Two-level stretch ceilings in the interior of the bedroom

Stretch ceilings for the bedroom will provide the perfect appearance of the ceiling covering, free from all kinds of defects visible to the naked eye on whitewash or drywall. Thanks to a wide variety of materials for stretch ceilings, a stylish and original interior can be created in a room..

Advantages and disadvantages of the tensioning system

Among the indisputable advantages of stretch ceilings are the following:

  • no special surface preparation is required before installation;
  • two-level systems allow you to zone a room;
  • a large selection of shades and textures;
  • it is possible to install LED strip and lamps on the canvas, which allows you to create the necessary lighting in the room and zone the space;
  • fire safety;
  • long service life;
  • low weight of the canvas;
  • the ability to hide wires and communications;
  • odorless, do not emit toxic substances;
  • not susceptible to the formation of mold and mildew;
  • are able to retain water, after draining they restore their previous shape without any external defects.

Among the disadvantages of stretch ceilings:

  • high price;
  • easy to damage with sharp objects;
  • complex installation of two-level structures;
  • luminaires with reduced heat dissipation are required.


There are three types of stretch ceilings. Their technical characteristics are almost identical, and the material used and the appearance are very different..


Such coatings are often called varnish. The coating creates a mirror effect and reflects up to 90% of all surfaces. Due to this property of the material, visually, the ceilings will seem higher, and the room itself will be more voluminous (this is especially true for a small bedroom).

Glossy coatings are presented in a wide range of colors, which allows you to embody the most daring design ideas.


Such stretch ceilings can be called classic. The rough surface of the canvas gives the impression that the ceiling is well painted and leveled through the use of a water-based solution.

Matt tensioning systems are devoid of gloss, do not glare. They will bring coziness and tranquility into the atmosphere of the bedroom. In addition, the price for matte canvases is significantly lower than for glossy.


Satin surfaces are a cross between matte and glossy. The canvas is smooth, silky, looks much more interesting than matte and there is no such large mirror effect as glossy.

The satin finish has only a soft, diffused shine, which is ideal for sleeping areas, decorated in any style.

Interestingly, depending on the changing lighting, satin stretch ceilings also look different..

Material type

Stretch ceilings can be fabric or film. The first type of material is more durable and, accordingly, more expensive. When installing fabric tension systems, the ceiling will drop by 1.5 cm. The fabric can imitate satin, velvet, suede and other textures. Cloth canvases are more heat-resistant than film.

Any print or hand-painted can be used as a decor.. The choice of color solutions for fabric stretch canvases is much lower than that of film.

    A stretch ceiling with a film as a base is distinguished by a high degree of moisture resistance and is several times cheaper than fabric counterparts.

    But film canvases also have disadvantages:

    • laborious installation;
    • lower the ceiling by half a meter;
    • deformed at low and high temperatures;
    • damaged by sharp objects.

    The most common are plain film coatings. Although you can choose options with soldering, where several colors are combined (from two or more).

    For spacious rooms, it is better to prefer fabric coverings, since their width is 5 meters, and for film ones – only 2 meters.

    Duplex ceilings

    This type of stretch ceilings is used to make the design of the room more diverse and original, to zone the space and install a two-level lighting system. Often two-level ceilings are made in two colors..

    Zoning can be done by dividing the ceiling surface into matte and glossy parts. Even more contrast is emphasized by plasterboard inserts.

    Color solutions

    Colored ceilings are gaining more and more popularity. Even 10 years ago, exclusively white coatings were used in the design of the apartment, but now this stereotype has outlived itself. Although white is considered a classic and always relevant, today designers are not afraid to use other shades..

    The choice of color for the bedroom ceiling depends on the taste of the owner. Conservatives are advised to opt for the white matte finishes typical of the classic style..

    Correctly placed lamps will help to make the white ceiling stylish.. Dark stretch ceilings, even black ones, which look very impressive, are suitable for more extravagant persons..

    Green-blue tones of the ceiling will promote relaxation, relieve irritation that has accumulated during the day. These colors will create a cool feeling in the room..

    For those who wake up with difficulty, it is better to prefer the yellow color of the ceiling..

    It is not recommended to choose orange, purple and red as the main colors for the bedroom. Selected shades should be muted.

    The form

    In the sleeping area, the ceiling should be wavy or round in shape. The two-level structure must be decorated with interesting lighting, but do not overload with decorative elements.

    Canvases with a picture

    Modern technologies make it possible to create patterned stretch ceilings on any topic. The plot must be chosen so that it does not become familiar and does not get bored every other day. All pictures for ceiling coverings are printed on a plotter (special type of printer).

    When choosing stretch ceilings with a pattern, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    • type of coating: glossy, matte, satin;
    • size of the picture: it can be fragmentary or proportionate to the entire ceiling (in the latter case, the price will be much higher);
    • before making a final decision on placing a picture on the ceiling, you need to carry out a photo test (free of charge), then it will be clear how the image looks in reality (if necessary, it will be possible to adjust the color of the picture and its resolution).

    Eco-solvent ink is used for printing the picture, which is odorless, dries quickly and does not emit compounds hazardous to human health..

    Photo printed coatings

    You can create a unique style of ceiling covering by applying photo printing. Starry sky, outer space, floating clouds, flower motifs, abstract drawings and others can be selected as an image.

    Stretch 3D ceilings

    The price per square meter for this type of coverage is quite high, so not everyone can afford to lie and admire the beautiful view overhead..

    The final cost for the canvas consists of the following points:

    • the price of a profile, film, diode tape, reflector;
    • cost of printing;
    • installation cost.

    3D technology will make the ceiling volumetric, hide defects and communications. The theme of the picture can be any.

    The service life of such a coating is 30 years..

    How to install two-level ceilings, see the video below.

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