Roman mosaic in the interior

Everyone strives to make the interior of their home as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Modern designers have truly endless possibilities. You no longer need to be limited to any one style, you can safely choose from the whole variety of options.

So, in recent years, there has been an increasing trend towards the use of ancient art in the decoration. In particular – Roman mosaics. This technique looks just great, it can easily transform any environment, make it more stylish, original and sophisticated..

What is the peculiarity of such a tile?

Roman mosaic, unlike other varieties, is created from small multi-colored squares of stone or enamel. Due to the fact that the elements of the composition are small in size, it is possible to achieve maximum realism and image accuracy.

This technique of arts and crafts originated in ancient Rome, as early as the second century BC. At first, ancient Roman frescoes were created from pebbles and depicted primitive subjects. Then the masters began to create paintings with military themes, animalistic and natural patterns. And in order to diversify the color palette, they began to use slate, marble, lime and even semi-precious stones..

What premises is mosaic suitable for??

This finishing material has a very wide range of applications. Due to its versatility and practicality, it can be safely taken both for interior decoration (living rooms and bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms), and for finishing the facades of houses and mansions.

Besides, quite often Roman mosaics are used to decorate fireplaces, pools, countertops, cornices etc. The floors in the spacious rooms, which are complemented by Roman mosaics, look especially impressive. Certain mosaic frescoes and paintings received no less great recognition. They are used to create an accent in the interior..

And if you want to create a truly magnificent interior, then decorate the ceiling with such a tile. It can be either classic or multi-tiered.

This technique will allow you to turn your home into a real palace, worthy of the Roman emperor..

Material advantages

Mosaic has not lost its popularity over the centuries. This is due to the many advantages that distinguish this material.. Let’s list some of them.

  • Strength. The tile does not deteriorate from temperature extremes, and is also characterized by resistance to moisture. The mosaic is not afraid of mechanical damage, it does not crack or deform. In addition, the appearance of tiles and color saturation do not change under the influence of sunlight..
  • Durability. Due to its qualities, the mosaic will last for many decades. Therefore, if you decorate your interior with mosaics once, you will not have to think about renovation anymore..
  • Aesthetics. The panels and frescoes made from Roman mosaics look amazing. They will transform any interior and give it a special and unique style. And the options for paintings that can be created using this material can be very diverse..
  • Practicality. Mosaic flooring does not require any special maintenance. It can be easily cleaned of any dirt without any effort and time..
  • Another advantage of Roman mosaics is ease of restoration. Since the overall composition consists of many separate elements, it is easy to update them when needed. This makes the life of such tiles even longer..

Despite all the advantages of this material, a couple of disadvantages should be noted..

  • You will not be able to make a high-quality panel from Roman mosaic with your own hands if you do not have such experience. To do this, you will have to hire professionals and prepare for the fact that the process is very laborious and takes a lot of time..
  • It is also important that the cost of decoration with the help of Roman mosaics is not affordable for everyone. Especially when it comes to large areas.

However, the durability, practicality and beauty of such material more than compensate for these disadvantages..

How to use Roman mosaic in the interior?

Most of all, such tiles are suitable for furnishings that are made in an antique style. You can order a small panel or fresco, or hire a master to decorate a large area of ​​the room..

When decorating a room with a mosaic, one simple but important rule should be observed: the more spacious the room, the larger the tile pattern should be. Indeed, in a room that is too large, the miniature image will simply get lost. At the same time, in a small place, an abundance of frescoes or tiled ornaments may look too pretentious and inappropriate. Try to find the most harmonious option.

Most often, natural stones are used to compose the composition.. However, this option is quite expensive. Therefore, you can choose ceramics for mosaics or more affordable modern varieties of tiles..

Remember that the surface on which the Roman mosaic will be located must be monochromatic. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired effect and extraneous colors and ornaments will distract from the mosaic picture. If you want to place a large image in a spacious room, then center it. This is how the mosaic will look the most advantageous..

You should not place artistic paintings or other decorative details on walls that already have Roman mosaics. A panel made of such a tile is a self-sufficient decoration and does not need to be supplemented..

By the way, if your apartment is not made in the antique style at all, but you still want to place a Roman mosaic, then you should not deny yourself such pleasure. The peculiarity of the Roman mosaic is that it goes well with different types of style, although it itself is quite bright.

At all times, such art has been an indicator of good taste and high status of the owner of the house. Therefore, do not worry that you run the risk of not being in the most advantageous position if you add Roman exoticism to your usual interior. Roman classics will always be relevant, this technique is not subject to time.

Use tiles to decorate your pool bowl. Or cover the fireplace room with mosaics. You will see that this technique will not go unnoticed. And if you decide to completely decorate your bathroom in the style of the Roman era, the result will be simply amazing. Complement the space with style-appropriate accessories for a gorgeous interior.

Feel free to experiment and add something interesting to the setting. Roman mosaics are a great option for this..

The mosaic creation process is shown in the video below..

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