Unis tile adhesive: characteristics and scope

Today, brands that produce various types of building materials offer a wide range of tile adhesives. Many builders especially recommend paying attention to adhesives from the popular Yunis brand. You will learn about the characteristics and scope of brand products in this article, as well as get acquainted with the main characteristics of Unis products and their advantages..


Unis brand glue is a special adhesive with excellent technical characteristics, which is suitable for all types of tile products. Ideal for indoor and outdoor tiling.

Among the wide range of varieties of this glue, you can find options for wet and dry rooms, as well as cladding of building facades. The Yunis brand offers an adhesive composition for tiles for underfloor heating, for porcelain stoneware and laying on old tiles..


The tile adhesive of the brand in question is exactly what you need, because it has excellent characteristics and is recommended by real experts in their field.

  • Unis adhesive is an elastic polymer with high adhesion properties. Its composition is suitable for laying tiles in a variety of methods..
  • Due to the specially selected composition, the pot life of the solution is about 1 hour, depending on the type of glue. The recommended work temperature can be from +5 to +30 degrees.
  • Tiled compositions of the brand can withstand a variety of temperature conditions and their differences. Most of the varieties are not afraid of moisture, perfect for laying tiles in bathrooms and swimming pools.

Some discrepancies in the characteristics of certain compositions may be associated with their variety. For example, not all brand adhesives are suitable for the “warm floor” system. It is important to clarify all information at the time of purchase. The drying time of the adhesive and the temperature conditions for laying may vary..


Today, the brand offers an impressive variety of compositions designed for a wide variety of construction work.. Consider the main Unis compositions.

  • Unis Rapido is a relatively new type of tile adhesive. Operation of the coating after using this glue is possible within a few hours after grouting. The composition dries as quickly as possible, suitable for any tile and difficult substrates.
  • Unis Fix suitable for ceramics, tiles, facing uneven surfaces, but not suitable for the “warm floor” system. It can be used for walls. It is recommended for indoor use in rooms with normal or slightly high humidity..

  • Unis XXI suitable for any type of premises (including freezing, heated and those in which the humidity level is above normal).
  • Unis High-Tech suitable for gluing any tile, including the one that will be used with a floor heating system. Also suitable for bathrooms, terraces and balconies.

  • If you are interested in the glue that will help keep the tiles in the pool, be sure to pay attention to the variety waterproof composition “Yunis”. It is excellent for use in a wide variety of water tanks, suitable for difficult substrates, compatible with the “warm floor” system.
  • High-strength adhesive in a black container Unis 2000 will not only glue tiles and porcelain stoneware with high quality, but also even out the defective surface. It is considered frost-resistant.

  • A popular variety is “Unis Plus”. Its composition is elastic, the glue is suitable for a wide variety of premises. Most often it is used in various children’s and medical institutions..
  • “Granite” suitable for large-format tiles made of natural and natural stone, it is often chosen for porcelain stoneware. The composition of the mixture has improved characteristics compared to other types, as a result of which the glue is considered weatherproof, can be used at temperatures from -40 to +100 degrees, which is a huge advantage of the material.

  • White tile adhesive Belfix perfect for tiling and as a white grout. Suitable for difficult substrates.
  • We recommend paying attention to Unis “Superpolymer”. This adhesive is suitable for medium and large format tiles, it can withstand significant loads, is resistant to low temperature conditions..

These are far from all varieties of brand formulations. It is better to look for the entire list of current goods on the official website or at licensed points of sale. Basically, tile adhesive is packaged in 5 and 25 kg. The second option is suitable for basic work.

Small packages are good in case there is a slight shortage of raw materials or an adjustment of the old coating is needed..


Many skilled craftsmen leave extremely positive reviews about Unis products. Experts note that the products of this brand really have excellent characteristics, and the economical consumption of glue is also pleasing. Ordinary customers also choose glue, who say that the price corresponds to the quality. You can use this composition yourself.

It is sold in convenient packages, the instructions for it do not raise unnecessary questions, which pleases buyers. The assortment of the brand includes a huge variety of compositions that are designed for any tile. Wide range of applications is a great bonus that many brands cannot offer..

How to apply tile adhesive "Eunice Plus", see the next video.

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