Lining “Calm” larch: advantages and disadvantages

Wood has been used in the construction materials industry for a long time. New types of synthetic products appear on store shelves, but products made from natural raw materials remain at the peak of their popularity. The lining is especially widespread. Let’s take a closer look at the “Calm” type cladding made of larch.


The lining is used for covering the premises from the inside and outside. Wood gives the interior a touch of naturalness, naturalness and naturalness. This type of finish has become widespread due to many advantages..

The majority of consumers are familiar with the standard lining, but there are also Shtil cladding and Euro lining on sale.. Products differ in manufacturing method, shape, surface and type of joints. In the field of application of the finishing material, various types of wood are used: both deciduous and coniferous, while larch is very popular.

Description of finishing material

The main difference between the “Calm” product from the Euro-lining and other similar finishing options is the appearance of the panels. The elements have a flat, smooth surface, without stripes and pronounced relief. During the production of goods, specialists use special methods of wood processing.

The appearance of the cladding has a special aesthetics, grace and beauty.. The natural finish at a high level was appreciated by designers and fans of stylish and expressive interiors. The lining is ideal for decorating classic and modern styles. Due to the possibility of decorating without joints, the products have become widespread in the field of decorating residential premises..

The larch material fits perfectly into the exterior, complementing and transforming it. Many large firms working in the field of manufacturing building materials are engaged in the manufacture of products..

Features of the type of wood

Larch is actively used for the manufacture of lining due to such special characteristics:

  • due to the increased resistance to moisture and dampness, the material can be safely used in bathrooms, baths and saunas;
  • excellent durability and reliability;
  • wood has high noise insulation and retains heat in the room, maintaining a comfortable environment;
  • durability and practicality;

  • the wood contains antioxidants that have a healing effect;
  • wood is not afraid of fungus and harmful insects;
  • larch creates a comfortable microclimate in the house;
  • high rate of fire resistance;
  • larch grows on the territory of Russia, due to which the cost of production is more profitable in comparison with similar finishing materials.

In terms of reliability and strength, quality raw materials can be compared with oak. The structure of the wood may differ in color depending on the region of growth of the larch. The annual rings that adorn the tree create an amazing pattern in cross-section. In a longitudinal section, characteristic, pronounced stripes are visible on the material.

Pros and cons of larch cladding

Lining “Calm” has individual features that distinguish the product among a huge variety:

  • the joints between the panels are minimal, practically invisible;
  • cladding can be combined with other finishing materials, creating stylish and fashionable interiors;
  • original and attractive appearance;
  • environmentally friendly, natural material;
  • simple and convenient installation;

  • the relevance of the finish remains from season to season;
  • there are special recesses on the inside of the panels, which contribute to optimal ventilation and also drainage of condensate;
  • wide panels allow you to design rooms with a minimum number of seams between elements;
  • “Calm” provides many options for decorating rooms with a non-standard layout;
  • flat surface, without grooves and grooves.

As a disadvantage, buyers single out only one indicator – cost. Natural finish is not affordable for everyone, however, given the above advantages, the cost is quite justified.

Dimensions (edit)

Lining “Calm” has certain dimensions.

  • The width of wood panels varies from 80 to 140 mm for foreign brands. Domestic manufacturers produce material with a width of 90 to 150 millimeters. The following width indicators are widely used: 100, 110 and 120 millimeters..
  • The thickness of one board is from 12 to 25 millimeters.
  • The minimum length is 2 meters. The maximum indicator is 6 meters. The most used value is 4 meters.

Note: if you want to carry out the installation process as soon as possible, select a finish with a width of 140 millimeters.


In order to emphasize the beauty of natural material and extend its service life, manufacturers use various processing methods..

Each technique has specific features and specific functions..

  • Enamel. Special compounds not only protect the material from negative environmental influences, but also give the panels a special appearance.
  • Maslovosk. This technique is used to protect panels from increased moisture, dampness and dirt..
  • Brushing. A special way of processing wood. With its help, the material is decorated with the effect of “antiquity”, which gives the lining a special aesthetics. Brushed finishes are ideal for classic, ethnic and retro styling.
  • Texturing. The name speaks for itself. In the process of processing, the wood acquires its original texture and relief.

Tips for installing finishing material

Experts assure that the “Calm” type cladding can be mounted without any problems. During work, you will not encounter difficulties if you follow the instructions exactly and use high-quality finishing materials. Due to the absence of chamfers, the decorated surface attracts attention with its integrity and harmony.

The type of laying of the finishing material can visually change the size of the room.

To make the room wider and more spacious, mount the panels horizontally. If it is necessary to raise the ceiling, the lining must be laid vertically. But you can also arrange items diagonally.

Upon completion of the work, the structure can be decorated with a variety of decor depending on the style of the interior.

Before carrying out work, it is recommended to leave the products in the room where the cladding is planned. This is how the material adapts to the new microclimate..

Given the fact that the installation process of this type of lining is simple, it can be carried out independently without the involvement of specialists..

Product cost

Building and finishing materials from natural raw materials have always been expensive.

The cost of larch cladding is made up of the following factors:

  • panel dimensions (thickness, length, width);
  • product class;
  • the quality of the wood used;
  • store markup;
  • as a rule, foreign products are more expensive than domestic ones due to transportation.

Product quality

All commercially available lining of the above type is divided into several classes, depending on the quality. There are 5 types: “Extra”, “Prima”, “A”, “B”, “C”. The first variety is of the highest quality and, accordingly, more expensive than other varieties.

When classifying products, pay attention to several characteristics..

  • The presence of cracks, which are end, through and non-through. But also on the wood there may be chips in the direction of fiber growth..
  • Resin pockets.
  • Defects received during processing.
  • Knots of various types: dropped out, healthy, as well as falling out.
  • Core.
  • The quantitative ratio of the ingrown bark to the total width of the product.

This classification applies to the entire lining, regardless of its shape and size..

Recommendations before purchasing

Before you go to the store to buy finishing materials, you need to know how to make the right choice among the rich variety. The first thing you must pay attention to when choosing a product is the quality of drying. Products that do not have the required maximum moisture content are below the average market value. Behind an affordable price is a low-end product.

The class of goods specified by the manufacturer must correspond to reality. If there are defects on the “extra” class lining, it means that you are dealing with an unscrupulous manufacturer and a store that inflates the cost of finishing material.

Be sure to accurately calculate the required amount of cladding.. To do this, it is necessary to compare the dimensions of the room with the dimensions of the wooden panels. It is recommended to buy products with a stock.

All goods must be from the same batch, otherwise the appearance of the product may vary, and it will not be possible to achieve integrity in the finish.

About which lining does not dry out and how to store it correctly, see the next video.

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