The use of decorative beams on the ceiling in interior decoration

Everyone wants to be closer to nature and have the opportunity after working days to take a break from the hustle and bustle and sit by the family hearth. Therefore, everyone approaches the interior design very carefully..

Decorative beams are often used to decorate ceilings. After all, it is precisely such simple decor elements that create a feeling of comfort in the room..


Many owners make ceiling beams with their own hands. They are installed around the entire perimeter of the room. They are fixed with special fasteners. For filing the ceiling, you can use drywall or OSB boards. They are made of wood or polyurethane..

Decorative beams made of wood are usually installed in a country house, and their imitation is suitable for finishing garages and apartments – polyurethane plates. They are a stylish decoration for homes with high ceilings. The beams emphasize the fact that the room is so spacious, plus everything else is supported by the load-bearing walls. They are often used to support an attic or loft. Previously, such a structure was also often used in the construction of houses and was called one of the most important construction details..

The ceiling, which has beamed trim, gives the home a cosiness, especially if it is made in contrasting colors and looks unusual against the background of a plain ceiling surface.

But even if the tones are the same, the overlapping of beams will attract the attention of guests, as it is the central element of any room..

Also with their help, you can decorate different communications. These are both electric wires and pipes. Will look great between beams or pendant lights on them. Plus, they have a low price tag. They visually reduce or, conversely, increase the size of the room.. With their help, you can divide the space in the room into several zones..


For the manufacture of such structures, different materials are used, which can be divided into natural and artificial. If the entire roof frame is supported on them, then it is necessary to take more durable floors, which can be metal, wood and even made of concrete. The most commonly used wood is oak or pine.. These structures are installed mainly in private houses, but they have a small drawback – this is the severity.

Natural wood beams are environmentally friendly. They are used in houses with a predominance of wood., however, they can often be found in more modern interiors..

Since the fasteners of the structure are easy to do with your own hands, finishing with protruding beams can save the family budget..

For city apartments, materials that imitate natural wood are suitable.. It can be polyurethane or plastic structures or plasterboard beams, allowing you to hide all imperfections and communications.

Polyurethane is an artificial material that imitates any real surface, including the texture of wood. It is light in weight and low in price compared to other materials..

Very often to create an interior in the beloved by many modern loft style use iron exposed beams for dividing the room into different zones. They can be decorated with burlap or made in the form of a lattice..

If it is not possible to open a structure from decorative beams, but you want to do this, then modern false beams are used. They are light enough and have a wide range of colors..

They can also be used to set the backlight. To do this, you need to build lamps into them and at the same time hide the electrical wiring..

Also often use artificial false beams to decorate old floors, which are easier to decorate than redo. This is the easiest way to make them attractive. You can refine any type of ceiling: stretch, classic and drywall.

With the help of false beams, you can divide any room into zones or make a window with stained glass inserts.


In the old days, the use of concrete or wooden beams was important only to support the ceiling, but in the modern world their purpose is more decorative in nature. They are very often used to create interiors in rustic or “northern” styles. They are also appropriate in modern trends, for example, loft or high-tech..


This style combines warmth and real comfort. Chalet-style buildings are located mainly in the mountains, where there is a lot of snow and clean air, although in recent years, modern city apartments have also been decorated in a similar way..

The interior includes only natural materials that give a person a sense of security and tranquility. The ceilings are made of wood and have beams made of conifers. Ceiling beams are often intertwined with log or plank structures on the walls. They darken slightly over time because the tree gives off resin..


The main attribute of the Scandinavian style is often precisely the wooden beams on the ceiling.. Their shades should be light. This makes the room look very spacious and comfortable. It seems as if the sun itself fills the room.


In the French style, beams are often used as a decorative element. However, its main color will be white or other light tones..


The rustic style is dominated by natural materials. This includes both wood and stone. Beam structures made of natural wood or with imitation of wood are often used for decoration.. Very often they are artificially aged.. Colors can be light or dark. All this together creates a homely atmosphere..


Classics are always austerity and simplicity, but at the same time a kind of bombast. However, in our time, this style does not look as pompous as in the old days, when it just arose..

To decorate such a room solid beams of the opposite color to the ceiling will do, which will add sophistication to the interior.

To emphasize the luxury, you can decorate them with carvings or paint them with beautiful patterns..


In this direction, such techniques as demonstratively left unfinished communications or decoration are often used. The main material for the floors is metal. With the help of such beams, it is possible to divide the room into several zones and install illumination on them..


When creating any interior, you need to be as attentive as possible to small details. One has only to see how you can beat the surface with strict or fancy designs..

With the help of ceiling beams, you can divide the room into several zones. If you take the kitchen and living room, then it will not be difficult to zone them using a bar counter. And the beams above it will perfectly complement the composition..

They also add texture to the room. All this is achieved thanks to the interweaving of different colors and the correct location..

Beams running parallel to each other look very nice. At the same time, it is good if they have a color opposite to the base of the ceiling. Alternatively, you can use wooden beams in the same tone as the ceiling..

Choosing shades of such materials, you can fantasize as you like. After all, the palette of their colors gives designers great opportunities..

You can combine light ceiling finishes with dark wood beams or their imitation. The walls covered with colored wallpaper are in harmony with the ceiling structures of the same color. Antique beams will look very beautiful against the background of white walls.

How to choose for different rooms?

Ceiling beams are suitable for decorating any room in the house. They diversify the interior and give the room some originality..


If you take a bedroom located in the attic, then a ceiling with wooden beams is suitable for its decoration in the best way. After all, they are not so much decor elements as load-bearing products to support the building frame..

But for the design of ordinary bedrooms, their use is rarely used. Such designs are more common in European countries. However, if the height of the walls in the room allows you to make decor in the form of beams, then you should not neglect this opportunity. They will add coziness and warmth to the interior of the bedroom..

White beams will look great in an interior in any style, even if it is a room with a low ceiling. Here they will look original and easy, even if you use wide overlaps..

Beams for the ceiling will look very appropriate in a house made of wooden beams. Such decoration will give the room naturalness, allow you to relax and feel at one with nature..


If the kitchen is small in size and finished in white, then in order to, so that the room does not look like a hospital room, it can be diluted with wooden beams in dark shades. Cabinets that reach right up to the ceiling will look beautiful. They seem to be a continuation of the beams..

To decorate the kitchen in Russian traditions, wide beams are often used to decorate the ceiling. This option will give it originality. A material such as stone is often used to decorate kitchens. Both stoves and columns can be decorated with it. You can beat this technique with the help of beams made of wood..

Living room

Most often, it is in the living room that beams are used to decorate the ceiling. After all, it is here that the whole family gathers for gatherings or a simple tea party. You will not surprise anyone with such a design in summer cottages or country houses. But their use in apartments is still not very good..

However, many creative owners still decide to take such a step, using beams from both natural materials and their imitation. This gives the apartment the warmth that is so lacking in a noisy city..

In private houses or in summer cottages, wood is more often used to decorate beams. It not only gives a feeling of warmth, but also serves as a curtain for ventilation and electrical wires..

For small living rooms, it is better to look for beams of pure white color, which will not allow the effect of a pressing ceiling and visually increase the space..


Bathroom beams are almost impossible to find in city apartments. Especially if these are multi-storey buildings under construction in the last century. In such houses, bathrooms were not only small in size, but also low ceilings..

But in the country houses built now, where a large area is allocated for the bathroom and the ceilings in them are high, you can use beams. However, it is worth remembering about the high humidity of such a room. That’s why it is worth either using polyurethane beams, or treating wood with special substances, which will protect against moisture.


If the owner of a house or apartment wants to decorate the ceiling with beams with his own hands, you need to heed the advice of experts. They will help you place the beams correctly without harming the room..

If there is a need to make the room wider, then it is better to place the beams on the “short” side. Conversely, to increase the space, beams can be placed around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. When stacking logs crosswise, the room visually expands.

The most important role is played by the density of their location. In case the ceilings are high enough, it is better to place the beams next to each other to make them smaller. Placing low ceilings in the room, it is necessary to increase the distance between them..

The simplest option with which you can decorate an apartment is the placement of so-called false beams on the ceiling. To begin with, markings are made on the walls and ceiling where they will be glued. Then these places are well primed.. It is necessary to apply glue to the false beams and attach them to the marking site.

If the box is made of wood, then all the steps are done in the same sequence. The only difference is that beams are attached using self-tapping screws, not glue. To do this, it is necessary to drill holes in the bars of no more than half a centimeter and make them at a distance of thirty centimeters from each other. On the ceiling, the holes should be up to approximately eight millimeters. The places where the caps of the screws are located must be covered with putty, and then varnished.

To decorate the surface of a modern stretch ceiling with decorative beams, it is necessary to install the parts used for fixing the chandeliers.

They are fixed on the base of the ceiling, which is then stretched so that its base runs along the lower plane of the beam. And only then, through the stretch ceiling, they are attached to the beams. For decoration, you can take consoles that mimic the supports on the walls..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Using decorative beams for the interior of the room, be sure to pay attention to which room they are intended for.

The bedroom in a house built of timber looks very nice. Ceiling beams made of wood are placed parallel to each other, while they have a color slightly darker than the base of the ceiling. They go well with indoor furniture. Entering such a room, you immediately feel the atmosphere of warmth and comfort that a tree gives.

Proper lighting is also important. Such an environment relaxes a person well, which allows him to fall asleep immediately..

The living room, decorated in a modern style, looks harmonious thanks to the combination of colors. The light finish echoes the dark beams, which are also placed in parallel. Their continuation is the beams on the wall, which have the same color. Furniture in the living room, matched to them, gives completeness to the interior and continues to decorate the space..

Natural wood is often used when decorating a kitchen in a rustic style. The ceiling and the beams placed on it have practically the same base. Wooden cabinets are laid out on the floor and extend all the way to the ceiling, which looks very nice.

Using decorative beams on the ceiling, you can create an unusual interior in any room. This does not require huge financial investments, because even an inexperienced person can fix them..

Installation of decorative beams on the ceiling is shown in the video below..

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