Primer-enamel XV-0278: main characteristics and properties

It is important to properly protect materials from corrosion in order to increase their service life. For this, special coatings are used, which give the base resistance to external influences..

One of these coatings is the primer-enamel XB-0278, which can be applied directly over rust. The tool does an excellent job of protecting surfaces and increasing their wear resistance..

Features and Benefits

Primer-enamel XB-0278 is a product with a unique composition. It has not only the properties of enamel, but also a primer and rust converter. The mixture can be applied on completely rusty or corroded substrates.

In the case of a three-layer application, the structure can be used even at sub-zero temperatures. The composition in such conditions will be able to perform its functions for 4 years, and its appearance will remain for 2 years. There are also more durable products with a service life of up to 15 years, however, they are very expensive..

The primer XB-0278 is used to paint both cast iron and steel, and surfaces with a large amount of scale.. The thickness of rust can be 70 microns, while the composition will perfectly cope with its purpose, regardless of atmospheric phenomena, the presence of emitted vapors or gases, chemicals or salts.

XB-0278 is perfect for painting surfaces that are difficult to clean for one reason or another. These include curbs, fences, iron bars or metal garages..

Some mechanics use a primer for light car repairs as well. Enamel is applied to parts that do not require decorative finishing.

ХВ-0278 has a very wide range of areas of operation, the product is universal and suitable for many jobs. It can be used to paint household or industrial structures, devices exposed to gases, various chemicals or reagents..

Many people use the composition to coat cast iron or steel substrates with carbon deposits, deep rust or corrosion, however, the rust indicator should not exceed 100 microns.

With the help of this enamel, you can make an excellent base for a refractory surface..

The democratic price of the product is a big plus. For a liter of XB-0278, you will have to pay only 120 rubles.

The primer has a fairly wide color palette. The assortment includes enamels of brick, gray, black, yellow and blue colors. Thus, you can save money on the purchase of paint and time – on its application..

Composition and specifications

Primer-enamel is made in accordance with the conditions of GOST: its composition and technical characteristics are fully certified and meet all the necessary quality standards.

The main ingredient in the mixture is perchlovinyl resin, used for the manufacture of parts that often interact with aggressive phenomena, as well as in the production of paints and varnishes with protective properties..

Primer-enamel has high technical characteristics. The level of conditional viscosity is VZ246, the amount of non-volatile substances is 35% in a multi-colored and 31% in a colorless composition.. The tool is quite economically consumed: only 150 grams per 1m². The composition dries up in just an hour. After hardening, a dense, uniform and matte film is obtained..

The thickness of the layers varies depending on the order of application. So, the first layer has a thickness of 21-24 ISS, and all subsequent ones are 21-42. Grinding level – up to 40 kmk.

The adhesion of the resulting film is 2 points, and the coefficient of efficiency of the rust converter is 0.7.

Operating tips

There are several tips for using the XB-0277 to follow..

How to apply

Before application, prepare the substrate by removing rust and previous paint coat. Then – wipe thoroughly with a special product, removing dust and dirt.

Next is the process of diluting the enamel, which will require solvents P4 and P4A. The manufacturer does not indicate the exact degree of viscosity of the finished mixture, it all depends on the method of its application. So, to spray the enamel, you will have to make it not as thick as when applied with a brush.

The agent is added to the soil gradually, after which it is thoroughly stirred..

Solvents are very toxic, therefore it is recommended to work with them exclusively with gloves and with a respirator on the face to protect the skin and respiratory tract from danger.

The actual application of the primer XB-0278 can be done both by airless and pneumatic spray guns, and by a roller or brush. The hardening time of the layers depends on their order: the first dries up in 1.5-2 hours, and the next – 1 hour.

The optimal coating is considered to be a coating of three layers, where the lower one will be a corrosion converter, the middle one serves as a primer, and the upper one plays a decorative role..

For more information on how to apply primer enamel, see the next video..

How to store

The temperature during transportation should not exceed 30 degrees. Care should be taken to protect the mixture from moisture or sunlight.. Packaging must be tightly closed during storage. If all standards are fulfilled, the primer-enamel will be able to last up to six months.

Errors in use

Unfortunately, while working with the composition, some mistakes are made that should be avoided..

The most important thing is to apply only one layer in order to save the mixture. To obtain a high quality base, 3 coats should be applied, as mentioned above. If you apply only 1 layer, then most of it will be absorbed into the area with corrosion, and the remainder will not be able to provide adequate protection..

Another mistake is the use of a solvent that is not specified in the instructions – it may not be compatible with this primer, and the enamel will lose its quality.

Often, users begin to use the product too quickly, on which the enamel was applied, which is absolutely impossible to do. It is necessary to wait until the composition has completely solidified, since the film may deform.

It is also a mistake to apply the primer on a smooth base, since its composition is designed specifically for rusty coatings. Therefore, before processing a particular part, it should be roughened by special processing..


Primer-enamel XB-0278 does not have many reviews on the network, however, among the opinions left by users, positive ones dominate..

Many people write about the good quality of the mixture, which, after application, quickly hardens and gives the surface strength and wear resistance. It is noted and ease of use of the composition: it can be applied in any way.

Among the positive aspects, there is also a democratic price of goods, as well as a variety of colors on offer.. The primer is easy to dilute and use. Optimal value for money.

However, some users also highlight a couple of disadvantages. First, there is a limited list of solvents indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Secondly, due to the need for a three-layer application of enamel, the work is stretched for a long time..

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