Super Decor rubber paint: characteristics and scope

Super Decor rubber paint: characteristics and scope

The modern construction market offers more and more different options for surface finishing every year. The paint is always in demand because of its versatility and a large selection of colors. This article will consider the Super Decor rubber paint, which is not familiar to every buyer..

Features and Benefits

Developers of construction novelties in Russia have long been approaching the level of European countries in technology, design and product quality. In most cases, the price factor is also on the side of the domestic manufacturer..

In many hardware stores, you can now find Baltikolor products under the name Super Decor Rubber. The manufacturer positions this material as rubber paint. This is a relatively new development, which is significantly different from the usual dyes for consumers. Made from water-based acrylic with various additives to improve performance.

The rubber coating was nicknamed for its appearance. It resembles a thin layer of rubber. An elastic, soft film is formed on the surface, covering all microroughnesses. Conventional paints create a hard coating that corrodes easily. The texture of the coating is not embossed, the coating is matte.

The main advantages of Super Decor paint are:

  • Excellent adhesion to many types of substrates.
  • Frost resistance: the manufacturer guarantees the preservation of all properties of the coating at temperatures from -50 to +80 C.
  • High elasticity.
  • Resistance to various mechanical influences and changes in natural factors: changes in air temperature, changing seasons, high humidity, and more.
  • Easy to clean: painted surfaces can be washed and cleaned even with soapy water.

  • Ease of application, the paint dries quickly enough.
  • Sustainability is especially important in some cases, for example, when used indoors with a large flow of people. There are no harmful substances in the paint that can be released into the air.
  • Waterproofing function.
  • The treated surface remains breathable.
  • Mold and mildew resistant thanks to special additives.
  • The range of shades will make it easy to choose a color for every taste.
  • Long service life. The manufacturer guarantees the preservation of technical properties for 10 years.
  • Does not fade.
  • Fire safety and fire resistance.

Where is used?

Super Decor rubber paint has a huge range of applications. A wide variety of surfaces are processed with it, for example:

  • All types of wooden materials: plywood, timber, lining, boards, chipboard, OSB and fiberboard. Wooden structures are exposed to moisture. Wood, due to the absorption of moisture vapors and their evaporation, can subsequently contribute to the formation of cracks in the paint layer, but the rubber material can take the form of a modified surface. And its breathability reduces the risk of mold..
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminum alloys, galvanized surfaces, paint protects them from corrosion.

  • Mineral substrates: concrete, gas blocks, gypsum compounds, brickwork, stone surfaces, asphalt, ondulin and slate.
  • Paper and mixed finishes: wallpaper of any composition, drywall.
  • Products based on synthetic polymers: plastic, rubber, expanded polystyrene, polystyrene foam, isolone and various films.
  • Various types of putty and plaster.
  • All kinds of paints.

Due to its properties, the new generation paint is able to solve many problems in construction.

  • If you decorate the roof of a building with it, you will get not only a beautiful appearance with rich color and a pleasant matte look, but also a durable coating. Defects that develop in the material over time can also be covered with a rubber compound to eliminate moisture penetration..
  • The same property is useful when processing internal surfaces in swimming pools, bathrooms and other areas for washing..

  • Another great advantage of Super Decor is that it is absolutely non-slippery. This is an excellent quality when covering tennis courts, jogging tracks, stadiums, playgrounds. Low susceptibility to wear will keep the paint layer intact for a long time.
  • The long service life of the coating ensures the validity of its use for fences and facades of buildings, as well as various elements inside the premises..

How to use correctly?

Pre-treatment of the base

When applying any composition to the surface, it must be prepared. Otherwise, even the most high-quality and wear-resistant composition can deform, quickly collapse and lose its decorative properties, as well as expose the base itself to negative influences..

Surface preparation is as follows:

  • First of all, the base that you are going to paint must be inspected for defects and all dirt must be removed: remnants of past treatments and paints, stains, dust and other debris. Be sure to pay attention to grease contamination. If they are not treated with special compounds, then in these places the paint can immediately peel off, because it will lose its adhesive properties..
  • All cracks and chips must be repaired with repair compounds: putty, plaster, cement mixtures. After that, the surface is completely leveled and dust free..

  • Priming is a very important step that should never be skipped. Thanks to the primer mixtures, the adhesion of the paint to the base will improve and its consumption will decrease..
  • If you are applying Super Decor to pre-painted surfaces, you will need to achieve some roughness in the substrate by sanding. This will make the paint stronger and last longer..
  • For pretreatment of wooden bases, you can additionally use fungicidal and anti-mold compounds. It will be useful to apply anti-corrosion mixtures on metal substrates..

Paint application

Preparation of paint and work with it must be carried out strictly in accordance with the recommendations on the packaging. After opening the can, you need to stir the composition. If you need a thinner consistency, dilute the mixture with a little water..

The manufacturer recommends applying at least a couple of coats to the surface to obtain the best quality coating. In this case, each subsequent layer is applied when the previous one has completely hardened..

You can use both a roller and spray guns or brushes. In the process of painting, do not forget to sometimes additionally stir the mixture. If you carry out processing outdoors, make sure that the air temperature is above zero. True, the manufacturer has a special modification of the dye for work in the cold..

The profitability of rubber paint is ensured by its low cost compared to other types of paints and varnishes and low consumption in combination with a long service life.


Depending on the material to be coated, the paint is used as follows:

  • For metals – about 250 g per square meter of area.
  • For all types of wooden bases and slabs – about 350 g per 1 sq. m.
  • For mineral and mineral-treated walls, ceilings and floors – about 400 g / m2.
  • In the case of roofing, it is necessary to increase the consumption by 50-100 grams for greater strength.


In order for the Super Decor composition to meet all your expectations, you must carefully monitor its condition. If various defects appear in some places over time, you need to immediately eliminate them: remove corrosion, waterproof chips and cracks, prime and additionally paint the damaged areas.

It is possible to wash and clean products covered with rubber paint only after it has completely dried..

In places with high humidity (swimming pools, baths, saunas and showers), you can additionally walk on the painted layer with disinfectants.


Buyers note the wide selection of colors presented and the beauty of paint shades, as well as good covering ability. The ability of the composition to easily renew old materials is emphasized: metal, tiles, slate, wood and concrete. The importance of thorough preparation of the base and correctly selected primers for different types of bases and environmental conditions is noted..

For a more detailed review of rubber paint, see the next video..

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