Siding Mitten: selection and characteristics

From time immemorial, they tried to improve the appearance of the walls of the house: to make it more noble for all passers-by and for oneself. Siding is now one of the preferred solutions. But the fact is that even this excellent material has its own characteristics, many of which depend on the manufacturer and the technologies used..


The ventilated facade is extremely popular now because it:

  • maintains the recommended moisture level of the “cake” of the wall;
  • allows you to dismantle structures quickly and “cleanly” as needed;
  • does not require “wet” works;
  • has excellent external and practical characteristics.

Siding can be installed even in the frosty season, regardless of the actual weather. The work will not require the involvement of a lot of people, as is often the case. At all stages – from preparation to improvement of appearance – the efforts of one person are enough.

But in order to fully reveal the advantages of panel finishing material, you need to choose a brand of goods with great care..

The Canadian company Mitten has long established itself on the positive side, and therefore it is worth talking about its products especially.

About the brand and its quality

The first siding of this brand was brought to the Russian Federation back in 1996. During all this time, he proved himself to be a quality material. Therefore, it is already possible to draw specific conclusions from the operating experience in Russian natural conditions.. Every year the demand for Canadian products only increased. The reasons are quite obvious:

  • the practicality of the cladding and the long period of its operation;
  • ease of installation;
  • provision of a lifetime warranty for all siding (exactly 50 years).

Properties and application

Speaking about the material for wall decoration, it is imperative to touch upon the topic of its external properties, because this is the main criterion available even to non-professionals (except for strength and service life). The Mitten company adheres to a rather traditional policy in the design of its products. Its color scheme, despite a wide variety of options, is calm shades..

Developers deliberately refused from bright and exciting paints – this is the commercial policy of the company. The assortment is dominated by the ship’s profile, although there are other solutions. For example, Southern beaded outwardly similar to herringbone profiles, but at the same time the specified collection is quite original in appearance. Any selection is sold immediately in the final configuration, which allows for installation. Experienced specialists constantly make sure that the correspondence of various details in technology and color is observed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any commercially available product has both strong and weak positions. Reviews show that Canadian siding of any color is lightweight and does not create a powerful load on the load-bearing elements of houses. It is not difficult to mount and, if necessary, remove it. Due to the elasticity of the substance, the appearance of dents on the surface is almost excluded. Features of production allow consumers to save from problems with mold and mildew, from the destruction of the product under the influence of moisture.

As for the problems, the most serious of them is the high thermal expansion index. Due to inattention to this circumstance, the mounted vinyl siding can quickly fail. In the cold, the panel turns out to be too fragile and collapses even from minor blows.

As vinyl builds up static electricity, if the casing is not grounded, the panel will become dusty..

When siding is installed in hot weather, and even more so with active insolation or at negative air temperatures, a high-quality facade cannot be made – overheating makes the panels too wide and inconvenient to work.

But in the cold, the material turns out to be fragile and can break even with slight pressure. Only caution and careful calculation can help to cope with these problems, if installers know about them. Even the Canadian technology of the XXI century does not allow to eliminate the weaknesses of vinyl. It is much more correct not to lament about this problem, but to pay attention to the correct choice of products.

Properties and varieties

The North American company produces siding:

  • length from 300 to 376 cm;
  • width from 170 to 230 mm;
  • thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm;
  • the highest resistance to wind (without accompanying mechanical shocks) at speeds up to 290 km / h;
  • a mandatory period of operation of up to half a century, even if the owner of the premises is changed repeatedly.

Thanks to the achievements of engineers, it was possible to ensure the suitability of siding for installation at temperatures from -20 to 0 degrees. Only colder temperatures can adversely affect the quality of structures. The permissible range of air temperature during operation is 100 degrees, the strongest heating is +50.

Board & Batten – these are panels placed in a vertical plane, which emphasize the specifics of the exterior of the building, go well with the dominant, horizontally oriented siding.

The line includes 14 types of colors, but in order to correctly distribute the visual zones of different colors, you will need a profile for edging. Since the profile does not bend anywhere, the panels appear wide despite the small working width.

Selection Sentry Mitten contains panels for horizontal laying with a ship’s profile. The tonalities are less diverse (there are only 10 types), but the cedar texture turns out to be very attractive to the eye.

An alternative can be considered solutions from the chain Oregon pride – it is this group that is considered by the management of the company to be the main one and is actively promoted. The audience shares quite such a high assessment.

The collection includes 14 nautical discreet panel shades. Of course, as in the other series, a complete mounting kit is provided. Consumer reviews speak of a rational ratio of cost and performance that has not yet been achieved in other collections. It is worth noting that the composition of products in the lines and their general list may change at any time..


Knowing this point is important not only for those who like to repair or build houses with their own hands, because professional builders have to be controlled at every step. Often they follow the path of least resistance, and then all sorts of incidents, problems and shortcomings arise. The Canadian manufacturer has formed a list of requirements for the securing procedure and related manipulations, which must be strictly observed.

It is imperative to form a crate, which is performed either in two layers or in one – it depends on whether there is a need for insulation or not.

Proprietary recommendations provide for starting installation from corners, as well as framing openings for windows and doors.

It is always necessary to pay attention to the gaps to compensate for thermal expansion, which are 0.6 cm for vinyl panels, because otherwise the surface may swell and become covered with ugly bumps. The standard for attaching the planks at the corners to the crate involves the use of self-tapping screws. Openings for windows and doors are made using platbands or strips in the form of the letter J.

It is also possible to use a set of main panels cut to length and assembled from the window side into a terminal strip. In this case, from the outside, fastening is made by corner profiles.

Simultaneously with such profiles, an initial bar is set, to which it is supposed to attach the initial row of blocks. At the top, it is also attached to the details of the crate with self-tapping screws. Then sequential fastening to the lock from below is combined with the introduction of the same screws from above.

MITTEN siding installation, see the following video.

Self-ignition of Mitten siding occurs only at a temperature of 432 degrees. If the outside air temperatures are negative, then the decrease in elasticity is limited to 20%. It is good to know that the warranty covers manufacturing defects, but not fading or discoloration. This is not too significant, as Canadian siding is more resistant to sunlight than many other versions. Reflective heat rays of the substance are added to the pigments, which additionally raises the shelf life.

Choosing Mitten siding

Despite the quality of this product, there are a number of subtleties that must be controlled when choosing it. For example, light shades are always preferable to dark shades as they fade more slowly in the sun..

It is recommended to find out if the sellers (dealers) have certificates confirming the compliance of the product with hygiene and fire standards, because Russian divisions are additional links in the chain, and it is better to play it safe.

It is worth checking carefully whether the thickness of the panels is uniform along the entire length..

High-quality vinyl siding has a uniform color from the front and back angles. The holes where the strips are fixed must be made the same by the manufacturer and placed in the upper part of the part. It is useful to check if there are locks at the highest point that block the breakdown of parts in case of sharp gusts of wind. It is undesirable to buy very thick panels (over 1.2 mm), as they have too little elasticity.

Official Canadian products are delivered in rigid cardboard containers, and when folded at the edge above the mounting holes, the siding does not break.

On a good product there can be no even slight traces of peeling and small cracks. It is important to understand that vinyl siding is divided into several target groups. With the help of spotlights, you can cover the roof protrusions and eaves. The basement type is small panels with high rigidity. There are also products for facades. All of them are of high quality, but they cannot replace each other..

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