Stretch ceilings for the bedroom: features of choice and design

The choice of finishing materials in our time is rich and varied. Each customer has the opportunity to choose the appropriate wall, floor and ceiling coverings to their liking..

Today we will talk about how you can decorate the ceiling in the bedroom. A stretch fabric is perfect for this. Let us examine in more detail what features are characteristic of the design of such a finish..


Currently, a stretch ceiling is the most popular home decoration option. Such finishing materials have different textures and colors. Moreover, in stores you can find original canvases with drawings of different sizes, beautiful prints and spectacular combinations of contrasting shades..

A feature of stretch ceilings is that they can be installed in almost any room. It can be not only a living room, but also a kitchen, nursery or bedroom..

With the help of such a ceiling finish, you can transform a room or even radically change its structure. For example, installing a light canvas will create the feeling of a more spacious and “fresh” area, therefore owners of small apartments most often turn to this solution..

It is also worth noting that stretch ceilings can be installed both in apartments and in private houses. The main thing is to choose the right color and texture of the canvas..

Using a quality stretch ceiling, you can visually change the height of the room. This is especially true for those dwellings that do not have high walls.. As a rule, such areas look rather cramped, however, with the help of a well-chosen stretch ceiling, it is quite possible to solve this problem..

Today, many owners turn to another interesting design solution – a multi-level stretch ceiling. Most often, such structures are made up of plasterboard boxes of various shapes. With the help of a tiered ceiling, you can transform the atmosphere and make it incredibly stylish. It is permissible to install such structures in interiors of a wide variety of styles..

Advantages and disadvantages

Stretch ceilings are the most popular and widespread finishing materials..

This is due to their many advantages:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the attractive design of such a finishing material. With the help of a beautiful stretch coating, you can make the atmosphere truly unique and harmonious..
  • Before installing the stretch ceiling, the rough ceiling does not need to be prepared. This will help to significantly save time on repair work..
  • During the installation process, there is no construction dust and debris left from the tension cloths. You don’t have to close the furniture or take it to another room. Of course, many owners cover interior items with a film during the installation of the ceiling, however, according to experts, this is not a prerequisite.

  • It takes little time to install a stretch ceiling – just a few hours.
  • Under the stretch ceiling, you can hide unattractive elements such as communication systems, electrical wiring, alarm sensors and other similar parts.
  • Quality stretch coatings are reliable and durable finishing materials. They will retain their original appearance for many years..

In the course of some inspections, it was found that the service life of such canvases can be about 30 years..

  • The stretch ceiling is not only easy to install, but also easy to dismantle. After removal, such materials do not lose their properties, and their appearance does not cease to be attractive. The dismantled canvases can be installed a second time.
  • Cracks and chips do not appear on the surface of such a coating during shrinkage. That is why such a finish is ideal for new buildings and country cottages..
  • Such a ceiling covering has soundproofing qualities. This characteristic is especially relevant if you install it in the bedroom, where it should always be quiet and calm..
  • Dust and dirt do not accumulate on the surface of this ceiling, so it does not have to be cleaned constantly.

  • The stretch ceiling is not subject to corrosion. Also, it does not enter into chemical reactions with various substances. No noticeable smudges and stains remain on such a canvas..
  • Such finishing materials only seem fragile and unprotected to many buyers. In fact, they are able to withstand impressive loads. So, 1 sq. m of canvas can withstand about 100 kg. In addition, these finishing materials are not afraid of impacts and do not deform over time..
  • High-quality stretch ceilings do not require complex and regular maintenance. If dirt appears on their surface, then you can get rid of them with a simple soapy solution and a damp cloth..

  • Such finishing materials are water resistant. Most specimens can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1 sq. m, which allows you to save furniture and other interior items in case of flooding.
  • After pumping out excess water on the stretch ceiling, there are no traces of what happened – no streaks, no stains, no darkened or lightened areas.
  • Stretch ceilings meet international norms and standards. These coatings do not burn, do not exude unpleasant odors, and do not emit toxic substances. Of course, there are also low-quality materials in stores – they can be harmful to the health of households. High-quality ceilings are much more environmentally friendly and safer..

As you can see, stretch ceilings have a considerable list of positive qualities, thanks to which consumers so often choose them for finishing their homes..

If you are determined to install such a canvas in your bedroom, then you should familiarize yourself with its shortcomings:

  • Many consumers attribute their cost to the disadvantages of stretch ceilings.
  • Such materials are completely sealed..

Many experts believe that the ceiling finish should be “breathable”, and this will never be the case with PVC sheets..

  • There are seams on the stretch fabrics. Of course, for large rooms, you can also pick up a seamless woven option, but it will cost a lot to buyers..

  • It is unlikely that you will be able to install a stretch ceiling on your own if you do not have special equipment. That is why most often the owners hire specialists for such work..
  • Not all types of stretch canvases are capable of protecting a room in the event of flooding..
  • PVC sheets are quite thin. As a rule, the owners are very afraid of damaging them. Cleaning of such coatings should be done as carefully and carefully as possible, keeping sharp objects away from the canvas itself..

Types of construction

In the bedroom, you can install not only a simple, but also a multi-level ceiling. Such design solutions can transform the interior and make it more organic..

Let’s take a closer look at what types of ceiling structures with tension canvases exist today..


This is the simplest design that can be installed in bedrooms of absolutely any size and layout. Most often, owners of apartments with low ceilings turn to such options, where it is not recommended to use multi-level boxes..

Also, single-level structures can be used in interiors of different stylistic orientations. A simple ceiling will look harmonious in both classic and modern environments..

The advantages of these design options include their affordable cost. You do not have to spend money on a large amount of material required to make a box with several steps.


These structures can be used if the area of ​​the bedroom allows it. Otherwise, you risk reducing the already modest space..

With the help of two-level ceilings, you can make unobtrusive zoning of space. For example, you can separate the functional reading area from the sleeping area. With such solutions, the canvases at different heights can have different colors and textures..


Such ceiling structures are more complex and intricate. They can include three, four or more planes..

Such ceilings look very impressive and original. However, they can not be installed in all rooms..

The multi-level structure is designed only for spacious areas, as it takes up quite a lot of space.


Stretch ceilings are available in different textures. They are:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • satin.

The most common are glossy canvases.. Otherwise they are called varnish. Such finishing materials are distinguished by a beautiful design., however, they are not installed very often in bedrooms.. This is due to the fact that natural light streaming from window openings is reflected from their mirror surface..

Constant glare from the sun can interfere with household members. At night, such a canvas can reflect the light of lanterns and car headlights, which will disrupt the sleep of the owners..

The advantages of a mirrored ceiling include the fact that it can visually increase the area of ​​the room. However, according to consumers, dust accumulates on its surface, so such finishing materials often have to be cleaned with a damp cloth..

It should be borne in mind that glossy ceiling films look more organic in modern stylistic directions. They are unlikely to fit into a classic setting..

Matt finishes are classics of interior decoration. The ceiling, designed in this way, looks like plastered. Due to the rough texture on such canvases, the light does not “play” and does not reflect, so they can be safely installed in bedrooms.

Ceilings with a matte texture create the illusion of a perfectly flat and neat ceiling. It may seem not only plastered, but also painted in one color or another. Almost no dust accumulates on the surface of such finishing materials.. They can be used not only in classic, but also in modern interior styles..

Practical and attractive satin fabrics are very popular today. Such ceilings combine all the advantages of mirrored and matte ceilings. They also have a slightly rough surface, but at the same time they reflect light beautifully without creating unnecessary glare..

Satin ceiling has a very attractive and stylish design. It looks organic in both classic and more progressive ensembles..

    Satin stretch ceilings look differently in different lighting conditions.

    For example, in daylight, they look more like a luxurious woven fabric, and in artificial light, they acquire spectacular glossy shades that make the atmosphere brighter..

    Color and design

    Stretch ceilings are available in a variety of colors.

    For the bedroom, beige, snow-white, pale pink, peach and other pastel canvases are ideal.. Such ceilings will have a calming effect and will also be easy to combine with other colors in the interior. Plus, these neutral colors suit most interior styles..

    A black stretch ceiling will look very bold in the bedroom. Psychologists are skeptical about such a design decision, arguing that such a dark color of the ceiling will have an extremely depressing effect on the owners.. However, many people still turn to this bedroom design, as it suits their taste..

    If you are determined to turn to a black ceiling, then you should consider that they will make a too small room even cramped. In addition, the rest of the details in the interior should not be as dark, otherwise the space will simply merge into a single black spot..

    Such canvases are more often used in more modern stylistic directions..

    Color ceiling coverings can also be installed in the bedroom.. Blue, green, pale blue and pink canvases are best suited for this.. Saturated reds, oranges, purples and yellows excite the human nervous system, so it is better to refuse such paints in the decoration of the bedroom – they will interfere with fast falling asleep and healthy sleep.

    Two-color and multi-color stretch coatings are very popular today.. They can combine both contrasting paints and different shades of the same color. Such coatings look interesting in a bedroom. With such options, you can make visual zoning of the room..

    For more elaborate ensembles, stretch ceilings with a gold surface are perfect. Such canvases look expensive and elegant. but it is recommended to combine them with simpler wall decoration, otherwise the ensemble may be too “heavy”.

    Also, beautiful and original canvases with a beautiful 3D drawing are in demand among consumers..

    The most popular are the ceilings with the image:

    • starry sky;
    • the sea coast;
    • wildlife (forest, trees);
    • blue sky with white clouds;
    • birds and butterflies;
    • contrasting patterns;
    • space;
    • abstract compositions.

    Which to choose?

    Let’s consider in detail how to choose a suitable stretch ceiling for a bedroom.

    For a small bedroom in a city apartment, it is better to choose light-colored canvases and use simple one-level designs. For more spacious areas, a multi-level ceiling is also quite suitable. Its color can be more than just pastel. The main thing is that it matches the rest of the colors in the interior..

    For a child’s bedroom, you can choose something more positive and cheerful. For example, in the bedroom of a little girl, a canvas with butterflies, flowers or cartoon characters will look very organic..

    But it is not worth buying an overly bright and colorful ceiling for a nursery – everything should be in moderation. Otherwise, the child will be uncomfortable in such an environment, and he will not be able to fall asleep quickly..

    In the bedroom of a little boy, ceilings with images of cars and cartoons will look harmonious. Solid colors are also acceptable. Blue, green and blue colors are suitable for the boy’s room..

    Ceilings with cartoon characters will not work for a teenager’s room. Here it is better to give preference to more fashionable and “adult” canvases. It can be plain options or beautiful films depicting the starry sky, space, abstraction.. Consumers leave extremely enthusiastic reviews about these original ceilings, since they look fashionable and non-trivial..


    Correctly selected lighting plays an important role in the design of the stretch ceiling in the bedroom..

    Such canvases can be supplemented with the following lighting fixtures:

    • hanging chandelier (such devices are characterized by a central location);
    • recessed spotlights (they often complement the main chandelier in the center of the ceiling);
    • a scattering of small bulbs (most often they are used in the design of the ceiling – starry sky).

      Lighting devices can be placed on the stretch ceiling as you wish. They can frame wavy lines of film or drywall, line up in a circle, oval or square.

      Often, several different devices are present on the same ceiling. For example, this could be the main center chandelier surrounded by small bulbs..

      Thanks to this combination, a richer and more uniform light will be present in the bedroom..

      When choosing lighting fixtures, give preference to economical LED models. This is due not only to their sparing energy consumption, but also to the fact that stretch ceilings do not tolerate high temperatures, including from lamps, and LED bulbs do not heat up.

      Tips & Tricks

      If you decide to install a stretch ceiling in the bedroom, then you should adhere to the following professional recommendations:

      • In the design of the children’s room, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of damage to the canvas. If such defects do appear on the ceiling, then they can be closed with spotlights..
      • It is recommended to buy recessed lamps for such a finish with a margin, so that later you will not face the problem of finding a suitable model..
      • You can make the ceiling more interesting and attractive by using LED strip. As a rule, it is installed along the perimeter of the canvas. Stores sell ribbons in a variety of colors..

      • Avoid hanging large ceiling chandeliers if your room is small and has narrow ceilings. In such conditions, a bulky lighting device will look too heavy and inharmonious..
      • If you want to visually increase the height of the walls, then you should install the lamps along the contour of the ceiling. In case you need to create the effect of a longer area, then the devices must be installed longitudinally.
      • Designers do not recommend using too bright colors in the bedroom. If you are an energetic person and love bold design ideas, then you should turn to such colorful ceilings. However, be prepared for the possibility that over time, their brightness will begin to annoy you..

      • Don’t look for too cheap ceilings. In this case, you run the risk of purchasing a low-quality canvas, which not only will not last long, but will also release chemicals hazardous to health..
      • If the ceiling needs cleaning, you should use a soft, damp cloth. Never use hard brushes – they can damage the material.

      In addition, such ceilings do not need to be rubbed too hard..

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      A glossy ceiling of a deep chocolate shade will look very interesting and fresh in the interior of the bedroom. It can be surrounded by a plasterboard box with rounded edges and recessed lights. A ceiling in such a noble design will look amazing in a bedroom with a chocolate mirrored podium, on which there is a double bed with light linens..

      The walls in such a room should be made light..

            A glossy dark blue ceiling can be positioned in a bedroom with soft blue walls and blue carpet on the floor. In such a room, a laconic wooden bed with small wooden side tables will look organic. A scattering of small bulbs forming a circle will look great as lighting..

            For even more options for stretch ceilings for the bedroom, see the following video.

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