Latex putty: advantages and disadvantages

Latex putty: advantages and disadvantages

Putty is one of the most popular materials used for leveling walls and ceilings..

Among the wide variety of putties, a latex-based composition is especially popular. This material has high technical characteristics and is also easy to use. We will consider the advantages and disadvantages of this coating in more detail in this article..


As with all putty mixtures, the latex coating includes:

  • various fillers;
  • special substances that give plasticity and elasticity to the material;
  • additional additives that give the material certain properties.

An emulsion of dispersed polymer particles in an aqueous solution is used as the main component in the manufacture of a latex coating. There are several types of latex and depending on which type was used in the production of putty, the characteristics and properties of the mixture will depend.

Special components are often added to latex putty, for example, antiseptics. Antiseptic additives make it possible to use this material in rooms with high levels of humidity, since the resulting coating will be resistant to the formation of mold and mildew.


There are no big differences in the produced latex mixtures. Depending on the composition and manufacturer, some material properties may differ.

According to the form of release, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • ready-to-use solution;
  • dry mixtures from which it is necessary to make the solution yourself.

Latex putty is available in a wide range of colors, which makes it easy to find the right shade. In addition, latex mixtures differ from each other in terms of release volume..

According to the scope of application, the following compositions are distinguished:

  • for interior decoration;
  • for outdoor construction work;
  • universal mixtures;
  • for dry rooms;
  • for wet rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with every type of putty mixture, the latex-based mortar has its advantages and disadvantages..

The advantages of this composition include the following properties and characteristics:

  • The coating is characterized by minimal shrinkage.
  • Some latex coatings are resistant to temperature extremes. This property allows you to use the material not only for interior, but also for exterior wall decoration..
  • Resistant to atmospheric precipitation.
  • Wide range of different shades.
  • High adhesion rates with various materials.
  • Due to the viscous consistency, the solution easily penetrates and fills cracks on the surface.

  • Dries to a highly durable coating.
  • Good elasticity.
  • Excellent as a paint base. This coating does not absorb paint and varnish solutions, which makes it possible to reduce paint consumption during finishing.
  • Ease of construction work.
  • The resulting coating does not crack or peel off.

Despite the impressive advantages of latex putty, it also has its disadvantages..

Consider the main disadvantages of the material:

  • The prepared solution must not be exposed to low temperatures. When frozen, the material loses some of its properties. Therefore, even if you defrost the solution, it will no longer be suitable for use..
  • The price of such a coating exceeds the cost of many types of putty. However, this material can be applied with a layer of one millimeter thick, unlike acrylic or cement putty, which can significantly reduce the consumption of the mixture..

Scope of application

Latex putty can be used for both exterior and interior construction work. The mixture has good adhesion to almost all materials. Metal surfaces in this case are an exception – it is not recommended to putty them with latex mixtures.

The latex compound is well suited for the following materials:

  • wood;
  • drywall sheets;
  • concrete;
  • plastered surfaces;
  • brick walls.

The scope of latex material is not limited to leveling surfaces.

This mixture is used for the following purposes:

  • creation of a base for painting with alkyd enamel, oil compositions or water-dispersion solutions;
  • sealing drywall joints;
  • elimination of cracks and various defects on the surface;
  • filling the slopes of window openings;
  • repair and restoration of wooden structures;
  • creation of various textures on the surface;
  • finishing of papier-mâché products.


Before buying a latex putty, you should pay attention not only to the composition and characteristics of the mixture, but also to the manufacturer. To purchase high-quality material, you must first familiarize yourself with manufacturers who have proven themselves in the finishing coatings market and study reviews of their products..


The company “Tex” is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of building materials. The company offers high quality products at affordable prices, including latex putties. Latex-based mixtures are available in two versions:

  • “Tex Profi”;
  • “Universal”.

Putty “Tex Profi” is intended for interior decoration of walls and ceilings in order to level them before applying the topcoat. The material is suitable for application on concrete, plastered walls, fiberboard and drywall sheets. Available in white with cream or gray shades. The mixture is sold ready for application in containers of both small volume (1.5 kg, 5 kg, 8 kg) and in large buckets weighing 16 and 30 kg.

Mix “Universal” is also intended for interior finishing work. The solution is applied to the surface before painting or wallpapering. Plaster “Universal” has a high drying rate. Drying time under favorable temperature conditions is four hours. The mixture can be applied to the surface with a layer of one millimeter thick.

The high quality of the latex mixture “Tex” was appreciated by both consumers who did not have experience with putties, and the masters of finishing construction work.

Among the advantages of the material, the following properties are distinguished:

  • low price;
  • ease of application;
  • economical consumption;
  • creates a durable coating;
  • soft elastic consistency;
  • lack of unpleasant odor.

Some buyers note that the mixture is difficult to tint, which is the main drawback of the material..


The Profilyuks trademark is a part of the German concern Meffert AG Farbwerke. High quality finishing materials are produced under the Profilyux brand.

The latex putty is produced under the name Profilux Profisheet. This material is available in a ready-to-apply form.. Used for leveling various surfaces indoors. Provides a perfect white finish. After the mixture dries, a durable coating is formed that is resistant to moisture and mechanical stress..

Profilux Profisheet can be used to create a topcoat. The mixture well seals various surface defects, small cracks and seams. Drying time of the solution can be from four to six hours.

Buyers highlight the following advantages of this product:

  • the resulting coating is easy to grind;
  • flat smooth surface;
  • good adhesion;
  • easy to apply;
  • dries quickly.


The Lakra firm has established itself well in the Russian building materials market as a manufacturer of high-quality paints and varnishes. All materials produced under this brand comply with international quality standards and are environmentally friendly.

Lakra’s latex putty is produced under the name “Master’s Choice”. The composition of this material, in addition to the main components, includes antiseptic additives, which makes the coating resistant to the appearance and spread of fungus and mold.. The mixture is intended for interior decoration of walls and ceilings before applying the topcoat..

Buyers note the following advantages of the material:

  • low cost;
  • lack of smell;
  • high drying speed;
  • convenient consistency for application;
  • aligns walls well.

The disadvantages of the “Master’s Choice” putty include uneconomical consumption of the mixture.


The group of companies “Optimist” is another popular Russian manufacturer of paints and varnishes. The company offers a wide range of high-tech construction products.

Optimist also produces latex water-dispersion mixture. This material is intended for interior decoration in dry rooms.. The mixture is used to eliminate cracks and irregularities on the surface before applying the finishing coat.

As a decoration, you can use wallpaper, paints and varnishes or other decorative mixtures..

The Optimist putty is available in white ready for application. The material is characterized by low frost resistance and withstands five freezing cycles at a temperature not lower than -25 degrees. This property allows the mixture to be transported at low temperatures..

Buyers note the following advantages of this composition:

  • small consumption per square meter;
  • high level of plasticity;
  • health safety;
  • fire safety;
  • excellent adhesion;
  • the resulting coating is easy to sand.

The disadvantages of the solution, first of all, include the high cost.


Firm “Hermes” appeared on the Russian market of finishing materials not so long ago, but has already managed to firmly occupy its niche. Hermes products are of good quality and competitive price. The company produces materials for various finishing and construction works.

Hermes silicone plaster is available as a dry mix. The material can be used in rooms with normal and high humidity before applying the topcoat.

Consumers highlight the following advantages of this mixture:

  • low price;
  • good moisture resistance of the coating;
  • perfect for painting;
  • good wear resistance.

The disadvantages include the form of release of the material: before finishing work, you must prepare a solution from a dry mixture yourself.

How to dilute?

Ready-to-apply latex mixtures are more convenient to use, as they do not require additional effort and time-consuming preparation of the solution. However, dry mixes are cheaper and equally popular. Dilute the powdered putty in plain water in one-to-one proportions.

It is not necessary to prepare the solution at once from the entire amount of plaster in the package. A small amount of dry mixture must be poured into a container for putty. Water is added to the material, while constantly stirring.

After the mixture is well mixed with water until a homogeneous consistency is formed, you can start finishing work. The ready-made solution can be used within an hour, after which it will harden and become unusable..

Application Tips

Before proceeding with the repair work, it is necessary to prepare the surface to be treated well. All dirt is removed from the base under the putty, after which the surface must be primed. The primer must dry completely, only after that it will be possible to proceed with the surface putty.

The latex mixture is not toxic, but some people may have an individual intolerance to any component in the composition. Before starting work, you should take care of your own safety measures.

Skin contact with the putty should be avoided, so it is best to work with gloves. When carrying out internal work, the room must be ventilated..

Before applying the putty to the surface, the mixture must be kept indoors for some time.. It is advisable to bring the solution into the room a few hours before the start of work so that the temperature of the mixture adapts to room temperature.. Then a small amount of putty must be poured into a separate container. Too thick mixture can be diluted with water. At the same time, the bucket with the ready-made composition must be tightly closed with a lid to avoid drying out of the mixture..

The material is applied with a metal spatula. The layer thickness should not exceed three millimeters. Since the mixture has good plasticity, almost anyone can cope with its application, even without experience in carrying out such work..

If you need to make several layers of putty, before applying each subsequent layer, you must wait until the previous one is completely dry..

This time may differ for mixtures from different manufacturers, so you need to look at this information on the packaging.. Most often the coating dries from 2 to 6 hours.

When carrying out outdoor work, certain weather conditions are required. Do not putty on external walls when it rains or when exposed to direct sunlight.. Smoothing the putty surface to give perfect smoothness to the coating is done with a sponge float..

You will learn about the secrets of plastering walls with your own hands from the following video.

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