PVC panels for tiles: features and benefits

The comfort in the apartment is largely achieved thanks to high-quality and modern renovation. The bathroom is an important place in the house, so it must meet all the necessary standards of beauty and quality. Currently, there is a huge number of finishing materials, and PVC panels for tiles are gaining more and more popularity..

Features and Benefits

Many years ago, tile was the main finishing material for rooms with high levels of humidity. But progress does not stand still, and now it is possible to decorate the walls in the bathroom using a modern and safe material – PVC panels. They are multi-layer high-quality plastic that perfectly withstands moisture and can serve for many years..

Walls finished with panels for tiles look no worse than tiles, and their installation will not be difficult and will save time.

The main advantages of such a finishing material are several points..

  • Resistant to moisture, which prevents mold and mildew formation when properly installed.
  • Increased strength compared to tiles. You can easily drill a hole in the wall without damaging the material.
  • Various colors and textures. You will be surprised how many colors are presented on store shelves, and you will definitely find exactly yours..
  • Affordable price. Compared to tiles, PVC panels will significantly save your budget, making your bathroom irresistible..

There is an opinion that the plastic from which the panels are made is harmful to health and releases harmful substances into the atmosphere. This is far from the case, in the manufacture of panels, high-quality material is used, which is dangerous only during combustion..


Despite all the advantages that have been listed in relation to plastic panels, you can still find some of their disadvantages.

  • Pungent smell for several months, especially if you save money and purchase material in a questionable place.
  • The panels look beautiful only on flat walls, so you first need to prepare a frame from a metal profile, which takes extra time and money.
  • Instability to temperature extremes. If you like a hot bath, then you will have to follow some rules so that the panel sheet does not deform from exposure to hot and then cold air..
  • A large amount of substandard material. Many manufacturers strive to save on safe plastic, so they use cheaper and more environmentally friendly material in their production..

Plastic panels are in demand in the market, so there are a lot of fakes for quality. But they can be found in absolutely any range of building and finishing materials..

Installation process

There are two main ways to create an imitation of tiles using PVC panels. You can use any of them depending on what walls are in the room..

Bonding with special glue

This method is only suitable for rooms with perfectly flat walls. This is extremely rare, but if you nevertheless decide that this method suits you best, then you must first level the walls with putty or using drywall.

When the wall is ready, you can start pasting it with panels.. A prerequisite is a dry surface of both panels and walls. The adhesive is applied evenly to the panel and then the panel is applied to the wall. It’s pretty simple if the wall is properly prepared..

Installation over the frame

This method is good because the walls do not need to be pre-aligned. The panels are attached to the assembled frame using self-tapping screws. For the manufacture of the frame, a metal profile is ideal, which is installed at a distance of 40 cm from each other. The panels are fixed perpendicular to the frame profiles. It is recommended to install the panels vertically so that moisture does not accumulate in the joints.

After all the walls are tiled, it is necessary to supplement the whole picture with corners in order to hide the joints in the corners of the room and adhere to the ceiling.

Color spectrum

As already mentioned, wall panels have a rich color gamut, but among all the variety, there are several options that are most in demand..


White cladding is considered classic and quite common. Despite the abundance of colors, many apartment owners still prefer to have a snow-white bathroom. If you are a fan of Art Nouveau style, then white PVC panels are your ideal option. A big plus of such a cladding is unobtrusiveness, the white color will not get bored for a long time.

White panels require special attention; with poor care, the material may turn yellow or become covered with unattractive stains. Dust and dirt are also highly visible.


The color of the sky will never go out of style. The blue bathroom is the dream of many romantic natures, lovers of dreaming and flying in the clouds. Blue color relaxes, helps to forget about the bad and tune in to the positive. The bathroom in blue color will become a real relaxation room, which is so necessary after a hard day’s work..

A variety of blue PVC panels are materials with white streaks, randomly distributed along the canvas.. The room will look very original and unusual.


Lilac panels are considered a real trend this year. Lilac refreshes, cheers up and sets you in a positive mood. Surprisingly, the cladding in this shade exudes incredible light, and the panels themselves seem to be transparent..


Bright bold shades are not suitable for everyone. If you are a calm person, like to relax in a bubble bath, then it is better to choose a different color for the room. Red shades invigorate, to some extent set up aggression if the day was not too successful.


Oddly enough, but the gloomy black color of the panels is in great demand. Manufacturers are not very fond of putting black material on the market. Therefore, there is a real hunt for him. If you opt for a darker cladding, try combining panels with more cheerful colors. This will make your bathroom look stylish but not gloomy..


Mirror fabric is considered a real trend. It appeared on the market relatively recently. Mirror effect panels are well suited for small rooms, as they can visually expand the space.

Mirror panels for tiles require increased maintenance, as drops and stains quickly become visible on them.


Marble tiles are in great demand in the market, but they are quite expensive. Plastic with a marble pattern is a good alternative to real ceramics and is significantly lower in price. By decorating the walls in the bathroom with such panels, you will get a chic room at a reasonable cost..

Marble never goes out of fashion, being the standard of beauty and luxury, therefore, panels with such a pattern will not bother you for a long time and will delight you with their durability and impeccable appearance.

Sea wave

Aqua is one of the favorite colors of many homeowners. It is associated with the sea and relaxation, brings to fond memories of the vacation. The shade itself is very pleasant and unobtrusive..

With drawing

Printed tile panels will make your bathroom look bright and unique. Many firms provide services for applying your picture to make the bathroom unique. You can choose an image from the catalog or bring your own.

Drawings can be combined with plain panels, so they will not be intrusive and will not bore you for a long time..

How to choose?

The first thing to do before purchasing PVC panels is to choose a suitable store. Among the many suppliers and manufacturers, there are unscrupulous companies that reduce the cost of production by using low-quality raw materials. In order not to fall for their bait, trust only trusted stores, ready at any time to provide all the necessary documents and quality certificates.

The main thing is not to get confused by the wide variety when choosing a cladding. Decide at home what exactly you want to see in your bathroom.

When the choice has already been made, it is necessary to check the material for strength.. Place the panel at a right angle and press down on it. Good plastic does not deform at all or quickly regains its original shape after a slight deformation.

Thin panels are cheaper, but this is exactly the case when the stingy pays twice. They are very difficult to assemble and will cause you a lot of problems..

Pay attention to the color of the material. If a pale yellow tone is present, then the panels were stored in the open sun, or foreign impurities were used in their manufacture. Remember, the simplicity and speed of installation depends on the quality of the plastic..

In the store, the panels may look very different from the ones in your bathroom. Before buying, examine the pattern and color several times, combine several canvases with each other to better represent the big picture.


Most of the people who have already purchased imitation tile PVC panels have left positive reviews about them. The first positive point for many is the aesthetics of the material. The bathroom is being transformed, it looks beautiful and modern. Many buyers noted the availability of the material and the large assortment in stores. This is a significant advantage of plastic over ceramics, because most samples of ceramic tiles need to be ordered and wait a long time..

Plastic panels are still a budget option for wall cladding in the bathroom., therefore, many are embarrassed to use this material. Some customers report an unpleasant smell that lasts for several months..

How to decorate a bathroom with PVC panels for tiles, see below..

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