Plasterboard niches for TV: examples of interior design

Recently, many have been trying to hide equipment, mainly television, in the area of ​​the wall. For this, drywall is most often used, which has conquered the construction market..

By creating a drywall niche, you can get an attractive and fashionable appearance, as well as add volume to the room. This is especially true in rooms made in one color: monochrome. Arranging a room with gypsum plasterboard does not require large costs and efforts. Not only is this material easy to work with, it is also strong enough to provide safety for machinery.. Often, drywall is used to create partitions and additional walls in the room..

A plasterboard niche for a TV will give the house a coziness, and will also become a “highlight” in the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before deciding to create a drywall niche for a TV, you must take into account all the pros and cons of this decision.

The following advantages of these products can be distinguished:

  • ease of manufacture;
  • it is possible to hide wires that spoil the overall picture of the interior;
  • the TV is safe: no one can accidentally touch it or take any action that will negatively affect its work;
  • the design helps to hide the unevenness of the walls;
  • savings: no need to spend additional funds on TV stands and drawers or shelves;
  • you can create designs of various shapes and sizes. It all depends on individual preferences.


    • if, over time, a decision is made to replace the TV with a larger one, then the niche may not fit, and you will have to redo it.
    • in case of rearrangement of furniture, the niche will remain in its place. In such a situation, dismantling will be required.

    There are not many disadvantages. Re-erection of such a structure, if necessary, does not take much time and effort. First of all, you need to rely on personal preferences and capabilities..


    Niches can be completely different. The modern interior is distinguished by sometimes incredible design solutions..

    It is necessary to avoid two-dimensionality, flatness when decorating rooms. Even a thin LCD TV attached to a wall will not add volume to a room. Often there is a feeling of discomfort due to the unsafe location of the equipment. In this case, special niches are used..

    Additionally, shelves are made of plasterboard, serving as a place for storing discs, books, magazines and other things. Shelves can be closed or open. The second option is more decorative..

    Backlit elements are also made.. Built-in lamps are installed separately on each shelf or along the entire perimeter of the structure. Thus, it serves not only as a decorative element, but also as an additional illumination, which is used as a lamp or night light..

    Such a portal can be decorated with a chest of drawers on which there is a frame. It can also fit a TV wall.

    Sometimes this design is corner, equipped with an area for storing things..

    Shapes and sizes

    There are several forms of drywall TV niches. They are oval, horizontal and vertical.. Below we will consider each in more detail.

    • Rectangular. Often this type is called horizontal. It is a fairly popular design option used in the interior. This is due to the fact that you can additionally place several shelves for storing and organizing space. This option is also popular because a niche of this shape is perfect for both a small room and a large one. The rectangular niche is simple to design and does not require special knowledge and skills. You can easily build it yourself.

    • Vertical. Most often, this design takes place from floor to ceiling. The TV itself is installed in the center, and the rest of the space is occupied by numerous shelves and drawers. This option is not the most popular, because it can only be used in large rooms..

    • Oval niche. It is an original solution. Suitable for large rooms only. The TV is placed in the center of the circle, which gives the room a stylish and modern look.

    No matter what shape and size is a niche for a TV, you should not highlight it with a dark color. It is best to use light shades. This way, the room will not feel like a hole in the wall. You can choose a shade two or three shades darker than the walls. This will make the room look more voluminous..

    Niche size can be different. It all depends on its purpose, as well as the size of the TV. The main thing about size is depth. As a rule, it should be 100 mm larger than the size of the TV in each direction. This is due to the fact that it will be easier to install it this way, and it will visually look better..

    Before you start making a product with your own hands, you need to make all the necessary drawings and cut out parts, figures from the gypsum board. In the hall, you can make a high-tech niche, and in the kitchen – in a classic.

    How to arrange?

    The design should be approached creatively and in every possible way think about what you want to see in the room as a result. As a rule, the main feature offered by the TV niche is to hide the wires. But there are ways to stylishly design the structure that will give zest and style to the room..

    • Vertical niche. Mainly used for the visual effect of high ceilings. The rest of the space is shelves that can be placed all over the wall. The TV in this case is in the middle.

    • Horizontal niche. It is used in any room, regardless of its size. Visually, this shape expands the room. Especially if you combine it with low-rise furniture..
    • Plasterboard construction. It resembles an additional wall with massive shelves and a place for a TV. Typically, the shelves are open and used for decoration. For example, various figurines, flowers, photographs and other little things are installed that will simply delight the eye..

    • Using backlight. This method is quite original and allows you to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. This solution can be used as additional lighting. It is worth noting that the backlight will be beneficial and beautiful to highlight the items on the shelves. It is important to understand that the light should be directed at the wall or floor, but never at the room. Thus, he will not blind, but will smoothly “creep” around the room. As an unusual design solution, neon multi-colored threads can be used. This will transform the room at night. But if you need a more comfortable shade, choose a warm white, which is considered familiar to the eye. Thanks to the yellowish undertone, a relaxed and homely atmosphere is created, which is indispensable after a hard day at work when a person wants to relax. If imitation of daylight is needed, then a white lamp with a cold undertone is used for this purpose. In this case, the colors of objects are not distorted, but the eyes do not completely rest..

    • Niches are often built that are similar to a wardrobe. The TV in this case is located behind a sliding door.

    A decorative fireplace can also be installed under the TV, which does not perform any function other than decorative. You can also install an electric fireplace, but it’s worth taking care of safety.

    For decoration, finishing materials are often used, which are selected depending on preferences. As a rule, the niche is covered with plaster, wall paper or paint. Decorative brick, stone, glass or wood can be used.

    • Wallpaper. They are the cheapest finishing option. Often, for a niche, they use the same wallpaper with which the room is pasted over. In this case, the TV completely merges with the rest of the interior and is masked..
    • Dye. Before using it, putty is required. Thus, the desired texture is given to the drywall. In this case, staining a niche is more of a decorative function..
    • Stone. As a rule, only artificial is used. It is quite easy to handle and lightweight. The main wall on which the TV is mounted is finished with a stone. This solution adds even more volume to the space..

    Darker details add depth and a bolder look. But it is advisable not to overdo it with such shades. Otherwise, it can spoil the overall impression of the room. The main thing is the combination of elements with each other. Each element in the interior must be combined with each other. Only in this case it will be possible to create a stylish room..

    You should know that the niche will become an integral part of the interior. Therefore, its design should be approached seriously and creatively. It is important to understand that the TV will be at the center of everything. That is why you should avoid too bright and colorful details. Otherwise, the image on the TV screen will blend in with the main wall..

    If a niche for a TV is installed in the bedroom, then you should choose warm, gentle and light colors for decoration. This will not feel the congestion of space. As a rule, a small room is allocated for a bedroom. That is why you should make a niche of medium or even small size. In this case, a couple of shelves will be enough as additional storage space..

    The symmetrical shape of the TV niche shelves will perfectly match the classic interior. This design option is ideal for the bedroom..

    The asymmetrical shape of the shelves is perfect for the Art Nouveau style in the interior. But this applies only to those cases when all the elements in the room are designed in the same style. This option is suitable for large combined rooms. It is most in demand in studio apartments, where there is enough free space for the implementation of bold design solutions..

    It is not necessary to make additional shelves for storing things or decorating the room. It all depends on the individual preferences of the owners of the house. Thus, the structure will look like a box, in the middle of which a TV will be installed..

    Below you can leave space for a small coffee table, which will complement the overall picture.

    A plasterboard niche for a TV is mainly made for a living room.

    Gone are the days when the TV was simply hung on the wall. Typically, this option is more suitable for public places, such as sports bars, where football matches are broadcast. Home interior involves creating a cozy atmosphere.

    Thanks to the design of a drywall niche, a person can not only decorate the room, but also save on repair work. After all, the material is notable for its low price and good quality, which will allow you to no longer worry about equipment..

    Stylish examples in the interior

    Below are good ideas for using gypsum plasterboard niches in the interior.

    • The photo shows a rectangular plasterboard niche with additional storage shelves. Artificial stone was used as a decorative element..

    • Plasterboard TV niche with one shelf. As a decoration, a panel on the ceiling is used, which is equipped with built-in lamps..

    • Vertical niche with two additional shelves used for TV and fireplace. This option is a stylish solution for the living room..

    For information on how to make a niche for a TV out of drywall, see the next video.

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