Sealant “Stiz-A”: technical characteristics and scope

When installing windows, it is necessary to take care of insulation in a timely manner; in this situation, reliable sealing of seams and street joints is required. The sealant “Stiz-A” is an excellent assistant. This composition has gained wide popularity among consumers. It does not need to be diluted beforehand, but can be used immediately. Technical characteristics and positive consumer reviews allow us to call the sealant the best material on the modern market..


Sealant “Stiz-A” is a product of the domestic company SAZI, which has been supplying this material for 20 years and has earned recognition among construction professionals. The composition is one-component, it is made on the basis of acrylic and is distinguished by its durability and high strength. Visually, the sealant looks like a viscous thick paste. Over time, it hardens, retaining its elasticity and strength. At the same time, high protective properties of this composition are noted. The color line includes several tones, but most often when installing windows, a white composition is used.

In addition to it, you can find shades of gray, brown and other colors, which helps the consumer to choose the desired option in each specific case..

Acrylate composition “Stiz-A” has good adhesion to various types of polymers, due to this, it is indispensable when working with plastic windows. And also the material is used for outdoor repairs, it perfectly seals street seams and joints, can be used when working with concrete, wood and metal bases. When installing windows, specialists seal the joints with this tool, both inside and outside. The presence of antibacterial additives in the sealant helps to protect the treated surface from mold and mildew. The manufacturer packs its products in containers with a volume of 310 and 600 milliliters. If serious work is ahead, you can purchase sealant in plastic buckets. Their volume can be 3 and 7 kilograms..


This product has its undeniable advantages, thanks to which it confidently holds a leading position in the modern market. First of all, it should be noted that it strictly complies with GOST. And also the sealant has high vapor permeability, can be used in conditions of high humidity, withstands temperature drops from -60 to +80 degrees, has frost resistance and can be used in regions with a harsh climate. Sealant “Stiz-A” is vapor-permeable, it adheres well to a large number of substrates, among them it is worth noting plaster, metals, brick, plastic, concrete and others. Even if the coating is wet, it will not interfere with the work without compromising the result..

Consumers note the excellent plasticity of the material, its slight shrinkage, which can be as much as 20 percent., There is a possibility of covering the surface with paints and varnishes after the sealant has completely hardened. In addition, the material tolerates exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation well, and is resistant to mechanical stress. Primary film is formed in 2 hours.

Manufacturers give a guarantee for their products for more than 20 years.


The disadvantages of the sealant are more than offset by its advantages. However, information about them is undoubtedly important. First of all, these products do not have a long shelf life. Even with unopened packaging, it lasts from 6 months to 1 year. Some note lack of elasticity compared to silicone counterparts. Since the sealant has a porous structure, using it for indoor work can cause some difficulties..

Over time, the material can begin to absorb fumes of various origins, which will lead to the fact that the surface will darken, and its appearance will deteriorate accordingly. Pre-coloring the layer will help to cope with this problem..

Application rules

When using this acrylic composition, you need to know how to correctly and competently carry out the work. First of all, the application is carried out on pre-fixed slopes. For work, you will need such components as construction tape, a spatula, a sponge, a knife, a piece of cloth and a basin of water. If the sealant has special packaging, it will be necessary to use an assembly gun. First you need to prepare the coating. To do this, cut the polyurethane foam so that the base is smooth and minimally porous. The maximum pore diameter can be 6 millimeters.

All coating must be thoroughly cleaned of dust and dirt, and also wiped properly. The surface around the joint is pasted over with masking tape to avoid contamination. The sealant is squeezed directly into the crevices and then smoothed out. The layer should be between 3.5 and 5.5 millimeters thick. It is best to use a spatula for leveling. Make sure that the slots are completely filled. Excess material should be carefully removed with a wet sponge..

After carrying out these actions, you should remove the assembly tape. When the sealant hardens completely, the seams can be painted. Professionals recommend not to process large areas at once, because the material is easier to process and correct imperfections at a time when it did not have time to harden. When the sealant has been applied before, it is necessary to carefully remove its remnants, as otherwise stains may appear on the surface over time. To degrease the coating, it is advisable to use white alcohol or gasoline. Acetone can be problematic as it can stain and stain.

Sealant “Stiz-A” can be applied in different ways. Possibility to use an assembly gun or a spatula. The temperature during work should be from +25 to +35 degrees. The time required for complete solidification is two days. The average consumption of sealant per one running meter reaches 120 grams.

Nuances of work

In order for the material to fully perform its functions, it is necessary to apply it correctly, observing the required layer thickness. If it is less than necessary, the quality of the insulation may decrease, which will affect the strength. There are situations when masters consider it optimal to use two sealing compounds at once – “Stiz-A” and “Stiz-V”. The second sealant ensures the reliability of the inner layer of insulation. It prevents moisture and steam from entering the room. It should be borne in mind that “Stiz-V” is a material exclusively for indoor use, it cannot be used for outdoor work. Experts advise, with a large surface area, to apply Stiz-A sealant using an assembly gun, which can reduce the operating time and improve its quality.

How to use Stiz-A sealant, see below.

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