Sealing tape: pros and cons of using

The rapid development of technology still does not allow us to exclude some of the problems that any craftsman encounters in the process of construction or performing repair work. Such tasks include sealing cracks and sealing joints..

Among the list of material required for such work, a sealing tape should be distinguished..


Almost all building materials and structures need additional components, since building products themselves provide the construction of a rough structure that needs processing, in particular, it concerns the sealing of various joints. Previously, gypsum, tow and various putty made by ourselves were used for such work..

But technical progress has made its own adjustments in this area of ​​construction and repair tasks, offering consumers a large assortment of new products, whose functionality is many times higher than those of materials from the past. Sealing tape replaces such obsolete products..

Today, various types of belts can be found on sale, due to which the products have a wide range of applications.. This feature is explained by the fact that moisture negatively affects the durability of various structures, buildings, including communications, devices and parts that are present not only in the residential sphere, but also everywhere at industrial facilities. Based on this, the question regarding protection against contact with moisture is always relevant. This trend forces manufacturers to continually work to create high quality insulation products..

The sealing tape is a multifunctional product based on a composition of different raw materials, where bitumen is most often the main component. The products are distinguished by the ability to self-adhere to the base, which is its main advantage. Due to the special mesh structure, the material acquires the ability to reliably adhere to most construction products.

The product is water-repellent, the material easily takes the form of a working base, which greatly facilitates its operation and installation. The tape has high elasticity even at low temperatures, the material prevents the development and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, and also does not lose its properties during contact with aggressive chemical compounds.

Due to its environmental friendliness, products are allowed to be used both outside and inside the premises..

The composition of the elements that make up the tape includes several materials.

  • The base is made of rubber or bitumen with an adhesive. These components provide the product with water resistance and are responsible for fixing and sealing the work surface..
  • Strong layer of high strength aluminum foil. It provides the tape product with tear resistance.
  • Special film edge layer that is removed before fixing the tape to the surface.

The presence of the above components allows you to perform high-quality sealing of seams and joints in any structure made from a wide variety of materials. Based on the area of ​​use, the self-adhesive sealant can be supplemented with layers of other raw materials. Most often, such measures are resorted to to increase any properties of the product..


Taking into account the scope of use, adhesive sealing tapes classified as follows:

  • one-sided products;
  • double-sided production.

In the latter case, the material has a working surface on both sides..

In addition, the products are divided into several types..

Butylene tape

The product belongs to universal products made on butyl rubber base. During production, such products are covered with a thin sheet of aluminum. The adhesive layer has a silicone-based protective film. The main component of the product is considered an excellent insulation compound and is also used as a protective material for raw materials such as wood, plastic or metal. Double-sided products are compatible with most PVC materials due to the chemical inertness of butylene. Products are recommended for use in different temperature conditions, products are resistant to negative temperatures. The operating temperature range is from + 120C to -60C. The tape is odorless.

The metal layer that the tape has provides it with resistance to ultraviolet, alkali and various acids. Butylene elastic products are produced in lengths of 10 meters, the width of the goods on the market is from 5 cm to 30 cm with a thickness of up to 1 mm.

The product is recommended for external and internal work with wood, polycarbonate, PVC systems, concrete and others..

Bitumen-polymer products

This type has a special layer of polyethylene. The product is manufactured to provide dielectric and anti-corrosion protection of the bases, in addition, the bitumen tape is produced to insulate underground water supply and other pipelines. The products are allowed for use with other types of bituminous raw materials, for example, they can be used during the repair of a bituminous roof.

Among the features of the product, it is worth highlighting the ability of the material to repeat the shape of any surfaces., which are characterized by irregularities. In addition, under mechanical action on the tape, for example, when cuts, it is released by self-sealing the surface. The product is sold in rolls of 10 meters, the width of the product is 20 cm.

Polycarbonate tape

The material is used for sealing joints and insulating cracks in this raw material. Products do not allow air to pass through and do not lose their properties from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

To ensure a high level of adhesion of the tape to the surface, it is recommended to first degrease and clean it from all kinds of contamination..

The second name of this product is the swellable cord. The material can have a rectangular or circular cross-section. Hydrophilic rubber is used for production. The process of increasing in size occurs after the contact of the raw material with water. The products are resistant to mechanical stress. It is recommended for use on surfaces made of metal, glass, natural stone and concrete, as well as for work with various composite materials..

Such products are needed in industrial facilities, they are often used in underground structures and on bridges.. In addition, the tape is required for the insulation of basements, underground car parks, swimming pools and water tanks. As practice shows, products increase in size after contact with water 6 times.

The swellable tape has a long service life, and in comparison with other insulation materials, it has a low cost. Products are completely safe for humans and the environment.

Most often, products are necessary for working with plumbing and pipes in the bathroom and in the kitchen.. When choosing waterproof products for use in apartments and private houses, it is worth carefully selecting products from the range presented, since fewer quality requirements may be imposed on materials for sealing seams and joints in the domestic sphere. However, issues related to water supply and sewerage in the home are also responsible and serious tasks..

Among the disadvantages of all of the above types of products, it is worth highlighting the need for periodic replacement of materials that will become unusable faster than the base itself. In some cases, experts recommend pre-treating seams or joints with liquid sealants..

Pay attention to the temperature range of use, since not all products are resistant to cold.

Scope of application

Consider the areas where sealing tape is most commonly used..

  • In construction work, in the field of utilities – among the list of tasks that the product solves, there is the sealing of joints between building materials, issues of tightness of windows, balconies and loggias, work related to the arrangement of seam roofing, laying roll materials, installation of plumbing and sewerage systems, installation of plumbing and equipment for ventilation, laying of heat-insulating raw materials on the pipeline.
  • In the field of mechanical engineering – performance of insulation of various structures, cabins of cars or trucks, repair work on ships, sealing of railway transport.
  • Oil industry – using tapes, seams are sealed in pipeline systems to protect the constituent elements from corrosion.
  • Household sphere – performing minor and major repairs in the home, including internal and external structures, for example, sealing window blocks, working with plumbing fixtures, as well as repairing clothes.


On the counters of modern building supermarkets you can find products of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In the assortment of goods, the following trademarks should be noted that sell sealing tapes.

  • Nicoband – the presented products belong to the group of bitumen-polymer products. Double-sided products are available in different colors, based on the most common colors in which roofing materials are made, when choosing a shade as a guideline. The composition of the products makes it possible to use them for both external and internal work. In addition to sealing the roof and waterproofing membranes, the joints of cold water supply pipes, the seams between polycarbonate products are treated with tape, they are used for wooden and concrete structures for various purposes..
  • Guerlain tape – in demand for works with the roof of buildings, sealing car parts, and so on. Several tape sealants are produced under this brand, for example, “Guerlain-D”, “Guerlain-AG”, “Guerlain-FA”, which are different in composition and scope of use, there are vapor-permeable products.
  • “Liplent” – it is mainly necessary for working with seams of structures made of metal or concrete in the industrial field.
  • Self-adhesive products the trade mark “Vikar” can be used not only for sealing roofing materials, but also for the outlet of ventilation and chimneys.

  • FUM tape in demand in the household sphere. Products are made in various colors and sizes.
  • Ekobit – Recommended for insulation of ventilation and chimney, also proved to be excellent in the course of sealing window blocks. In addition, the product can be used for tiles, glass and plastic.
  • “Outline” – tape sealant used for work with brick, wood and metal. Products are used in the household and industrial area.
  • Ceresit CL – a sealing tape for construction work, has a high level of elasticity and resistance to loss of shape, due to which it is often used instead of a liquid sealant during repairs.


    To make a reliable and high-quality connection using sealing tapes, it is worth adhering to the general recommendations for the installation of products.

    • First of all, you need to take care of the cleanliness of the working area – you need to work with a clean and degreased surface.
    • Experts recommend treating the junction with a waterproofing agent, and then stick the tape on the wet composition.
    • The material is pressed tightly to the surface with a spatula so that all the air is released.
    • Corner joints of elements must be insulated with a spade.

    An overview and method of using the Abris S-LTnp tape – in the next video.

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