Stretch ceilings Descor: pros and cons

Stretch ceilings Descor: pros and cons

Increasingly, people choose stretch ceilings as a ceiling decoration. Such designs not only give the room elegance and originality, but also emphasize the excellent taste of the owners. When choosing a canvas manufacturer, buyers first of all look at the quality of the product and its cost. Affordable and reliable stretch ceilings are offered by the German company Descor. The popularity of the products of this manufacturer is due to the numerous advantages of canvases and their high aesthetic performance..

Composition and application

One of the main features of Descor canvases is their composition. The ceilings are manufactured in Germany on modern equipment by applying molten polyurethane to a durable fabric base. After that, the base is processed with polyester on both sides. The result is seamless fabrics of European quality..

Descor stretch ceiling structures can be used for finishing ceilings in:

  • new buildings and secondary housing;
  • country houses;
  • hotel complexes;
  • places of public catering;
  • retail outlets.

The canvases are able to withstand temperature fluctuations and extremely low temperatures, so they can be installed on unheated objects. Also, German-made ceilings are environmentally friendly, confirmed by the relevant documentation..

Due to their safety for health, they can be used in the decoration of hospital premises and health centers, children’s institutions and other facilities..

Due to the fact that the company produces 3 main standard sizes of canvases: 3.1; 5.1; 6.1 m it is possible to choose a product for both small and large areas. If necessary, for facing large halls, stitching of several canvases is allowed..

Advantages and disadvantages

Descor stretch blades are incredibly durable products. Thanks to the knitted weaving of threads and special processing of the fabric, a high density of fibers per cm2 is achieved, which ensures the reliability of the ceiling. In addition, the products are characterized by good ventilation. They allow air to pass freely without interfering with its natural circulation in the room..

Also, Descor’s canvases:

  • have a small mass, due to which they do not create large power loads on the ceiling structure;
  • have high wear resistance (due to the special structure, the canvas is difficult to damage: tear, scratch or cut);
  • antistatic;
  • differ in refractory properties;
  • durable (the warranty period declared by the manufacturer is more than 10 years);
  • resistant to high humidity;
  • do not require specialized maintenance (products can be damp cleaned with detergents).

German designs are easy to install. No heating equipment is required to install a seamless seamless web. You can make the installation yourself, as evidenced by numerous reviews on the network. In general, the installation of 1 canvas will take about 4-6 hours..

Like all cladding materials, Descor ceiling tiles are not without drawbacks. The disadvantages of products include the smell of polyester. After installation, it will remain indoors for some time, after which it will fade away..

Also, the disadvantages include the lack of varnish designs, which is why lovers of gloss will have to look out for other options..


Descor company offers consumers a wide range of colors and textures of paintings. Among the products presented, buyers will be able to find a ceiling that meets specific aesthetic requirements.. An extensive palette of tones, a huge variety of patterns and prints, the ability to choose an image for application on fabric – thanks to this, consumers choose ceilings made in Germany.

It is noteworthy that not only large-format printing can be applied to the canvases, but also painted on their own or with the help of masters. In this way, you can create an exclusive ceiling that will emphasize the originality, grace and style of the interior..

It is permissible to paint the same canvas with acrylic compounds up to 10 times..

Thanks to seamless tension structures, it is possible to create any ceiling: arched, attic or multi-level. Choosing Descor products, you can quickly and inexpensively implement the most daring design idea, make the room luxurious, elegant, expensive and unlike others..


Basically, buyers respond positively to Descor stretch ceilings. Consumers note the simple installation of canvases: no additional equipment, dust and dirt.

Judging by the reviews, the ceilings do not sag when the temperature changes, wet cleanings, do not shine through, so that the wiring is not visible behind them. In addition, dust practically does not settle on the ceilings due to the antistatic effect. The installed seamless canvases look gorgeous. They are able to transform an ordinary room beyond recognition..

Also, consumers note:

  • good material density;
  • easy wet cleaning;
  • preservation of bright and vivid colors throughout the entire period of operation.

Some consumers have noted the disadvantages of Descor stretch fabrics. Among them are the inflated cost of production and an unpleasant “synthetic” smell from the new canvas..

In general, according to buyers, the price fully justifies the quality..

You can find out how to install a stretch ceiling with your own hands by watching the video below..

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