them..

Within an hour after applying the stain, acrylic can be easily washed off with plain water. It is recommended to dip the sponge in water and gently wipe the dirty area with it.. For a more effective result, use a detergent or soap..

Within a day after the formation of the stain, the contamination is wiped off with a brush, water and a degreasing agent..

To speed up the cleaning process, you can dilute a little soda or vinegar in water, and then gently wipe the surface with this solution..

Hot water will help to wash the brushes, in which they should be dipped for half an hour. After waiting for the specified time, the brushes must be washed with soapy water. Acetone helps to soak hardened brushes..

What is erased?

To remove dried paint will help: gasoline, acetone, kerosene, white spirit, nail polish remover. A rag, on which one of the products is applied, is rubbed over the contaminated area and waiting for a time – half an hour, after which the treated area is thoroughly wiped.

An effective method of removing dried acrylic stains will be the use of a remover – a special substance suitable for all types of paints. You can buy such a tool at a building materials store. If you have any doubts about the choice of a wash, you can always contact the seller for help..

When using a solution that has a pungent odor and corrodes the skin, it is necessary to strictly observe safety regulations. A number of activities should be carried out, including: opening windows and doors, using special gloves, a respirator and goggles. The wash should be applied to a rag, treated with it and wait 10 minutes. Wipe the dirty area with a clean cloth to complete the cleaning procedure..

It is possible to purchase another store-bought product that can handle different types of paints – a universal cleaner. It is applied to the damaged surface, which is then wiped off with a rag.

From furniture

Stains from metal or plastic are removed with a knife, razor blade or other similar tool. Using light pressure on the tool, you should very carefully and carefully remove the dried paint.

Stains on wood, concrete, metal or plaster can be wiped off with a gel remover. It is necessary to work with such a composition in a respirator, glasses and gloves, and in the room it is necessary to open the window. The wash is applied in an even layer to the surface with a brush. The paint comes off in layers. Its remains are removed with a spatula, and the surface is washed with water..

To wash off acrylic from glass, one of the cleaning options is used: surface treatment with one of the considered means or cleaning the stain with the safest cleaner for this type of surface – a special wash.

From the floor and walls

Linoleum is a surface that is not afraid of mechanical damage, so it can be cleaned of acrylic paint with a knife.

It is possible to erase the acrylic stain from the wooden surface with a gel remover. After putting on personal protective equipment and preparing the room for working with the chemical, the remover should be applied to the floors by pouring and then evenly spread over the surface with a spatula. Peeling paint must be removed with the same spatula, and the surface must be rinsed with water.

It is possible to remove paint from windows, ceramics or tiles with a special cleaner sold in a specialized store. A specialist will help you choose the right product based on the material from which the stain is supposed to be removed and the type of paint applied.

It is not recommended to wash windows, ceramics or tiles with improvised means..

From clothes

It is very difficult and difficult to quickly clean acrylic dirt from the surface of clothes, and in most cases it is almost impossible..

But there are some powerful cleansers and ways to use them:

  • Sunflower oil, hot water, laundry soap. First, wipe the fresh stain with oil, then soak the product in soapy water for 15 minutes.

  • “Vanish” or White Spirit. Rub the stain thoroughly with the product of your choice, and then machine wash.

  • Window cleaner, brush. Apply the liquid to the stain and wait for the paint to dissolve. Then wipe the area to be cleaned with a brush. At the end of the procedure, the product should be cut.
  • Nail polish remover (acetone free), cotton pad. Place a sheet of paper under the soiled surface and wipe the stain with a disc that has been treated with liquid.
  • Wash (solvent), sponge, gloves, respirator, goggles. Wear personal protective equipment. Apply a small amount of the product to the area to be treated and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. After that, gently wipe the stain with a sponge soaked in the same solution. After completing the cleaning procedure, the item should be washed in the washing machine..

The solvent is best used in cases where attempts to clean clothes using improvised means have not been successful..

You will learn more about how to remove an acrylic stain by watching the following video..

Choosing a remedy

When choosing a cleaning agent, the following points should be taken into account:

  • surface type;
  • the strength of adhesion of paint to the surface;
  • type of paint;
  • number of applied layers.


Commercial products that specialize in removing acrylic stains include:

  • remover;
  • universal cleaner.


Folk remedies that deal with acrylic are:

  • hot water;
  • vinegar;
  • soda;
  • soap;
  • detergent;
  • “Vanish”;
  • White Spirit;
  • petrol;
  • kerosene;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cloth, sponge and brush.

Tips & Tricks

Compliance with the following conditions guarantees safe removal of acrylic paint:

  • when working with chemicals, a prerequisite is the use of protective equipment: respirator, rubber gloves, glasses, masks;
  • fresh stains are recommended to be wiped off immediately;
  • before using this or that cleaning agent, you should test it on a small area of ​​the product;
  • it is almost impossible to wipe off acrylic paint from clothes, because after the stain is removed, the fabric will be irretrievably damaged.

In order not to spend a lot of effort on removing acrylic stains from various kinds of surfaces, it is necessary to work extremely carefully and carefully with the paint..

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