Rust paints: types and characteristics

Metal is one of the most demanded and popular finishing and building materials. It has a lot of positive qualities and is practically devoid of disadvantages, except that it is subject to the negative effects of corrosion. But even this disadvantage can be eliminated using special paints for rust, the types and characteristics of which will be discussed below..


Anti-corrosion paint and varnish mixtures are very popular and have a number of features.

  • This type of paint is produced in a wide range and by various manufacturers..
  • There are mixtures designed directly for applying on rust, without a preliminary primer, and there are those that require preliminary removal of corrosion from the metal surface.
  • On sale are paint and varnish mixtures intended for use both indoors and outdoors. This makes it possible to choose the ideal rust paint for competent resuscitation of any metal structure..
  • A wide color palette and various forms of release allow you to choose a paint for rust that best meets all the requirements of the buyer.
  • Such products allow not only to remove rust from a metal structure, but also to protect it from further spread of corrosion..

All these features of rust paints make them a popular and demanded product..


One of the main advantages of rust paints, in addition to excellent quality characteristics, is their wide range of.

  • Epoxy paint mixtures intended for use in industry, in particular, for painting water and heating pipes. They are formulated with highly toxic silicone resins and epoxies. The main purpose of such mixtures is to protect metal structures from high temperatures. Such paints also cope well with protection against rust, but the coating must be regularly updated..

  • Hammer mix has a unique composition, which includes epoxies, resins, acrylic and aluminum powder. As a result, the painted surface becomes slightly rough and has a beautiful metallic luster. The use of hammer paint is allowed without the additional use of a primer. The mixture is applied in three layers. This corrosion resistant paint can be used both indoors and outdoors. The main thing is that the temperature of the metal painted with it does not rise above 150 degrees..

  • Alkyd compounds can also be applied to metal structures indoors and outdoors. This paint is quick-drying and non-toxic. It can be applied to metal structures without prior priming..
  • Oil paint, containing drying oil, can also be used as a paint on rust. True, the anti-corrosion effect is short-lived, the mixture itself quickly fades and cracks severely over time. Suitable only for painting pipes indoors and needs constant updating.

  • Acrylic paints are universal. They can be applied over rusty metal without first removing the rust and without priming. During long-term use, they do not fade or crack, provide the metal with reliable and durable protection against rust. Such anti-corrosion paint is not prone to fire, has a low level of toxicity..
  • Unique polyurethane paints for metal intended for painting structures indoors. The decorative silky surface not only gives the surface a stylish appearance, but also reliably protects the metal from rust and corrosion for a long time.

These are the simplest and most common rust paints, but specialized mixtures of this type are also on sale today..

Special anti-corrosion mixtures

Designed for use on already rusted metal. Such paints are usually produced with zinc in the composition, as this substance helps to eliminate the appearance of rust and prevent it from reoccurring.. These anticorrosive mixtures are available for sale in three types..

  • Phosphating paints create an additional protective film on the metal surface. Usually used for painting metal structures outside.
  • Insulating materials are suitable for painting structures that do not have rust or that have corrosion, but in minimal quantities.
  • Passivating compounds are specially formulated for metals with visible and heavy rusting. They eliminate her and eliminate the negative consequences of her presence..

For metal products that are too badly damaged by corrosion, it is best to use other specialized paints..

  • Stabilizing compounds remove rust and prevent it from reappearing. On top of such compounds, you can apply hammer, acrylic or polyurethane paint..
  • The primer paint-converter is suitable for the restoration of metal structures damaged by rust, but only if such damage is minimal. It is most reasonable to use such a mixture as a reliable protection against corrosion..
  • Inhibitory mixtures combine the functions of a primer and an enamel. Not only perfectly protect the metal from rust, but also remove corrosion from the surface, if any.

All these types of paints are divided into two large groups depending on their form of release:

  • aerosol cans;
  • in cans weighing from 0.5 kg to 5 kg with a thick consistency.

These unique paint and varnish mixtures for rust are indispensable for painting any metal surfaces that need anti-corrosion protection..

Design and colors

The color palette of shades of such coloring protective mixtures is quite wide.. The most popular and demanded are the paints of the following colors:

  • black;
  • white;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • brown.

The most popular are hammer paints, which allow you to imitate the natural color of iron: gray or brownish.. On store shelves, you can also see mixtures of rather bright and saturated shades:

  • burgundy;
  • red;
  • purple;
  • salad;
  • orange;
  • turquoise;
  • blue.

By combining these colors together or using them separately, you can get almost any shade. This will allow not only to reliably protect the metal structure from corrosion, but also to give it a unique and beautiful appearance..

To obtain the desired shade, it is allowed to mix different colors of the same paint with each other, however, it is not recommended to mix oil mixtures with alkyd or acrylic.

Manufacturers and reviews

Rust paints from a variety of manufacturers are presented on store shelves. In order not to be mistaken with the choice and purchase really high-quality products, you need to pay attention to the products of the most popular brands.

  • Hammerite. The products of this manufacturer are characterized by excellent quality, affordable prices and economical consumption. It can be applied in five layers, with each next layer applied a couple of hours after the previous one. The mixture dries quickly and is available for sale both in the form of an aerosol and in the form of ordinary paint. If necessary, it can be thinned with the special Hammerite Brush Cleaner. & Thinners. Customer reviews confirm the high anti-corrosion qualities of this product. The convenience of its use and affordable cost for all are especially noted..

  • Lank Is a paint made by the German manufacturer Lankwitzer Lackfabrik. The assortment includes hammer, acrylic and anti-corrosion compounds. All products are characterized by high quality, wide color palette and ease of application. Buyers leave only positive reviews for this product. They especially note the high efficiency in removing visible corrosion from metal, as well as a high degree of surface protection from its further appearance..
  • Unique primer-enamel Dali not only removes visible rust from the metal surface, but also protects it from its appearance. Feedback from buyers of this product confirms its high efficiency, economical consumption and a wide palette of shades..
  • Panzer Is a manufacturer of various types of anti-corrosion paints. Their main features are considered to be high quality, balanced composition, durability of the resulting staining result. From customer reviews it becomes clear that these mixtures are really economical, sold in a wide range and at an affordable price..

  • Kudo – this is a special enamel, sold in the form of an aerosol mixture. Suitable for processing only black alloy metal structures. The manufacturer positions it as a high-quality enamel coating that destroys existing rust and prevents it from reappearing. Reviews about this enamel only confirm this statement. Buyers note that, despite such a high quality, the cost of this product is affordable.
  • Special “Primer-enamel for rust 3 in 1” suitable both for painting metal structures with obvious signs of corrosion, and for metal processing without rust. Suitable for outdoor use. The main condition is that it cannot be applied over paints made on a nitrate basis. Reviews confirm the high efficiency of this mixture in the fight against corrosion, and buyers highlight its economical consumption and a wide range of colors..

These rust paints have all the necessary technical characteristics. Their use does not require any special skills and tools. To achieve the desired result, the main thing is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions..

Selection Tips

In order for the process of painting metal structures with special rust paints to give the desired result, it is necessary to take into account some of the nuances of the choice of these compositions.

  • The type of surface to be painted must be taken into account. So, for the roof, it is necessary to choose paints that are not prone to fire and easily tolerate strong temperature changes.
  • The colder it is outside or indoors, the more resistant to subzero temperatures the paint should be, otherwise the mixture will not be able to fully fulfill its protective and restorative functions..
  • Rust paints should be purchased at specialized retail outlets. It is better to give preference to products of trusted brands.
  • The degree of rust damage to the metal should be taken into account. The more corrosion on its surface, the more aggressive in composition the paint should be. Experts strongly recommend treating metal with a primer if its surface is more than 50% rusty..
  • Be sure to consider when choosing and recommendations for the use of this paint and varnish mixture. If it is indicated that it is intended only for indoor use, then painting metal with it on the street, even in several layers, will not give the desired result..
  • The level of toxicity of paint for rust is one of the key selection criteria. The higher it is, the more dangerous this composition is for humans. Highly toxic paints can only be used outdoors, and it is imperative to wear a respirator or protective mask.

All modern rust paints have a high-quality composition and a rich palette of shades. This allows, in a fairly short time, to reanimate even metal structures of any type that are severely damaged by corrosion.

In the next video, you will find a review of the Dali 3 in 1 rust enamel primer.

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