Stretch ceilings in a wooden house: pros and cons

Many owners of country wooden houses and cottages are thinking about modern interior decoration of the premises. The atmosphere of a wooden building is always filled with unique comfort and warmth. But no matter how good the wood finish is, any homeowner wants a change..

With the help of finishing materials, you can radically change the interior and design of the room. Modern coatings are durable and easy to maintain. But before choosing this or that material, you need to figure out whether it is suitable for finishing a wooden building..

This is the case with the currently popular stretch ceilings. Glossy or matte canvases, of course, will perfectly fit and decorate the interior of any room, but before installing stretch ceilings in a wooden house, you need to understand some of the intricacies.

Advantages of the material

In modern apartments, this type of ceiling decoration has long become familiar and popular. The stretch canvas perfectly hides all the flaws and irregularities of the ceiling.

For wooden houses, you can also choose such a coating, taking into account all the pros and cons of this finish..

  • Installing a stretch ceiling will not cause much difficulty. Installation will not take much time. Special profiles are fixed on the wooden ceiling slab much easier than in apartments on a concrete base, so the installation process can be completed in the shortest possible time.
  • The stretch ceiling perfectly masks various communications: wires, air ducts, and so on..

  • Various lighting fixtures are built directly into the stretch ceiling.
  • Suspended coverings reliably protect the room from moisture leakage.
  • This finish does not need any additional maintenance. Sometimes it is enough to wipe the coating with a damp cloth.
  • The ceiling sheet practically does not deform when the walls of the room shrink.
  • Installation of the coating can be started immediately after the construction of the house..
  • This type of finish does not need frequent repairs, it is durable.
  • The cost of coverage is quite affordable.
  • Wide range of design options.


We can say that this coating has absolutely no negative qualities.. But if we consider it as an option for finishing a wooden house, then it is worth noting some of the nuances.

  • This decorative ceiling covering is suitable for rooms with a constant air temperature above zero. Stretch ceilings lose their properties, become brittle, crack under the influence of subzero temperatures.
  • Failure to comply with the necessary requirements for the installation of a ceiling covering, high humidity in the room, roof leaks and so on lead to the formation of mold and mildew behind the stretch ceiling.
  • The decorative ceiling covering neutralizes the whole meaning of living in a wooden house. Although this can be said about almost all modern finishing materials.
  • Installation of stretch ceiling coverings becomes much more complicated if the walls of the house are made of solid, round logs. A special profile for installing the cover must be fixed on a flat surface.

  • Under the influence of air currents when opening doors and windows, slight vibration of the coating occurs.
  • Various small debris sometimes accumulates behind the stretch cover, this affects the external data of the product. Also, exposure to high humidity leads to rotting debris and the formation of mildew and mold..
  • Small rodents and insects can penetrate through the cracks in the main ceiling covering.
  • The decorative coating significantly lowers the height of the ceilings in the room.
  • It is strictly forbidden to attach the cover to the ovens..
  • The installation of a decorative canvas implies the use of a special heat gun, this significantly increases the risk of fires in the room..

The use of decorative coatings in a wooden house has many disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully weigh all the pros and cons before finishing with a stretch ceiling. In most cases, many negative aspects of installing stretch ceilings in a wooden building can be circumvented.. It is enough to carefully observe the necessary requirements and rules for installing the coating.

Some of the nuances are best foreseen during the construction of a dwelling, but this is not always possible. Therefore, you need to try to correct the shortcomings during the installation of the stretch ceiling.

How to avoid troubles during the construction phase?

When planning a future house, literally every little thing is thought out: the dimensions of the rooms, the shape and size of window and door openings, interior decoration, and so on..

Therefore, it will be quite easy to take into account and provide for all the nuances..

  • The required height of the ceilings in the room is negotiated and calculated in advance, taking into account the heat-insulating and sound-insulating materials and the construction of the tension cover. It is imperative to remember that special structural elements are fixed only on a flat surface and must be level. You can fix the structure on the ceiling beams.
  • All works on waterproofing the roof of the building must be performed with high quality in order to prevent precipitation from getting on wooden structures.

  • It is imperative to carefully process all wooden structural elements with special means aimed at increasing the resistance of the tree to fire and decay..
  • It is necessary to provide for a standby heating method. This is necessary to maintain a positive temperature in the house, if permanent residence is not planned..

  • It is necessary to provide in advance the outline around the chimney and fireplace pipes. A special profile for the installation of a stretch ceiling is fixed to the rim, thereby protecting the structure from melting.
  • High-quality installation of the main ceiling covering and sealing of all cracks. Thus, it is possible to prevent the entry of small rodents and insects into the interceiling space..

For the same purpose, special devices and devices for scaring them can be placed in the room..

  • It is necessary to exclude the possibility of getting various debris on the tension cover.
  • A very important and crucial point is the ventilation of the space between the main covering and the stretch ceiling. These works must be performed as efficiently as possible. The protection of the ceiling surface from mold and mildew depends on this..

Features of selection and installation

You should choose a stretch ceiling taking into account the design of the room, since the coating can completely transform the interior.

  • First you need to determine which surface texture is most suitable for the style of the room. A matte finish is the best option for almost any room, which cannot be said about a glossy ceiling. For small rooms, a glossy stretch ceiling is an excellent solution. It will help to visually increase the size of the room, thanks to its excellent reflective effect..

  • Color plays an important role in the choice of decorative coating. For small rooms, you need to opt for light shades of stretch ceilings. This will help to visually expand the space of the room..
  • Dark shades of finishes are suitable for rooms with a special, stylized interior, where every component is thought out. In rooms where windows face the north side, it is better to use finishing in warm colors. Such a stretch ceiling will help create a cozy atmosphere and add bright and juicy colors to the interior..
  • Nowadays, you can often find decorated stretch ceilings. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, the ceiling is decorated with photo printing. This greatly expands the design possibilities..

It should be noted that stretch ceiling canvases appeared relatively recently on the market of building and finishing materials. The popularity of this decorative coating is growing due to its excellent technical characteristics: durability, reliability, wear resistance, resistance to high humidity, ease of maintenance.. Such a ceiling most often deserves only the most positive reviews.. But stretch ceilings have a main distinguishing feature – the high cost of installation.

The installation process can be done by hand, this will not cause great difficulties and will significantly save on payment for the services of experienced specialists. In this case, however, there will be additional costs for the purchase of special equipment necessary for work.

Also, the cost of consumables increases significantly. Professional craftsmen who provide services for the installation of stretch ceilings purchase consumables at wholesale prices. In addition, experienced specialists in the process of work practically do not allow marriage..

Interior decoration is very important for any space, be it a city apartment or a private wooden house.. With the help of stretch ceilings, you can create a certain atmosphere and comfort in every interior.

You can find out detailed instructions for installing a stretch ceiling by watching the video below.

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