Where is KO 8101 enamel used in construction?

Where is KO 8101 enamel used in construction?

Enamel is used in many areas, especially in demand in industry, mechanical engineering, construction and even energy. Today there is KO 8101 enamel, which can be safely called universal. Due to its unique properties, it is in great demand among consumers..

Benefits and general parameters

Feature of enamel KO 8101 is that this material is very resistant to heat. Enamel is actively used to paint a room from the inside, and when it dries, it absolutely does not emit any harmful substances.

If we carefully consider the technical characteristics of the enamel, then we can highlight the following advantages:

  • The enamel does not corrode and is heat-resistant, which makes it possible to use it for stoves and fireplaces.
  • The material can be used as a waterproofing material to reduce water absorption.
  • Enamel KO 8101 is used for decoration, it has excellent adhesion to stone and metal, while maintaining vapor permeability.

  • Elcon enamel can be applied at any time of the year, even in winter, at a temperature of -30 ° C, it will help create a high-quality anti-corrosion coating.
  • Before applying this material, it is not required to treat the surface with an additional primer.
  • Due to the fact that the enamel is created in accordance with all standards in accordance with GOST, the manufacturer boldly gives a guarantee for 15 years.
  • When working with enamel, its consumption is minimal costs.
  • The material does not lose its appearance even under the influence of sunlight.

The main advantage is not only the quality certificate, but also the fact that the enamel has a huge selection in colors. It is important to remember that it is necessary to apply enamel taking into account all the recommendations and according to the rules, otherwise, there is a possibility that the expected results will not be achieved. If you want to store enamel KO 8101, then this will require special conditions. Storage times can be up to 12 months. Store the material in a dark and cool place..

It is not recommended to place the enamel near an open flame, as it can ignite.

How to apply correctly to the surface?

In order to achieve the expected results when applying KO 8101 enamel, it is necessary to take into account some rules that will help to increase the service life of the coating..

Despite all the compliance with GOST, the material must be used correctly:

  • The main requirement that must be met when applying KO 8101 is a well-prepared surface. The place where the enamel will be applied must be well dried, free of plaque and obvious roughness. It is desirable that the surface is free of grease. Be sure to clean the surface of rust and chips, in order to remove the old paint, you can use the manual method. To degrease the surface, you can safely use a rag soaked in a special solvent.
  • It is important to take into account the air temperature at which the product will be applied. Application is possible at the lowest temperatures not lower than -30 ° C and the highest + 40 ° C. Air humidity should not exceed 80%.

  • If the material is applied in cold conditions, the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere and the surface to be enameled should be controlled. The place of application should be at least three degrees warmer than the air. Only then will it be possible to avoid the formation of frost or dew. It is not recommended to carry out work at a time when it is raining or snowing.
  • Sometimes it becomes necessary to dilute the enamel. This happens if the composition looks too thick. Xylene can be used for dilution. Experts advise to apply enamel not in one layer, but at least two, then the surface will be uniform, and the heat-resistant film will be twice as strong. The second coat immediately follows the first, wet on wet, with at least 7 minutes between applications. The final dry layer should be only 32 microns thick.

Before you start applying the paint, you need to mix it well so that the sediment that forms in any case disappears. The material can be applied with a brush or roller. It is also suitable for the use of pneumatic or electrostatic spraying..

Helpful hints

When buying enamel KO 8101, you can demand a quality certificate from the seller, this will be the main guarantee that not a fake, but a high-quality material that can serve for 15 years has fallen into your hands. This period is set by manufacturers, but practice shows that the material can last much longer, sometimes this period reaches 25 years, despite the conditions of an aggressive environment and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Using this paint and varnish material, you can save a lot, since the application is quite economical and a small amount of paint is enough to cover a large surface, and the second shading allows you to completely hide all the flaws and strengthen the protection.

    When using the material, you should be careful, since the enamel is flammable, which means it should not be left near an open flame.

    It is advisable to carry out the work with normal air access or good ventilation in the room.. Do not neglect the precautions, which means that work must be carried out in special gloves and, if necessary, use personal protective equipment, especially for allergy sufferers.

    It is unacceptable for the substance to enter the respiratory and digestive organs, as poisoning may occur. If the substance gets on the skin, it will be enough to wash it off with water at room temperature and soap..

    You will learn more about heat-resistant enamel in the following video..

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