Marble-look porcelain stoneware: subtleties of interior design

Marble-look porcelain stoneware: subtleties of interior design

When designing various interiors, people are increasingly using materials that imitate various natural surfaces. Marbled porcelain stoneware is very popular among modern consumers: such products are used in a wide variety of premises..

Interior decoration with the help of such coatings has its own subtleties, which should be understood in more detail.


“Marble” porcelain stoneware is distinguished by a large number of color variations, unique patterns. Such coatings are very beautiful. Today, manufacturers create tile materials that are stronger than natural marble, but at the same time are very similar to it..

High-quality marble-like tile materials are resistant to sunlight, liquid, temperature extremes. They are suitable for external finishing work.

Such coatings look great in residential, office premises..

It is also worth noting that the porcelain stoneware tiles imitating a marble surface are much lighter than natural material. For this reason, it is more convenient to work with it, in addition, the load on the base is significantly reduced..

Porcelain stoneware is very easy to maintain. In this regard, it is more difficult with natural marble: it has to be periodically polished, because scratches quickly appear on such surfaces. Marble is easy to spoil with an oil stain: natural stone has a porous structure, so dirt quickly penetrates deep.

Dimensions (edit)

Manufacturers offer “marble” tiles in different sizes.

Among the most common options are the following:

  • 60×60 cm;
  • 45×45 cm;
  • 40×40 cm;
  • 30×30 cm.

There is also large-format porcelain stoneware: 600×1200, 3000×1000, 1200×1200, 1800×900, 1200×2400 mm. Tiles 1200×600 mm and other large-format porcelain stoneware are usually used in outdoor or very large rooms..

How to choose?

You should decide on the most suitable texture of porcelain stoneware. The material can be polished, lapped, matte.

  • The top layer of matte tiles is not processed after firing. Such coatings are characterized by increased resistance to mechanical stress: they can be used in rooms where people often walk. Matte porcelain stoneware does not become slippery after washing, stains are invisible on it.
  • Lappable materials have uneven texture. This surface is somewhere between polished and matte tiles. Lappet products come in a wide variety of shades and are therefore often chosen for residential use. Such materials are resistant to chemicals, moisture, temperature extremes. However, lappated porcelain stoneware is more difficult to maintain than matte tiles..
  • Polished porcelain stoneware tiles have a beautiful shine, smoothness. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of shades and collections of such porcelain stoneware. Such coverings are very effective, they are suitable for a wide variety of styles, and visually expand small spaces. Polished porcelain stoneware is easy to clean: you can avoid streaking if you choose the right cleaning agent.

It is worth noting that polished finishes are not as durable as lappated and matte. They are only suitable for residential premises, and for public buildings it is better to select other materials.

Where is applied?

When choosing the most suitable material, consider in which room it will be used. Marble patterns look good everywhere and always, but the technical characteristics of the coating, resistance to wear and tear, and durability also play an important role. For a salon, a shopping center, it is better to choose lapped or matte tiles, because such products are resistant to significant loads.

For living quarters, you can choose from a variety of options, but consider the humidity level in the room.. For finishing works in the bathroom it is better to buy lappated porcelain stoneware. Such coatings are resistant to high humidity, they are not slippery


When thinking about what kind of marble-effect wall porcelain stoneware to buy, you need to focus on the style of the interior in the room. The design should be as harmonious as possible. The question of choosing a tile should be taken very seriously, because such coatings, if necessary, are much more difficult to replace than pieces of furniture..

For modern plain tile products for walls are suitable, a good option is the use of contrasts.

To complement Scandinavian style, you can use coatings of delicate heavenly tones.

For loft perfect for “steel” surfaces, warm sand shades – an ideal choice for a country-style interior.


It is necessary to decide on the shade of “marble” porcelain stoneware. Green tile material will look very good in a hallway or study. Other colors of marble effect porcelain tiles are also popular..

  • White. White marble surfaces have long been used in bathing areas, so this color imitation of natural stone is also suitable for a modern bathroom. Remember that porcelain stoneware tiles are liquid resistant. It can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, floors. White polished finishes will look simply gorgeous and will brighten the bathroom, but do not forget that such surfaces are quite slippery..

In other rooms, “marble” tiles of this color can be used to decorate columns, staircases. White color is suitable for a variety of interiors, it gives them a certain solemnity.

  • Black. Black marble is a rather unusual option, but at the same time such coatings look very beautiful. Black surfaces with light veins are especially interesting. Such products can be used to create beautiful panels, mosaics, fireplaces.

  • Red. Reddish shades have always been associated with warmth. Red porcelain tiles will never look too cold. Using such products, you can create a very beautiful mosaic..

  • Gray. Some people find grays to be depressing and boring, but it all depends on how you use them. Gray marbled coatings can look simply gorgeous if combined with other interior elements. It should also be borne in mind that this color has many shades. They can be combined with each other, creating very beautiful compositions..


    When choosing the most suitable tile, you should give preference to products from reputable manufacturers. Chinese porcelain stoneware material can be purchased. Such coatings differ in affordable cost, but at the same time, many models in quality, durability and aesthetics may well compete with foreign counterparts..

    Absolut Keramika – a company from Spain that produces porcelain stoneware very similar to natural marble. Acif – manufacturer from Italy. It offers a wide variety of porcelain stoneware tiles and uses the latest technology and high-quality raw materials to create its products. Coatings from this company are very resistant to various mechanical stress..

    You will learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of marbled porcelain stoneware in the following video.

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