Moment sealants: advantages and varieties

Today there are many compounds for sealing seams and joints, but Moment sealants, which are manufactured by Henkel, are at the peak of popularity. Some variants of such sealants are often used as an adhesive. It should be noted the positive qualities of this composition, because it allows you to easily carry out any type of work. It can be used for domestic needs and industrial applications..


The German company Henkel has been ranking high in the construction markets for a century, one of the brand’s products is the Moment sealant. The popularity of this company is justified by the fact that the production uses the latest technology and equipment, which every year lends itself to modernization. But also research is carried out annually to improve the quality and reliability of products..

Features include the fact that the manufacture of products is based on maximum environmental protection. in strict accordance with all indicators of high quality. There are more than 200 types in the names of goods, but the main part is occupied by the sealant. Also popular are products such as foam and self-adhesive tape..


Henkel is engaged in the manufacture of one-component sealants, which can be based on silicone or water-based acrylic dispersion.

Today you can buy the following types of the Moment brand: sanitary, acrylic, bituminous, restorer, frost-resistant, assembly, high-temperature. They can be used for their intended purpose for a bathroom or kitchen, as well as for heating systems. To do this, in the place of leakage, it must be wound like a thread. After the cut-out is sealed, you need to wait for time to dry, after which grouting occurs..

For work, you can use volumes of 280 ml and 420 g, but before using the material, you will need detailed instructions.

A material with an acrylic component can withstand frost, it has a good adhesion rate, which allows it to be applied to any surface. The disadvantage of this sealant is that it cannot be used in places where constant moisture predominates. As a rule, such material has only white color..

Speaking of silicone sealants, they are made on the basis of polymers with rubber. Due to this component, the material acquires viscosity and elasticity, and can also harden at room temperature. In order for it to remain viscous, it is sealed in a special tube.

Depending on the scope of use, Moment sealants are divided into the following types:

  • building;
  • specialized;
  • car.

Also sealants “Moment” are divided into types according to the characteristics of the composition.

  1. Neutral. This type can be used not only for external work, but also for internal work. It has found its application in the construction of ships, as well as for sealing in refrigeration chambers. The color of this composition is white. And also such a sealant is practically odorless, and it cannot be used as an adhesive..
  2. Universal. It is made with the addition of acetic acid, due to which it has a pungent and pungent odor, and when processing non-ferrous metal, concrete and marble, it causes surface corrosion. This type of sealant is marked A on the packaging, which indicates that this composition is not painted. This material is made in two colors. The first is white, and can also be transparent. It costs much less than neutral, but does not differ in quality..

The Moment company manufactures products exclusively on the basis of silicone and rubber, and its service life can reach 5 years.

Henkel’s sealants have several other types.

  • Premium composition, which is created using silicone, due to which it has moisture-repelling properties.
  • Silicone-based high-temperature sealants withstand the effects of gasoline and oil.
  • Sanitary-type compounds also include silicone, but they are used for glazing shower stalls and similar appliances. They are transparent or white. Full hardening of this composition takes place within 20 minutes, that is, it dries very quickly.
  • Aquarium frost-resistant and based on polypropylene. Often used to seal painted plastic joints and glassware exposed to vibration. The color of this composition is only transparent..

“Moment Montage” has gray sealants in its range. The material includes polyurethane. This sealant has a packaging volume of 300 ml. It has found its use as a joint compound and for grouting. We also note that this material is highly resistant to chemicals, alkali, water and various types of acids, but it does not tolerate direct exposure to sunlight, under which it loses its elastic properties and color..

Flextec view is a universal composition based on a polymer material. Quite often, this type of material is used as an adhesive to join damaged surfaces. The main feature of this material is the ability to solidify under the influence of moisture. It belongs to the neutral type, since it does not have a pungent unpleasant odor and contains alcohol. It is often used for sealing windows, seams in split systems and for laying tiles..


All of them have negative qualities and advantages, regardless of the formulations..

General advantages of Moment products:

  • the ability to apply to any material;
  • elasticity and moisture repellency;
  • can withstand the influence of external factors, such as sunlight, high temperature;
  • wear resistance and strength, due to which it can be used even on highly mobile materials.

Due to these advantages, Henkel products have become popular all over the world. But the experts of this company advise not to neglect their own health and not to save. This means that if the choice is difficult, it is better to give preference to neutral compositions..

Scope of application

Sealing materials are used in various fields. The scope in which the individual type of sealant will be applied depends on its composition. For example, a silicone-based sealant “Moment Herment Silicotech” is used to seal the glass of shower cabins, bathtubs and swimming pools. Such a composition acts on the cause of the possible appearance of mold, fungus and bacteria..

But “Herment” based on bitumen is very often used in work with sewer pipes, drainage systems and for the restoration of roofs. In addition, this brand can be used in the process of construction work, when decorating a building inside or outside, as well as for filling roof joints..

It is also used for such purposes:

  • to obtain the tightness of the seams of glass products and windows;
  • for sealed installation of mirrors;
  • for masonry and repair of tiles;
  • for grouting after vinyl finishing of the room;

  • as a surface treatment, which will be further thermally affected;
  • instead of an adhesive, for fixing plumbing equipment to the wall;
  • for the purpose of sealing pipe joints.

A silicone-based sealant is used to make thermal insulation on the facade in a residential and non-residential building.


On the recommendation of specialists, before starting surface treatment with a sealant, you must first read the instructions for use. This is necessary, since the application technology may differ due to the fact that each type of composition has its own characteristics..

When performing work, it is recommended to use rubber gloves, since only in this way can the skin of the hands be protected from the effects of the composition.

In order for the material to diverge less, it is recommended to do the work accurately and correctly, as well as observe the order of work and the nuances of use, which are as follows:

  • as the masters advise, first it is necessary to prepare the surface, namely: remove all dirt, dust from it and, preferably, degrease;
  • then we put the package with the composition on the pistol and pierce the hole;
  • if the seam is to be thick, it is recommended to cut the end of the package to the required seam diameter and preferably obliquely;
  • when applying the seam, the craftsmen are advised to hold the gun at an angle of 40 degrees;
  • and you also need to know that the thinner the applied layer, the faster it will dry;
  • if the sealant is applied close to the surface, then, according to experts, there is a high-quality adhesion to the treated surface;
  • if more composition was applied than necessary, the excess must be removed immediately, and if you have not noticed, and the material has already frozen, then for these purposes you can use a solvent or a special tool (of course, you can remove the excess mechanically, but in this case surface may be damaged).

In order for an excellent adhesion to the material to pass, it is necessary to make sure that the material is still usable. If the shelf life is over, the adhesion to the surface will be lost..

For health safety, it is better to purchase an odorless sealant, that is, neutral, there are no toxic substances in the composition of such a sealant.


Judging by the feedback from consumers, Moment materials can be used in various fields. For example, for sealing windows with aluminum frames, for filling movable joints and door frames.

There are also reviews that such compositions are relevant in the construction industry when performing repair work. For example, window insulation.

According to the reviews of home craftsmen, such compositions have excellent adhesion to any processed material. Materials made of aluminum, ceramics, glass and so on are no exception..

For an overview of the Moment Sanitary sealant, see the following video.

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