Tecos siding: features and benefits

High-quality modern exterior finish combines high performance and decorative properties. Among the rich assortment, siding occupies a special place – it is a profitable, practical and easy-to-install material. These are the characteristics of the products of the foreign brand Tecos..

Briefly about the manufacturer

The Tecos trademark belongs to the Belgian TECO group. The manufacturer is constantly working on improving the product and expanding the sales market. Tecos is currently the largest international enterprise. In the production process, the company uses innovative equipment and carefully selected raw materials. And also the invaluable contribution is made by professionals of the highest class..

A foreign company began development in 2004 and after 3 years the first products from the manufacturer appeared on store shelves.. During its existence, the brand has always set world quality standards. Each batch of goods undergoes careful control at all shocking production. To carry out work on the basis of our own laboratories, high-precision equipment is used. Due to the fact that specialists take into account the peculiarities of the Russian climate in the manufacture of finishing materials, the products are ideal for Russian consumers..

The main direction of the company is the manufacture of vinyl siding. Experts have developed a wide variety of collections for every taste.


Today, siding is widely used among Russian buyers. The material is used for cladding private houses, summer cottages, country buildings and other similar objects. The main task of finishing is to protect the building from the destructive effects of external factors and improve its appearance. The finishing material from the aforementioned manufacturer is made by means of a special co-extrusion technology. The technology allows the production of homogeneous panels with different performance characteristics.

The main component is polyvinyl chloride. The result is a reliable, stylish and durable material that is resistant to various negative factors. The main distinguishing feature of vinyl siding is its layering. Each layer fulfills its individual purpose. Finishing material, made in accordance with high international quality standards, withstands long-term loads, retaining its shape and presentable appearance.


Vinyl sheathing from a European manufacturer has the following performance indicators:

  • the dimensions of the panels are 3.66 meters in length, 0.23 meters in width;
  • facade decoration under a stone has a length of 3.26 meters and a width of 0.30 meters;
  • the soffit is 3.05 meters long and 0.305 meters wide;

  • thickness varies from 0.9 to 1.2 meters;
  • packing – from 14 to 18 panels per pack;
  • the weight of one package is 35 kilograms;
  • expansion of the finishing material – from 3 to 6.5 millimeters at 49 °.


The popularity of products from the Belgian manufacturer is due to the huge list of advantages.

After analyzing the technical characteristics of the product, customer reviews and experts, a list of advantages was compiled:

  • a rich assortment of panels – a huge variety of panels that differ in color and texture to choose from;
  • long service life of the finish – siding retains its beauty and strength for several decades;
  • excellent wear resistance and practicality – the material tolerates mechanical damage, loads and capricious weather conditions, such as rain, wind, hail, direct sunlight, sudden temperature changes, etc.
  • affordable price compared to other cladding options;

  • due to their low weight, the panels do not load the supporting structure;
  • elastic finishing material has a unique ability to restore its shape after minor damage;
  • thanks to the simple installation process, you can install the siding yourself;
  • the material is completely resistant to fungal infection, rotting and mold;
  • taking care of the panels is as easy as shelling pears – sometimes it is enough to water the sheathing with a hose;
  • completely safe, environmentally friendly material that does not emit hazardous substances when used.


To fully understand the product, you need to familiarize yourself not only with the merits of the product, but also with its flaws..

The disadvantages of vinyl siding are few, however, they are.

  • This type of casing is a combustible material. An open fire will severely damage the cladding. When burning, siding emits a huge amount of smoke.
  • Despite the practicality and strength of the material, under strong mechanical stress, the panel can break.
  • You need to be as careful as possible during frosts. At sub-zero temperatures, the panels become fragile.
  • Vinyl sheathing has a high coefficient of thermal expansion. This characteristic must be taken into account when carrying out installation work..


It is worth considering the assortment of the Tecos brand. Each collection is a combination of practicality, reliability, durability and aesthetics.

  • Ardennes. The first collection worth stopping at is named after the Ardenne mountain range, which is located in Belgium. In the manufacturing process, manufacturers copied the texture of wood that grows within the above region. Using the products from this collection, you can be sure that the house is protected from the vagaries of bad weather and external mechanical stress. In addition to practicality, the company’s employees took care of the appearance of the panels. The selection attracts attention with a variety of colors and shades. The collection offers customers a variety of colors for every taste, from soft and classic tones to bright colors..

Among the most popular are options such as ivory, vanilla, beige, dark coral and coffee with milk..

  • Ardennes Acrylic. The foreign trade mark Tecos was the first to introduce Russian buyers to acrylic and vinyl siding. In the manufacture of products, specialists use the coextrusion technique. The inner layer of the panel has excellent strength and durability. Each item from the catalog boasts increased resistance to direct sunlight, acid rain, increased moisture and other damaging environmental factors. The following positions were especially popular: arabica, burgundy and burgundy.

  • Natural wood effect Acrylic. Currently, this collection is the most popular among the rich assortment of vinyl siding. Like other finishing materials, catalog items are produced by coextrusion, however, the top layer of the sheet is made from a special acrylic polymer. This component has excellent UV resistance. Representatives of the company use a special dyeing technique, due to which the color of the finishing material is preserved for a long period of time. Manufacturers paid special attention to the accuracy of imitation of natural wood. The craftsmen managed to copy not only the color of the natural material, but also its unique texture. The collection includes two items: Canadian oak and Lebanese cedar.

Natural stone finish

The finishes for the facade of the building, which are presented in this selection, attract attention with the texture and color of natural stone. Siding, imitating natural material, will give buildings a stylish, original and expressive appearance. In addition to beauty, professionals took care of the technical side of the products. Panels from the Natural wood effect collection have excellent practicality, durability and long service life. Cladding panels are recommended to be used both in the lower part of the building and along the entire facade of the house..

The cladding can be combined with products from other vinyl siding series to create an original exterior design.


It is worth considering reviews from real buyers and specialists dealing with Tecos brand products. Given the data available to date, it is safe to say that most of all reviews are positive. Consumers noted the excellent combination of price and quality. A wide assortment was not left without attention, attracting attention with a rich selection of shades. There are also negative responses. Some buyers have noted that the panels remain exposed to direct sunlight despite being UV protected. However, one should not deny the possibility that a fake fell into the hands of buyers..

You will learn even more information about Tecos siding in the following video..

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