Tytan Professional polyurethane foams: varieties and characteristics

Professional polyurethane foam Tytan Professional is one of the most common materials used for large-scale construction or renovation work. She is preferred not only by companies, but also by private craftsmen, for whom high quality repairs are important. The manufacturer produces a whole line of professional tools, so that buyers can purchase goods for a specific type of work..

Features and Benefits

Professional or pistol-based assembly sealant Tytan, in contrast to foam with a tube, is produced in specialized cylinders equipped with a thread for screwing a dispenser gun. With the help of such a device, the composition can be applied to hard-to-reach places. Using the gun, the builder will be able to quickly and accurately distribute the assembly mass. The use of such a sealant allows large-scale construction work with minimal material consumption..

Any professional foams are used only in conjunction with a pistol, due to which the master will be able to perform the following actions:

  • adjust the optimal dosage of the material;
  • adjust the feed rate of the assembly sealant;
  • use the product economically, since when the valve is released, the sealant supply is automatically stopped.

Unlike household foam, professional foam has higher technical characteristics, such as:

  • good performance – up to 65 liters of foam can be obtained from an aerosol can with a capacity of 750 ml;
  • small secondary expansion, due to which the risks of deformation of the structure are excluded;
  • high adhesion rates to any construction products – suitable for aerated concrete, metal, wood, brick, concrete and other products;
  • fast polymerization;
  • excellent sound insulation performance (up to 61 dB);
  • resistance to high humidity and fungus formation.

All professional formulations have increased primary expansion to fill medium air gaps in a single application.

Any type of polyurethane foam has some disadvantages. The disadvantages include poor resistance to solar radiation and precipitation. Due to the influence of such factors, the sealing seam can crumble over time and become unusable. Other disadvantages of the material include its toxicity. However, work in gloves and a respirator significantly reduces the negative impact of harmful vapors on human health..


The manufacturer of assembly sealants produces several varieties of Tytan Professional foams for professional use..

  • Refractory (products marked B1). Its main feature is its resistance to flames. Such material is capable of not igniting or melting in a fire for 6 hours. And also a one-component fire-resistant mass is able to reliably isolate the room from gas penetration and smoke.
  • Winter Is a two-component foam designed for extreme conditions. It can be used at temperatures from -20 to +35 degrees. The improved formula of the composition allows you not to heat the container before use and during the sealing process.
  • Summer Is a foam designed for operation at positive ambient temperatures. These materials do not contain harmful components that have a destructive effect on the ozone layer..

And also the manufacturer produces foam glue for 60 seconds. It is an innovative material designed for quick and easy assembly of building products. It is used for gluing decorative elements, ceramic tiles, mineral wool, drywall, OSB boards, aerated concrete structures. Foam glue is able to glue the product in 1 minute. Such material is easy to use and versatile. It can be used at low temperatures or high humidity. The glue is applied with a gun. Full polymerization of the applied mass occurs in a day.


Selena sells polyurethane foams in 750 and 300 ml cylinders.

Depending on the modification, the most important technical characteristics of the formulations are as follows:

  • productivity from 55 to 65 liters – the foam output directly depends on temperature parameters: the packaging indicates the productivity when using a cylinder at a temperature of +20 degrees;
  • secondary expansion is 45–70%;
  • application temperature – from -20 to +35 degrees;
  • primary processing time – from 30 minutes;
  • water absorption – after 24 hours less than 5%;
  • fire resistance – B1-B3.

All Tytan Professional polyurethane foams are stored at positive temperatures for at least 18 months. After the expiration date, the product loses its performance.

Scope of application

Professional polyurethane foams are versatile materials. They are widely used in repair and construction activities..

Such sealants are designed for the following tasks:

  • sealing of various voids and joints with a size of more than 20 mm. The use of foam allows you to eliminate cracks in the roof, around pipelines and other building structures. The result of using such a material is the absolute tightness of the seams and air gaps;
  • installation and fixing of door frames, window openings, balcony frames, wall panels, tiles. With foam sealant, it is no longer necessary to use dowels or anchors for fastening various products;
  • insulation of cold rooms. With the help of foam, you can strengthen the sheets of heat-insulating material, while not reducing the heat transfer of the system;
  • improvement of sound insulation of building objects, car bodies.

Fireproof foam is often used when installing fireproof doors. A seam made with a sealant will not let smoke into the room. When exposed to fire on polymerized foam, it will not melt, emit harmful substances for human health.

How to use?

The process of using professional Tytan Professional polyurethane foam includes the following steps:

  • shake the can with foam vigorously before use, which helps to mix the components and increase the yield of the foamy mass;
  • the cap is removed from the cylinder, and a dispensing gun is screwed in its place;
  • Before applying the sealant to the surface, it must be prepared. The working plane is cleaned from dust and dirt. Experts also advise to moisten the surface with water using a spray bottle. Such actions will speed up the polymerization process;
  • when applying foam, it is recommended to keep the balloon upside down;
  • before starting work, it is necessary to adjust the optimal dosage of the composition from the container. For these purposes, you need to adjust the volume and rate of release of the sealant using the valve located on the dispensing gun..

When using polyurethane foam, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is necessary to work in special protective gloves, preventing the mass from getting on open skin areas;
  • seams with a thickness of less than 10 mm should not be sealed;
  • work is recommended to be performed at temperatures from +5 to + 30 ° С and relative humidity of more than 60%;
  • air gaps are filled only by 1/3 of their volume;
  • filling vertical openings is best done from the bottom up;
  • excess foam is allowed to be cut off only after complete hardening of the mass (at least 8 hours must pass).

Subject to these rules, you can count on quality construction work..

Manufacturer Reviews

The Tytan Professional trademark is a property of the American corporation Selena Co. S. A. The company produces high quality construction products that meet the requirements of European standards. The engineers of the organization are constantly monitoring the demand of consumers, thanks to which they offer demanded materials with excellent operational and technical characteristics. Subsidiaries of Selena are located in many countries, due to which the manufacturer was able to offer the end consumer a product at affordable prices.

Many people have opted for Selena’s construction products due to the wide range of products, consistently high quality materials and their favorable cost. To the disadvantages of using professional polyurethane foams, consumers attributed the need to purchase a dispensing gun, which has a considerable cost.

For more information on Tytan professional foam, see the video below.

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