Multilevel ceilings in modern interior design

The modern interior of housing provides for the original design of the rooms, this applies not only to the decoration of the walls, flooring, but also to the ceiling. Therefore, it is often possible to find multi-level suspended structures in the design of premises. They allow you to hide defects in the base base and emphasize the style of each room in a special way, giving it coziness and chic.

In addition, multi-level ceilings open up great opportunities for the implementation of the most unusual design ideas, since the material used when installing systems has a chic selection of textures and colors. Installation of structures is easy, so you can do it yourself.


Multilevel ceilings are a modern type of suspended structure that is installed on a frame and decorated with decorative trim. Such systems help to visually expand the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe premises, which is very important for a modern interior, which values ​​the freedom of space and the absence of borders.

Since the ceiling consists of several levels, it is possible to obtain an unusual effect through the correct application of colors, texture and lighting..

It is worth noting that multi-level compositions are ideal for both large and small rooms, the only thing is that in the latter you should not make systems consisting of more than two steps.

Multilevel ceilings also perfectly fulfill the role of zoning living quarters. Recently, designers have preferred to use an open space in the planning of housing, consisting of several zones, which make up a single image in the interior. As a result, the correct organization of the rooms is obtained, providing comfortable living conditions..

In order to beautifully separate the private area from the public, it is recommended not only to carry out different decoration of the walls, flooring, but also to place additional levels with curly elements on the ceiling, that repeat the shapes of other decor items.

As a rule, such structures are installed in rooms where the ceiling height exceeds 2.5 meters, but with the right diagrams and sketches, they can also be placed in low rooms, adding elegance and volume to the design.

Depending on the style of decoration of the room, you can choose ceilings assembled from two, three or more layers. It is worth paying attention to the fact that with a large number of levels, the load on the structure will increase, therefore, it must be accurately calculated based on the permissible values.

Usually, 1 m2 should not have more than 14 kg of load.

To give the ceiling an interesting and stylish look, each of its steps must be painted in different shades and supplemented with decorative lighting.

At the same time, systems consisting of straight lines and simple figures are installed quickly and easily, as for curvilinear multi-level compositions, they require special installation technologies and are fixed, as a rule, by specialists..

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, such ceilings are characterized by other advantages:

  • Easy to install. Unlike traditional plaster surface finishing, the installation of suspension systems is much faster and does not require careful preparation of the base, which saves time and money..
  • Changing the geometry of rooms. Due to the presence of curved lines and shapes in the composition, you can visually enlarge the space of the room and hide its boundaries.
  • The ability to hide communications. Since the structure is attached to the frame, a special box will serve as a good place for placing pipes, electrical wiring, air conditioning and ventilation systems in it..

  • Functional division of the room. In many apartments, the living area of ​​which does not allow the installation of interior partitions, zoning can be performed using multi-level ceilings.
  • Decorative lighting system. When installing the ceiling, it becomes possible to independently select lighting sources. Combinations of chandeliers with halogen bulbs and spotlights look beautiful in the design of structures. You can also create an interesting light game with the help of LED lighting.

  • Environmental friendliness. Since the basis of the ceiling is drywall, you should not worry about the safety of this material. It perfectly withstands moisture and allows you to create a normal microclimate in the room..
  • Affordable price. Multilevel ceilings are assembled from modern and high quality material that is inexpensive. In addition, after installing such a structure, you can not repair the ceiling for 20 years. Therefore, the chosen even the most expensive type of finish will justify itself over time..


Multilevel ceilings differ among themselves not only in the number of tiers, but also in design, complexity of installation work. For example, you can install a simple structure of two levels, making its base from a stretch fabric, or decorate the ceiling with curved details, using many colors for decoration..

Three-level systems are also especially popular in modern interiors., they are distinguished by their originality and give the room a chic look.

To date, several types of structures are chosen for the installation of ceilings..


This type of ceiling is a hinged system consisting of a decorative canvas. An unusual combination of glossy, matte, fabric and suede films makes it possible to create beautiful compositions. Wherein for design, you can choose both plain and colored canvases, such ceilings with photo printing look interesting.

Single-level structures are well suited for decorating kitchens, passers-by, bedrooms. They are also found in the interior of hotels, conference rooms and offices..

Single-level ceilings most often installed in rooms where classic style prevails. If the canvases are supplemented with illumination “starry sky”, then they can perfectly decorate the nursery and bathroom.

If the owners of the house want to add creativity to the premises, then it is recommended to make the upper ceiling structure from vinyl film. At the same time, contour, spot and central lighting will fill the room with bright lighting and favorably emphasize individual elements of the interior..


In order to install the ceiling of this structure, preliminary development of a sketch is required, since the basis of the system is drywall. When choosing a film for decoration, it is important to consider that matte products will look like a painted ceiling..

If you use a glossy material that has a mirror effect, then the space will visually expand.. Such ceilings can be installed in all living rooms..


The most versatile structure is considered to be a three-level ceiling. They allow you to create a smooth surface, reliably protect the room from noise and floods from the upper floors. The main feature of such systems is that they can be decorated with bent parts, vaults, arches and complex geometric shapes..

Although the installation of all elements of the ceiling is not easy, you can do it yourself.


Unlike previous types, multi-level structures are characterized by unusual lines and shapes.. In small rooms, such ceilings are installed in the form of waves and straight steps.. They do not reduce the height of the room and in an original way repeat the shapes of furniture and flooring.

The composition “river” is also in great demand in design., it is assembled from two “waves”, the central part of the ceiling is slightly raised, and the decorating details are made of glossy canvas.

In addition, multi-level ceilings can in their design have podiums for a chandelier, light strips and a film with a 3-D effect, it looks original on their surfaces and artistic painting.


Multilevel compositions look chic in any interior, but in order to give them extravagance, it is recommended to choose contrasting colors for decoration. A clear transition between tiers allows you to change the shape of the room, but if the levels are supplemented with lighting in the form of built-in lamps and LED strips, then the room will be transformed and will have an exquisite look.

From modern materials that are used to install structures, you can translate into reality any idea and fantasy..

The design of multi-level ceilings is made in different styles, ranging from modern to classics. Depending on the interior, it is possible to install hinged systems of three, four or even five tiers in the room, decorating them with level differences, curved lines and geometric shapes. Looks beautiful on such ceilings as abstraction, as well as classic or stucco molding.

For compositions in the Art Nouveau style, it is recommended to combine painting with stucco molding at the same time and make oval recesses in the design, they can be placed in the corridor, living room and bedroom.

It is much easier with eco-style, it provides for the use of natural materials in the design, so multi-level ceilings in this situation can be decorated with inserts of wood, metal and glass.

Color spectrum

Before you start installing a multi-level structure, you need to not only think over its shape, decor, but also choose the right color scheme. Thanks to the competent combination of shades, you can reduce or increase the volume of the room. Unusual canvases look unusual in systems with different texture and palette.

Most often, the most popular colors are used for the design of such ceilings:

  • White. It is a classic color scheme. It acts as the basis for the background and harmonizes well with warm tones. White is non-annoying, non-annoying and gives rooms a sense of free space.
  • Gray. Combines beautifully with the pink tint and cool colors of the palette.

  • Blue. It is used only as a base color and is complemented with a white, gray or pink tint. Well suited blue for ceilings of rooms that are located on the sunny side.
  • Beige. It harmonizes well with yellow and brown. The brown-beige ceiling will become a real decoration for any room, creating a cozy and homely feeling of warmth in it..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Suspended structures, consisting of several tiers, are well suited for all rooms, but they look especially chic in living rooms. To decorate a stylish interior in this room, it is best to choose ceilings with glossy beige canvases. It is recommended to install a chandelier in the center of the frame, and decorate the perimeter with LED lighting. You can visually perform zoning in the living room with the help of colored inserts; a combination of red and black is perfect for this.

If the owners of the house prefer the classic style, then for the living room they choose multi-level structures with white and black colors. To dilute the atmosphere of the room with notes of the East, it is best to decorate the first level of the structure with large drawings of sakura, and place stylish wooden chandeliers on the second..

As for the bedroom, special attention should be paid to the interior design of this room. Walls, flooring and ceilings should be decorated in neutral shades and maximally positioned for a comfortable stay. Therefore, in the bedrooms, multi-level ceilings with matte canvases are most often installed, on which personal photographs, drawings and various patterns can be depicted..

Two-level structures with the effect of a “starry sky” or decorated with geometric shapes in the form of flowers look interesting in the bedrooms.

In the following video, you will learn how to install a multi-level ceiling with a beautiful backlight..

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