Matte paint for walls in interior design

When faced with the question of interior decoration of the walls of a room, we often ask ourselves the question of choosing the right materials. The key characteristics in this matter are most often practicality, ease of application and environmental friendliness of materials. For many years, wallpaper was the most common coating option, they also fit each of the key criteria, but today the market is saturated with materials and offers a wider selection of options. It remains only to study the proposed positions.


One of the most popular materials on the market is matte wall paint. Thanks to constantly improving technologies, the material meets the most important criteria that the consumer needs, and allows you to create an even coating without harm to the environment. Let’s look at other features of the coating and take a closer look at matte paints..

Distinctive features:

  • the surface covered with paint continues to breathe, which confirms the complete environmental friendliness of the material;
  • the ability to create a unique design by adding drawings, patterns and various prints;
  • ease of application;
  • ease of further care;
  • the ability to easily change the color of your room, over time repainting the walls;
  • color saturation and density, as well as the absence of glare;
  • the ability to achieve an even distribution of light in a room by scattering.

Unfortunately, no material is immune to the presence of various shortcomings. So, matte paint has the ability to accumulate grease and dust on the walls due to its rough texture, which confirms the need for constant wet cleaning of the walls, as well as a greater visibility of even minor damage in the form of abrasions and scratches.

As you can see, the number of advantages of choosing a material significantly outweighs, but it is also important to know the rules for choosing paint for your apartment, so that the material works for you and pleases only with positive qualities..

How to choose?

Choosing a matte paint for interior wall covering in an apartment, it is worth paying attention to a number of important characteristics and other points:

  • vapor permeability – the very characteristic that ensures the correct “breathing” of the walls and the long-term presence of a person in the room with maximum comfort;
  • ticostropy – the ability of the paint to liquefy. The higher the thixotropy, the more you insure yourself against the appearance of smudges on the walls;
  • hiding power material is called the consumption of paint for a certain area of ​​the room;
  • wear resistance reflects the service life of the material and its wear due to frequent wet cleaning;
  • moisture resistance – marker for determining the area for application. For example, moisture-resistant paints are suitable for bathrooms, and non-moisture-resistant paints are suitable for a bedroom or living room..


There are several types of paints and varnishes, which form the desired matte film at the exit.. Each of them differs significantly in composition, but not every one is ideal for application to walls..

  • Latex the compositions are particularly moisture resistant and are most suitable for covering the walls of bathrooms, showers or toilets.
  • Acrylic paints are excellent for application on a range of different materials, including metal, wood, concrete and even brick coatings. This is achieved due to the special resistance that the acrylic resins that make up the paint give..
  • Paints are suitable for dry and warm enough rooms. based on PVA, containing a polyvinyl acetate emulsion as a binder.

  • The most expensive type of matte paints are silicone, since they differ in the special strength of the coating, as well as moisture resistance. This paint option is suitable for adjacent rooms and unstable temperature conditions with sudden changes.
  • Slaked lime and cement are part of mineral solutions, which makes them look like a regular whitewash. This option is more suitable for painting ceilings..
  • Silicate paints at their low price are the most moisture resistant on the market. In composition, they are also similar in many respects to mineral solutions..
  • Water-based solutions are the most affordable and fast drying. Such paints are suitable not only for covering walls, but also for ceilings..

Examples of interior solutions

The combination of glossy and matte paints gives an interesting effect and allows you to create interesting variations in the interior, to place accents on certain parts of the room. There is also a semi-matt paint on the market for those who cannot decide or deprive themselves of the usual shine of a glossy surface..

Fans of restrained and democratic black can experiment and also alternate shades of paints or matte and semi-matt finishes. A modern solution is matte paints with metallic particles in the composition. It is they who allow you to endow the entire coating under the paint with magnetic properties..

In addition, there are also slate or marker tops that give the opportunity to write directly on the walls, leave messages, place drawings and create, without limiting yourself to the format of a notebook sheet..

Connoisseurs of minimalism will not go wrong with a matte white finish. Its whiteness and ability to spread the natural light of the room evenly is unmatched. The simplicity and conciseness of white will complement the accessories and a clearly sustained style of filling the chosen room..

You can make a room especially cheerful and bright by giving preference to bright colors. Such an interior concept will suit those who are not afraid of experiments. Even if you are quite changeable, the color of the paint can always be changed by repainting the coating. New color – new page of life.

Color experiments will help emphasize the special uniqueness of the interior solution. Paints allow you to add any elements to the walls: prints, drawings, color matching. One way or another, when choosing the best matte finish, you should not assume that it is too simple, since the material provides a huge opportunity for experiments and a flight of imagination..

For information on how to paint the wall correctly, see the next video..

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