Design of a medium-sized studio apartment

Even a small studio apartment can be turned into a multifunctional space thanks to the right design. To do this, you can contact a specialist, and if you have a great desire and opportunities, it is undoubtedly worth doing the interior of a one-room apartment on your own..

What is a studio?

To create an original design and highlight work areas, you should familiarize yourself with the important rules in advance and choose a suitable interior. Such a task is quite difficult, and the work is laborious, although at first glance it seems that everything is easy. After all, it is necessary to combine several living and working areas in a studio apartment of about 35 square meters.

A studio apartment is a living space that includes a bathroom and a room, with an average size of 33-34 sq.m. or 31-32 sq.m. The room should combine a living room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s and work area. By the way, studios are quite often in demand among people who value comfort on a small budget..

An interesting fact is that initially in European countries, studio apartments were intended directly for single young or creative people. Today, such living spaces are also chosen by families, due to the affordable price and the opportunity to show their own creativity when creating designs..


At the very beginning, before renovation, it is worth deciding which zones will be present in the apartment. This is all individual, because someone does not need a workplace, and someone cannot imagine life without taking refuge in a cozy corner and reading a book. By the way, today modern computer technologies allow you to independently correctly distribute furniture, calculate the size of zones and simply imagine the general view of the room in advance..

Expert advice

An ideal option for a studio would be transformer furniture. For example, a sofa that turns into a sleeping place at night, or a table built into the furniture, a window sill instead of a dining or work table, a bar counter. In fact, there are a huge number of options, you just have to find an experienced craftsman and prepare for a rather big expense. This style is called minimalism and it is quite common among designers. Thanks to such furniture, the studio will become free and comfortable..

The best dividers in a studio apartment are airy fabrics and curtains, drywall, which also serves as shelves for small things, mirrors and tempered glass, furniture, as well as highlighting work and living areas using wallpapers of different colors and textures. The most important thing to remember is that there should be no abrupt transitions. Everywhere there is only smoothness and roundness.

Light plays a huge role in the interior of a studio apartment, especially if the room has one window. The project should be created in such a way that the lighting is correctly and correctly distributed. For example, multilevel ceilings and a large number of luminaires in them that can be controlled. The bedroom and recreation area can have dim light and a minimum number of lamps, and in the kitchen and work area – maximum illumination.

The entire area of ​​the studio, if possible, should be made in light shades. This technique will visually expand the space and make the kitchen-living room more spacious. But if you still want to add dark or bright colors to the interior, then you should limit yourself to a small amount of these finishing materials or accessories. For example, only dark floors or bright sofa cushions.

An excellent assistant in terms of furniture and saving free space is a built-in wardrobe or, in extreme cases, a compartment. Today, almost all new houses have a layout of 36 sq.m. provides for special niches in which this furniture can freely fit. Plus, the wardrobe will have a large mirror, which will also visually enlarge the studio. The same can be advised with household appliances, which are best purchased already built into the headset..

Doors are best fitted with sliding or folding doors. It also saves a little more space than conventional swing doors..

Many people are very fond of arranging various little things, unnecessary decor, unnecessary volumetric decorations. In fact, in a small apartment, it is best to abandon such items and consider modern minimalism and laconicism in the interior..

If the studio has a balcony, then it can be used as an additional living space, but for this it is necessary to insulate the loggia with an additional battery or warm flooring. The balcony will be a great place to relax, work or as an extension of the room, with the opening completely demolished. If it is not possible to equip and insulate the loggia, then the space can be used as a dressing room or pantry.


The most important rule when renovating a studio and creating an interior is to think about all the work ahead, down to the smallest detail. The correct choice and arrangement of furniture will give the apartment coziness, comfort and practicality. It is worth noting that the simultaneous use of wood, glass and metal provides harmony, originality and style.

Dining and kitchen area. Instead of a regular table, you can purchase a bar counter that will divide the studio and take up minimal space. Also for these purposes, you can use a window sill if it has sufficient width. But it is advisable to remove all household appliances away from the rest and sleep area. It is important to remember that in a small space, a hood is needed, which will absorb unpleasant odors and prevent fat from settling on the furniture..

Sleep zone. The ideal option would be a sofa that expands and has a special niche for bedding. But if there is a desire and opportunity, then you can buy a bed and hide it from prying eyes with a beautiful curtain or some kind of furniture.

Rest zone. Instead of sofas and armchairs, it is recommended to purchase ottomans. They are comfortable and do not take up much space. In stores now you can find such ottomans in which you can store various little things..

Work zone. You can also use a window sill here. Small boxes with papers and other work accessories under the windowsill will come in handy.


Not always studio apartments are acquired by young people or families without children. If the situation is such that a baby lives in the studio, then you should think over the design more carefully..

A prerequisite for creating a children’s area is that the lightest and warmest part of the studio stands out. This is the most multifunctional space and it will combine the bedroom, playroom, study area, as well as be used for storing toys and educational supplies..

If the child is of a conscious age, then you can ask him what he would like to see in his own part of the apartment. But if the baby still does not quite understand what he wants, then it is worth considering such an interior so that he does not have to rebuild everything in the next two or three years, when the child grows up.

The ideal option for a minimalist design would be to combine a sleeping place with a worker in one headset..

Fundamental rules

To soften and add sophistication to the studio, it is recommended to use contrasting shades and combine materials of different textures. For example, on the main wall, you can use wallpaper to create the appearance of white brick, and lay the floors from a dark board..

You can buy a corner sofa in the living room area and fence off the kitchen with it. Thus, those sitting on the couch will not be able to see what is happening in the dining room and kitchen..

In addition to minimalism, it is undoubtedly permissible to choose other styles. The most suitable are eclectic, Scandinavian, modern, made in white, beige and other light shades. But the classics, unfortunately, are not suitable for the studio, since usually all furniture is created bulky.

It is best to completely get rid of doors and partitions, thereby increasing the space in a small apartment. Of course, you shouldn’t go to extremes and clean the door leaves in the bathroom..


It is worth noting that in a studio apartment you need to create only one style and image. In no case is the harmonization of several designs allowed, even if the areas of the room are separated in this way..

Loft. According to the translation from English, this style is called "attic". It is due to the maximum simplicity and conciseness. For example, walls with brick wallpaper and wooden floors. The loft style is undoubtedly ideal for a studio apartment.

Provence. A classic French style characterized by simplicity and a rustic touch. In Provence, there are often various decorations with flowers, embroidery, patterns, ruffles. A wonderful romantic style is more suitable for a young girl than for a family with a child..

High tech. The complete opposite of the Provence style, as there are no unnecessary details, decorations and decor. Everything should be concise and clear. For high-tech, it is preferable to use materials such as wood, glass, metal, preferably in black and white.

Art Deco. Refined and original style, which includes expensive materials, geometric shapes, mirrors, black and white shades.

Fusion. A modern and democratic style in which you can prove yourself as a designer and create an original setting. We can say that this is a combination of different styles, but chaos is unacceptable. All furniture, building materials and decorations must be done in the same direction.

Creating a beautiful interior for a small studio apartment is a very difficult task, but if you make every effort and imagination, you can turn the room into an original, cozy and sophisticated corner that everyone will appreciate..

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