Varieties and advantages of vertical siding

Decorating the walls of houses with decorative panels is in great demand. But it is not only the color, texture or geometry of products that helps to vary the appearance. The orientation of the installed blocks in space is of great importance..


Siding is deservedly included in any lists of demanded and actively used finishing materials. The vertical view of the panels is chosen more often than others, because it helps to visually “raise” the building, make it more attractive than other structures. Only in isolated cases is such material applied over the entire area of ​​the facade at once. But in some areas, as an accent, it manifests itself very well. But this does not mean that vertically oriented siding panels will look worse in standalone form..

Models and material advantages

“Vegetable” color motifs – kiwi, banana, cappuccino are now in great demand. The color “ice cream” is only slightly inferior to them in popularity. Vinyl siding is recommended for decoration of residential premises, but panels made of metal are preferable for decorating industrial, commercial and public buildings..

The undoubted advantages of vertically oriented canvases can be considered:

  • equipped with a lock that blocks the action of strong gusts of wind;
  • use of an innovative edging profile for fastening;
  • long period of operation;
  • ease of placement on the wall;
  • better resistance to solar radiation and unusual temperatures;
  • high strength and optimal elasticity.

    If we talk about structures made of metal, the following are added to this list:

    • an impressive range of geometric shapes and colors;
    • suitability for year-round installation;
    • immunity to weather changes;
    • the ability to withstand heating of several hundred degrees;
    • maintaining natural ventilation of facade walls.

    There is no need to call specialists for the board to be assembled. All manipulations for finishing houses with vertical siding are easily done by hand. A simple hacksaw, a construction knife and metal cutting tools are enough. The two most common types of screwdrivers are used for assembly, a hammer, a screwdriver and a nailer. Surface protection is achieved by a specialized polymer-based paint, which reliably blocks damage and prevents corrosion foci from developing. It is this outer layer that helps to maintain a decent look for decades..

    Vertical boards can be 300, 305, 310 cm long, their width is 16, 18 or 25 cm. The layer thickness varies from 1 to 1.2 mm. Only in metal guides, the thickness sometimes reaches 0.3 cm.When joining horizontal and vertical types of siding, as well as when using it on the same surface, you must always remember about the differences in their geometry.

    Installation of “verticals” horizontally is strictly not allowed, this will negatively affect the period of service and lead to the penetration of water inside.

    The device of notches and a pattern of vertically oriented siding allows normally installed blocks to dump moisture down. Water droplets simply do not linger on the surface, but slide along it. In addition, this structure avoids the accumulation of dust and all kinds of blockages. According to professionals, the vertical type of siding is perfectly protected from temperature spikes. But a lot also depends on the specific substance that is used by manufacturers, it determines the ratio of positive and negative sides.

    Materials (edit)

    PVC-based vertical siding is especially lightweight and flexible, which allows for freedom of action for installers. It is the vinyl solution that stands out with the largest range of colors. After all, technologists can arbitrarily choose which pigment to add and in what proportion. Minimal stress on load-bearing walls and foundations saves money and simplifies calculation. The environmental excellence and tactile comfort of vinyl siding delights all consumers.

    But it can also be associated with individual problems. So, PVC can burn (if its type is unsuccessfully selected), it is easily destroyed by mechanical stress. Acid Immunity – Poor Consolation.

    Therefore, the eyes of some users turn to acrylic structures, which:

    • more resistant to frost;
    • indifferently tolerate solar radiation;
    • have been working for about 50 years.

    You have to pay for these advantages, and in the literal sense of the word – acrylic siding is more expensive than vinyl counterpart.. In addition, this material in Russian conditions is unlikely to be used without external insulation. The greatest strength is naturally demonstrated by metal samples; sheets of aluminum or galvanized steel are used for their manufacture. Although metal is heavier than plastic, the difference is relatively small. Insulating shells on the outside to avoid the risk of corrosion.

    The predominant field of application for vertical siding made of aluminum or steel is the cladding of multi-storey buildings, which are subject to significant wind loads. Private customers prefer to decorate auxiliary buildings in yards and garages with them. But this, of course, is a matter of purely personal taste and design priorities..

    More importantly, metal siding will have to be covered with a new varnish every 3-5 years. This is the only way to save the basis of its structure from damage; increased thermal conductivity increases the requirements for insulation layers.

    Ceramics are also used in wall decoration in such an unusual way.. In addition to fired clay, the panels contain special additives. The resulting designs are light and durable, relatively inexpensive and look good. The only problem is their increased fragility and water absorption from the atmosphere. It is impossible to solve this problem without changing the fundamental properties of the material..

    Even more fragile is cement, over which a chain of cracks spreads even with a relatively weak impact. The introduction of cellulosic raw materials at least partially helps to compensate for this problem. The appearance of cement siding is solid and very durable. Such structures do not pose a fire hazard.

    By reproducing the type of brick or natural wood, it is possible to create an excellent exterior.

    It is useful to conclude the review with the analysis of vertical siding made of wood.. Like many similar products, it is well received. But the problem is that special protection from insects, rotting and swelling, from inflammation inevitably deprives the material of its main advantage – naturalness. And even the best isolating drugs only delay destruction. They are not able to increase the service life of wooden verticals to the level of similar products from other materials..

    Selection Tips

    The main advantages and disadvantages of vertical siding directly depend on its type. There are simply no ideal options that would be universal. Therefore, you need to take into account a specific goal, carefully prioritize. As with the purchase of other goods that are problematic to change, it is useful to require certificates confirming quality and compliance with standards. The hurricane wind lock is not only a premium to the price, but a very useful function.

    Even if during the entire period of operation the vertical siding does not encounter a real hurricane, squalls and gusts cannot be avoided. This means that insufficiently reinforced panels can rattle and even break off. It is not recommended to buy products thinner than 1 mm, they deteriorate too quickly from frost.

    It is worth checking if there is a special marking that can be recognized electronically. This is exactly the kind of protection against counterfeiting that all key siding manufacturers offer..

    It is important to remember that any vertical panels, whatever the material used in them, are almost unsuitable for repair.. If even one panel is deformed, you will have to remove everything that is on it from the wall. And moreover, it is almost always necessary to re-form the thermal protection. You should carefully consider the quality of the color of the panels, their thickness (it should be uniform throughout the batch). Reliable siding has beautiful even cuts, it is equipped with special mounting holes evenly spaced throughout the entire area.

    For information on how to properly mount vertical siding, see the next video..

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