Seamless ceiling tiles: features of choice

The range of materials for finishing the ceiling, presented today on the building materials market, is striking in its diversity. Products can easily satisfy any, even the most original desires, since they are made from a variety of raw materials, can be of the correct or irregular shape, and also differ in color, cost, service life, quality and other characteristics..


Seamless tiles are very popular among the varieties of this specialized material. The main advantages of such products include low weight, good strength indicators, long service life, moisture resistance and a huge selection of shapes, colors and textures..

Expanded polystyrene is used for the production of seamless ceiling tiles. When finished, it has slightly curved edges. It is due to this feature of its shape that the surface of the ceiling, decorated with this material, looks like a holistic canvas, with visually invisible seams at the joints of the elements. This means that the finished surface will more harmoniously fit into the interior and will look much more aesthetically pleasing due to the visual absence of seams and joints..

To produce such products, polystyrene foam is used, which undergoes a certain processing, which provides the product with a perfectly white surface. The texture of the tile can be smooth or with a relief pattern. A variety of textures allows you to implement many options for non-standard decoration of the ceiling surface in rooms for different purposes – it can be a kitchen, living room, corridor or bathroom. The products perfectly imitate the texture of natural materials, for example, wood carvings, as well as options for decorative plaster and stucco molding.

The thickness of the elements varies between 3-15 mm, so that such a ceiling finish does not reduce the height of the room, in comparison with other construction products used for the same needs.. Installation work does not take much time – the products are easily and quickly glued to the base.

The tile, as a rule, has dimensions of 50×50 centimeters, which allows even one specialist to perform installation work using a minimum of auxiliary tools. However, it is produced not only in a square shape, thanks to which various original patterns can be laid out on the ceiling..


Products of this type are produced using three different technologies, albeit using the same material. The classification of seamless tiles is carried out based on the method of production. The following types of products are distinguished:

  • Pressed tiles. It is made by stamping under the influence of high temperature. During production, polystyrene sheets are compacted. The elements produced in this way have a thickness of 7 mm and a square shape of 50×50 centimeters. This tile is sent to counters in a package of 8 pieces..
  • Injection products produced in thickness from 8 to 14 mm, correct geometry, with a deep pattern on the surface. The production process of this type consists in the sintering of raw materials in special containers of a given shape at high temperatures..
  • Extruded tiles It is produced by mixing polystyrene with substances that acquire good foaming properties under the influence of pressure and high temperatures. The resulting mass in the form of strips is processed with a film and divided into individual elements. The film allows you to repeat the color and texture of natural materials – wood, stone or plaster and various metals. The thickness of the extruded tile is 2-5 mm. These products have a high cost, the cheapest tiles are presented in white..

In terms of shape, ceiling tiles are divided into two types:

  1. with smooth edges – products in the shape of a square, due to the peculiarity of the edges, as tightly as possible to each other during the installation process;
  2. with irregular edges – this category of material is represented by products of designer brands. The use of such tiles allows you to give the interior of the room a unique and original style..

How to choose?

To buy really good material for finishing the ceiling, experts advise you to adhere to some rules:

  • Products should have an even and smooth shape, unless otherwise provided by the presence of a certain pattern and edge design options. If the tile has a pattern, then it must be clear and without any defects..
  • Particular attention should be paid to the edge of the elements. The quality of this component determines the state of the finished coating on the ceiling, as well as its visual appeal and invisibility of the seams..
  • The back of the tile should be checked for dents or bumps. Such defects are formed due to the heterogeneity of expanded polystyrene granules..
  • The strength level is tested by a very simple method: you need to take the product by the edge and hold it in the air for a couple of seconds. If the product is of poor quality, a crack will form on it..

The ceiling, which will be finished with seamless tiles, in addition to its excellent aesthetic properties, will also benefit from a democratic and affordable cost. The price range for this type of finishing material may differ in some way depending on the manufacturer of the tile, but in general, its cheapness remains unchanged..

Design and texture

Seamless tiles are guaranteed to be a beautiful solution for decorating the ceiling surface in any interior. The tile has many options for textures, color solutions attract with their diversity. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully about the issue of texture and color compatibility so that the result does not disappoint and is acceptable in each case..

In particular, this applies to small rooms, the decoration and design of which should visually increase their area. Colored products can serve as an excellent assistant in solving this problem..

There are a number of safe ways to visually increase the space of a room that many designers use:

  • a combination of tiles and mirror panels on the ceiling, as well as on walls or wardrobes;
  • wall decoration with wallpaper canvases in light colors;
  • ceiling decoration with tiles in light shades.

As for harmonious color compatibility, for example, it is better to combine blue with warm colors, and it is better not to use bright red shades when decorating ceilings, since they create the effect of a low ceiling in the room..

Elegant stucco molding looks very luxurious on the ceiling, and it is the seamless tiles that can imitate such decor.

In this case, it is better to opt for light and warm shades..

A wide range of colors and textures of seamless tiles allows you to decorate the ceiling in the room in any style, which is an obvious advantage of the material.

Extruded tiles are presented in a wide variety of all kinds of decor, among which imitation of natural materials, mirror surfaces, as well as a modern 3D format are in great demand..

It is impossible to list all the variants of patterns, textures and colors that exist today, since the assortment is constantly replenished with new models, shapes and shades. This trend is only gaining momentum every year, so it’s already quite difficult to find a similar ceiling tile from someone..

Supporters of classic trends in interior design prefer material with a smooth surface – such models are always relevant. Among the traditional options, one can single out ornaments that repeat the waves of the sea, or a chessboard made with rhombuses or triangles. Flower arrangements are also steadily popular, because the beauty of small buds or large blossoming flowers can conquer the customers of ceiling tiles..

Seamless tile perfectly repeats brickwork, is decorated with various abstractions, both with deep and surface relief. White tiles with gold or silver glitter amaze with their luxury.

Natural materials always remain in trend, thanks to which ceiling tiles that repeat the texture of wood or marble are receiving increased attention. For maximum similarity, tiles are usually painted in a natural color..


In order to exclude the possibility of a mistake when buying seamless ceiling tiles, it will not be superfluous to also familiarize yourself with the reviews of buyers who have already used this material for finishing in their apartments or private houses..

Most of the reviews on seamless tiles characterize this product from a good side. Among the advantages are the simplicity and speed of installation – in a couple of hours of work, you can tile the entire ceiling in the room with tiles. There is no point in hiring a special team of builders, since it is quite possible to glue the tiles to the surface with your own hands. This nuance significantly reduces the cost of such a finish..

For the installation of the material, you do not need to purchase and fix the profile or take out the furniture from the room, which provides additional comfort during work and reduces the duration of work. Tile gluing is carried out quickly, without contamination and unnecessary garbage in the apartment.

A good and varied assortment is another plus of seamless tiles, which is noted by buyers of the product.

Practicality is the main positive feature that is characteristic of the description of the material by the majority of consumers.. The material really does not need special care. Ceiling tiles also have a long service life, since they retain their original appearance for a long time, and if necessary, they can be easily repainted and updated, refreshing the design in the room..

It is impossible not to highlight the low cost of production. This factor is one of the fundamental when choosing one or another finishing coating, since any repair today is not cheap..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Tiled ceiling decoration, as the fashion for suspended and tension surfaces gained momentum, faded a little into the background. However, with the advent of seamless tiles, such a finish has again become very relevant..

The pronounced relief ornament goes well with stucco elements. A similar option for a seamless ceiling tile will be a chic decoration for the hall or living room..

The use of light shades will expand the space, and the decor will become visually more airy and weightless..

The simplicity of geometric patterns does not need any additions. Tiles with triangles or squares will allow you to give the interior laconicism, emphasize the chosen style of the room.

In addition to the most popular types of seamless tiles, there are original options that create extraordinary 3D effects on the ceiling. Such a surface will be very useful in a children’s room, and tile options that imitate natural stone, for example, marble, will decorate the bathroom. Ceiling decoration “brick” with seamless tiles – ideal for a corridor or hallway.

With a number of indisputable advantages, as well as a wide selection, seamless tiles for ceiling decoration are an inexpensive and attractive option for decorating various premises..

How to properly glue ceiling tiles "without seams", see the next video.

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