Moment silicone sealant: pros and cons

Moment silicone sealant: pros and cons

The need for tightness can be found not only in production, but also in domestic conditions. The popularity of sealing with the help of Moment silicone sealant is due to the aesthetic appearance and reliability of the seams. There are quite a lot of sealing compounds in our time, but the most popular are Moment sealants..


Universal Moment is a popular sealant that consists of many components.

And these are such substances:

  • polymer silicone;
  • thixotropic silicon oxide additive;
  • the composition of such a sealant includes acetoxysilane;
  • antifungal component.

In the markets today, you can find a variety of adhesives of the brand “Moment”. And also this company produces polyurethane foam and self-adhesive tape..

The main features of Moment sealants are:

  • plasticity of the material after solidification;
  • increased rate of adhesion with the processed material;
  • resistance to temperature changes and resistance to mechanical stress;
  • not affected by moisture;
  • long term use of the surface after treatment with the composition;
  • cost that is low;
  • resistance to external influences;
  • and also the sealant meets all hygienic requirements and environmental standards.

The advantages of a high-temperature sealant are difficult to overestimate, it has a short drying time, it is colorless, which makes it suitable even for mirrors. Technical characteristics make it possible to use heat-resistant material in the bathroom.

Has “Moment” and disadvantages, but they mainly relate to the surface treatment itself, which is not prepared for work.

Types and characteristics

All sealants today are divided into only 2 main types:

  1. One-component composition. This type is sold in any hardware store and is one of the most common. Compounds of this type are sold in metal or polyethylene tubes. This component hardens due to the presence of moisture in the air. The main disadvantage of this type is high-speed hardening, but only if the surface is treated with a thin layer. And if the layer is more than 1.2 cm, then the sealant hardens for a long time..
  2. Two-piece type. Such mixtures freeze in any layer, but the cost of such a composition is higher, since they are mainly used for industrial purposes..

Moment sealants are one-component types, as they are intended for domestic use.

The Moment manufacturer produces two types of sealants. The first type is silicone based sealants, and the second type is made on the basis of an acrylic water dispersion..

Acrylic-based sealants are more resistant to frost and various adhesions of the processed surfaces. The main disadvantage of acrylic compounds is the inability to use in an environment with constant moisture. As for the color of such a sealant, it is mainly white..

Silicone sealant is made on the basis of a rubber polymer. Such a component makes the mixture more elastic and makes it possible to solidify in a short time, even at room temperature. Due to this characteristic, Moment silicone sealants are sold in special plastic tubes, which retain its liquid and plastic state for some time after production. Tubes can be produced in volumes from 85 ml to 250 ml.

If you separate the compositions, starting from the scope of use, then they are construction, automotive and special.

According to their composition, they are divided into two types:

  1. Neutral. Alcohol is added to the composition of such a material instead of acetic acid and thus a less pungent odor is obtained. They can be used outdoors and indoors. Such mixtures are used in the field of shipbuilding, to seal freezers, they can be transparent and white.
  2. Universal sealants. The manufacture of such a composition takes place with the addition of a vinegar mixture, which gives an unpleasant and pungent odor, and when interacting with non-ferrous metals, cement and similar materials, which include alkalis, causes corrosion. This type of sealant is produced in white or transparent color. It can be used for interior processing, that is, indoors, and for outdoor use, as it is moisture and heat resistant. The cost of such a composition is lower than that of a neutral one..

The Moment company produces a sealant that has a silicone base, but at the same time provides the back surface with triple protection against corrosion, mold and mildew. The warranty period for such protection is about 5 years. If it has not yet hardened, then it can be easily removed with a sponge..

And also Henkel produces a sealant “Moment Herment”, it can be used for both home use and professional. Such a sealant is divided into several types:

  • Premium white, which is highly resistant to moisture, and consists of silicone. This type can be called the most heat-resistant.
  • The next type, which is made on the basis of silicone and sodium silicate, copes well with oil, gasoline, high temperatures, which can reach 300 degrees. It dries pretty quickly, and its color may even be red..
  • The type of sealant Sanitary is used for the manufacture of glazing of shower stalls and bathtubs, but it cannot be used for processing stone and rusty surfaces, its curing speed is about 15 minutes.
  • Aquarium look, used for the treatment of painted and glass surfaces that are subject to frequent vibrations. Popular, as it has an increased level of moisture resistance, and the color of such a composition is extremely transparent.

The same series of materials “Moment” includes a gray sealant, which is made on the basis of polyurethane. It is often used as a grout for moving joints and as a tile adhesive. It is resistant to moisture, acids, alkalis, water and similar negative factors. But it has a drawback, since it burns out in direct sunlight and loses its elasticity over time..


Any Moment sealant can be used for surface treatment at a temperature not lower than + 6 degrees and not higher than + 40 degrees. It must be applied on a previously prepared surface that is free from rust, dirt, oil, dust and similar elements. Although such sealants do not have adhesion, it is better to degrease the surface for better grip. The seam layer must be at least 5 mm and no more than 1.2 cm.

The consumption of silicone sealant depends on the depth of the gap and the thickness of the layer.. In order to find out the consumption of material, you can use online calculators on any construction site. And also on each package it is indicated how much area there is enough funds from one package. For example, if you have a seam 6 mm wide and 3 mm deep, with these parameters you will need an average of 20 ml of silicone sealant per 1 meter of seam..

If you have applied a layer of sealant to the surface, but not as necessary, then it must be wiped off with a dry sponge or cloth, but before it begins to harden and harden. If it hardens, then it can only be removed mechanically. In the event that the sealant accidentally falls on your hands or in an unnecessary place, then it must be removed with a solvent.


The main criterion for the correct choice of sealant is a comparison of different manufacturers by the composition property and a preliminary determination of the scope of its application. But experts advise to build on some more criteria:

  1. From the presence or absence of a coloring agent in the sealant. If there is no colorant in the sealant, then after complete solidification it becomes transparent. This type of sealant can be used as an adhesive.
  2. Sealant packaging volume. If you need to process windows, then it is relevant and better to purchase a sealant with a capacity of 85 ml, this volume is quite enough for processing 1 window, and if you have more windows, then it is more expedient to purchase a sealant whose packaging is 280 ml than to purchase 4 small packages. Thus, you significantly save finances..

Since every year Henkel improves its products, the Moment brand has become popular not only in our country, but all over the world. The sealant of this brand has reliability, high quality and durability. And also such goods have a very reasonable cost..

But on the recommendation of experts, you should not save and neglect your health, and it is better to choose a neutral type of Moment sealants, which contain alcohol instead of acetic acid. Such a composition, of course, is more expensive, but it is better not to save on safety..

During the execution of work, it is necessary to ventilate the room, as well as observe other precautions.

For how to seal the seam between the bathroom and the wall with silicone sealant, see the next video.

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