Rack aluminum ceiling: advantages and disadvantages

Rack aluminum ceiling: advantages and disadvantages

The choice of modern materials for ceiling decoration is striking in its variety. Among the offered assortment, you can choose products that will meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of any premises, especially rooms or buildings with a special microclimate. This is, for example, a slatted aluminum ceiling, which is a system that has recently entered the market of finishing products, but whose popularity is rapidly gaining momentum..


Suspended ceiling structures are a complex consisting of thin aluminum slats with a multi-layer varnish coating, the installation of which is carried out on a special fastening mechanism.

Decorative material is fastened using U-shaped profiles, hangers and traverses suspended from the ceiling. The guides are wall fasteners and are installed along the perimeter of the walls, the hangers are mounted to the ceiling surface. The panels themselves have a special profile, thanks to which they are fastened to each other. Due to the fact that the rails can be of various shapes, the very arrangement of the fastening elements can also be different. Therefore, there are two types of aluminum slatted ceiling – indoor and outdoor..

Open type products have a number of distinctive features, first of all, inserts – layouts that are installed between the lamellas – give originality to the appearance of the panels. These elements can be made in the same color scheme and texture as the main material, or be of a different shade..

This property of the product makes it possible to diversify the surface of the ceiling in the room not only by the color combination, but also by the play of light and shade.. Panels and layouts can have the following dimensions: 84 and 6 mm or 84 and 16 mm.

The insertion is usually smaller, so that it can be “drowned” between the main panels.

There are options where the nest is flush with the slats to form a flat surface. The color scheme may not necessarily be of the same shade, the open ceiling allows you to implement quite bold design ideas in decorating the ceiling surface.

The closed-type aluminum slatted ceiling has distinctive features from the previous version, which relate to the composition of the structure. Such a system includes panels of different widths. Laying products allows you to achieve a solid plane, the relief of which is set by the seams between the panels.

The slats are made in the following sizes – 150, 100 and 75 mm. Some manufacturers offer sets of profiles with dimensions of 100 and 25 mm or 150 and 25 mm. They are installed in turn, which allows you to diversify the appearance of the ceiling covering. Also a similar type of slatted ceiling can be formed with elements of different colors and textures, what is a positive characteristic when the question of creative interior design arises.

A number of features can be distinguished that are inherent in rack-and-pinion ceiling structures:

  • Suspended systems take up several centimeters of the room height, but thanks to such sets, you can easily hide possible ceiling imperfections, as well as sew up various communications, ventilation devices in the interceiling space, or provide the room with additional sound insulation using a special material. In addition, the structure acts as a holder for lighting fixtures that can be easily placed in any selected segment, and if necessary, they can always be quickly reached..
  • Aluminum products are manufactured using a technology that involves the inclusion of various substances in the composition, for example, a matte polymer and a reflective metallized layer of any color.

  • Due to the thickness of the products, which is 0.4-0.7 mm, the lamellas become a strong and light material.
  • A wide range of panels makes it possible to obtain curved surfaces on the ceiling. This feature is realized with the help of curved and multilevel rails, which are attached using suspended stringers. You can combine color schemes, perform installation of elements in a perpendicular or any other direction, form drawings, images, etc..
  • The panels are realized in a special film that provides protection against deformation during installation and transportation.


Thanks to the slatted structures for ceiling surfaces, it is possible to obtain a unique design, which has specific properties and capabilities..

Aluminum ceilings have certain technical characteristics:

  • Moisture resistant, thanks to which they can be safely installed in rooms with a high level of humidity – bathrooms, basements, technical structures, swimming pools, in the kitchen.
  • Fire resistance and fire safety. These properties make it possible to carry out the installation of structures in buildings with increased requirements for the fire safety of the facility..
  • Good reflective properties, due to the presence of a metallic luster that the surface of the elements possesses. Due to this, lighting devices with low power can be used in rooms, which, in turn, saves energy..

  • Rack aluminum structures are hypoallergenic, antistatic and hygienic, the material does not emit vapors hazardous to human health. These properties do not allow the development and reproduction of fungus, mold and other harmful microorganisms, the products are resistant to decay.
  • Ease of service – in order for the ceiling to retain its shine and attractiveness, it is necessary to carry out processing using a damp cloth.
  • High level of profile strength – the slats have good resistance to mechanical damage. Based on the impact resistance of the elements, the products are used for external and internal cladding..
  • Fast assembly – the design includes a number of elements, the installation of which is within the power of even beginners in the construction field.
  • Long operational life, about 20-50 years old.

  • Light weight, due to which, the coating does not exert a load on the floor.
  • Attractive and aesthetic appearance.
  • The ability to quickly repair surface: it is enough to replace the damaged structural element with a new part. For this, it is not necessary to dismantle the entire system..
  • The edges of the slats have a rounded shape, due to which they fixation is particularly reliable.
  • Profiles are solid or with microperforation.


Such systems can have a variety of designs, which makes it possible to use them to create high-quality and beautiful ceiling surfaces in private premises, as well as for public purposes..

Today you can find rack ceilings of different types, which have characteristic differences in shape and design:

  • Classical – consists of three or six meter lamellas. An excellent option for decorating small rooms, since products make it possible to visually increase their area.
  • Designer – expensive products, due to the appearance of which a unique ceiling covering of an unusual shape is created.

Regardless of the type of construction chosen, the material allows you to complement the interior with an original component in the form of an attractive ceiling covering, taking into account the latest trends in design.

Today, aluminum slatted ceilings can be of different colors and shades.. The most demanded materials are white, gold and silver.. Many manufacturers offer the consumer lamellas with an already applied pattern, in a glossy or matte textured design..

There are varieties of slatted ceilings, for example, Italian, French or German, which have a peculiar characteristic design. Italian products have a rounded edge, German products are distinguished by their strict design.

When choosing a slatted ceiling, it is worth considering that a plastic structure or a system made of wood is called a slatted ceiling only due to some similarity of the type and method of installation of the components.


Companies engaged in the production of aluminum slatted ceilings, for the most part, offer not only aluminum, but also steel products..

  • The domestic market stands out firm “Albes” – a production association that specializes in the manufacture of various materials for finishing ceilings, among which there are aluminum slats. The quality characteristics of the products correspond to European products and domestic GOSTs, however, the cost of products per 1 m² is several times less than imported counterparts.
  • LLC “Bard” occupies a leading position in the list of manufacturers of these products. The company provides technical advice, as well as computer modeling of a future project.

  • There are a lot of foreign manufacturers of these products, since such decorative material is widely used in Europe. From this list can be distinguished Dutch Hunter Douglas, which, due to the high quality of its products, has a great demand for its products. The profiles of this company are distinguished by a wide selection of shapes and sizes and, importantly, all products are treated with an anti-corrosion compound, and a three-layer enamel is applied to them..

  • Geipel – a German manufacturer of aluminum slatted ceilings, which produces very interesting products for the consumer. It is of high quality, as evidenced by international certificates of conformity, and has a modern and stylish design. The profiles are made from anodized raw materials, thanks to which the products are purchased for installation in kindergartens, hospitals, gyms and are recognized as absolutely safe for human health. Products of this brand are successfully produced not only in Germany, but also at domestic production facilities, which has a positive effect on the cost of finished products, since there is no longer the task of delivering goods from Europe..

Selection Tips

It is necessary to purchase slatted ceilings only in specialized stores, where reliable companies that have positively proven themselves in the market of finishing materials act as manufacturers of the presented goods. It is also worth paying attention to product reviews..

It is necessary to understand that suspended ceilings are not wallpapers that can be changed very often, but a structure that has been installed for several decades..

When choosing products, you need to take into account certain nuances:

  • Ceiling height – if it is more than three meters, then a closed-type rack and pinion system should be preferred, since it has no gaps between the lamellas. In public buildings, an open structure can be installed. The height hides the gaps and the finish looks very attractive.
  • The purpose of the room in which the installation of the rack ceiling will be carried out. Aluminum slats are ideal for rooms with high humidity.
  • Color design – modern products make it possible to make the ceiling mirrored or decorate the surface with an unusual pattern. But we should not forget that fashion trends are temporary in nature, therefore, it is worth approaching the design of slats with a great deal of responsibility, so that the design in the future does not become an obstacle, having lost its relevance..
  • You should not make a decision in favor of any material just because it was released by a foreign company. Russian products today are of high quality, which is not inferior to imported.

Whatever the renovation, expensive or budget option, the most important thing is that it looks complete. Without an attractive, practical ceiling, an apartment, private home, or general purpose building will be boring and boring in its monotony and monotony. The most daring ideas for decorating ceiling surfaces will help to realize structures made of aluminum slats in life..

Beautiful examples in the interior

The interior design of a kitchen or dining room should be based not only on aesthetic appeal, but also for reasons of practicality. Rack aluminum ceilings combine these two characteristics.

One-level contrasting coatings in black and white colors or two-level systems, which are made by alternating gold and light panels, complemented by bright spotlights, will become a real decoration in the room.

A variety of geometric shapes used in the design of a bathroom or hallway will help to visually enlarge the room.

Mirrored silver slats will add depth and free space to the room.

Curved design structures made of aluminum slatted ceilings will decorate any room. It can be a pool in a country cottage or a living room in a city apartment..

The play of light from lighting fixtures on glossy slats will add regal luxury and elegant uniqueness to the room..

You can learn how to make a rack aluminum ceiling in a bathroom with your own hands from the video below..

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