Vox siding: features and benefits

Vox siding: features and benefits

Siding is gaining increasing popularity in the decoration of private houses and summer cottages. There is a wide range of this finishing material on the market. Vox siding is quite popular. What it is, what features should be considered when buying products from this manufacturer, we will tell in this article.

About the manufacturer

Vox facade panels are produced by the Polish concern Vox-Indastry, which has been producing this finishing material since the end of the 80s of the last century. Now this siding trademark is known all over the world, including it is presented in the domestic market..


Vox siding is a panel made of high-quality foamed polyvinylchloride intended for decoration of facades of houses..

This finishing material has a number of advantages.. Front panels of the Vox trademark are high-quality products that meet European and Russian standards..

The elements are lightweight, while their strength is quite high.

The service life of Vox facade panels is about 50 years.. They do not fade in the sun, they are not afraid of changes in temperature and humidity. This finishing material will keep the exterior of your home tidy for many years..

The material does not require additional painting and processing, for example, from rot. It is not damaged by insects and small animals such as mice and rats.

There are no harmful substances in the composition of this product, it can be used to decorate children’s institutions. The coating obtained as a result of facing the facade with siding of this manufacturer allows the house itself to “breathe”. Moisture does not accumulate under it and mold does not form.

Installation of Vox cladding elements is simple, even a beginner can handle it. The cost of this finishing material is low, this is a fairly budgetary option for decorating the exterior of the house, especially considering the fact that the panels will serve you for many years and will not require additional investments..

All Vox siding has the following characteristics:

  • Wind resistance. This is achieved by a certain shape of the panels, which does not allow the wind to lift the finishing elements, thereby violating the integrity of the structure..
  • Operating temperature ranges from -50 to +50 degrees.
  • The thickness of the elements is only 1.5 mm, while the siding has three layers.

The first layer gives the material resistance to temperature changes. As a result of the application of an innovative formula in the production of facade panels, they do not lose their elasticity, even at low temperatures. You can mount this material even in winter..

The second layer is designed to protect the material from mechanical damage. Due to it, when hitting the Vox panels, only a slightly noticeable dent is formed, the panel itself remains intact, no cracks appear on it. This was achieved by adding titanium dioxide to the panels..

The third layer is designed to protect the finishing material from ultraviolet rays. The special coating of this material does not allow it to fade in the sun. Also, this layer is designed to repel water..


    Vox-Indastry produces two types of siding – classic vinyl and basement.

    Classic vinyl panels are produced with parameters 3850×250 mm. They can be used over the entire wall surface. But the manufacturer still recommends using basement panels for finishing the lower part of buildings. They are distinguished by increased strength, and this is quite important, since this part of the house is more susceptible to mechanical damage and moisture..

    The dimensions of the basement siding elements differ from the classical parameters and are 1110×450 mm.

      In addition, among the products of this manufacturer you will find a full range of accessories for siding facades, including corner elements, connecting strips, panels for decorating window openings and doors, and much more..

      The lineup

      Vox siding colors have a fairly large palette, and are divided into several series.

      Classic panels are presented in two collections: “Unicolor” and “Nature”. The first series includes panels in a variety of colors. Here you will find white, beige, gray, light green, cream, yellow, and many other shades..

      Panels from the “Nature” series imitate the texture of wood. When decorating the exterior of the house with such a material, the facade becomes as if made of wooden Euro lining. The panels of this collection are also available in several shades. The most popular of these are those that imitate natural oak, ash or pine wood..

      Basement siding is available in several series. The most popular here are panels imitating natural stone – “Solid Stone”, and siding with imitation of brickwork – “Solid Mur”.

      The colors of the basement panels are also as close as possible to the natural shades of stone and brick. Here you will find white, sand tones, shades of red, brown, mahogany.

      Exterior combinations

      Vox siding allows you to give your home an aesthetic appearance. At the same time, you can revet the dwelling with one tone of panels, or apply imagination and make the exterior original.

      Here are some options for how you can decorate the facade of a house with siding, giving it a unique look.

      It is possible to completely cover all walls with plinth panels from the Solid Mur collection in burnt red. This will make your home look like it is made entirely of red brick. Such a home looks expensive and laconic. Perfect for decorating a territory in a classic style.

      The walls of the house can be decorated with panels of different colors in a checkerboard pattern. With basement panels, highlight the areas under the windows, as well as the part of the house where the staircase passes.

      The walls of the house can be finished with classic panels of light color, for example, sand. In this case, corner and window elements should be used in a contrasting shade..

      Still, the most common combination of various Vox siding elements in facade design is finishing the lower part of the building with panels from the basement collections, and the upper part – with the classic collections “Unicolor” or “Nature”.


      Vox siding is a mixed bag among buyers. Some talk about the durability of the products, the high quality of the panels, the ease of installation, and the rather budgetary cost. Others argue that the siding of this manufacturer nevertheless changes its color over time, and it is almost impossible to replace the elements damaged over time as a result of careless use, choosing the panel by color. Also, among the negative reviews, you can also find the opinion that panels of different batches can differ significantly in color, and it is advised to pay attention to this when buying..

      See the following video for Vox siding installation rules..

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