Design studio with an area of ​​27 sq. m

To become the owner of your own comfortable home is a dream that is allowed to come true. And now, finally, in the hands of the keys to a one-room studio apartment in a new house. Soon you can invite guests to a housewarming party, but before that you need to think about how and how to equip a special apartment project, what furniture to buy, how to prioritize between a sleeping place, a work and a dining area?

The small footage of an apartment does not mean that you will have to live in cramped conditions. Modern design possibilities allow you to use imagination, lightweight, durable materials, fittings, furniture structures, so that visually and functionally the studio apartment seems larger, and its entire area carries a functional load.

Studio apartments are very popular today. They are included in the projects for the construction of new apartment buildings. In fact, they represent a single space in which the kitchen and dining room should be located, a living room as a recreation area with a TV, a work area with a table, a computer, an entrance hall, a balcony.

Each such apartment can become unique due to the correct use of the available space, purchase of mobile ergonomic furniture, the right combination of materials for decoration and decor, their colors and shades, which will visually create the effect of increasing the available space.


So, we have at our disposal a studio of 27 square meters. She has a balcony. It is rectangular and has two small windows. It will have to be arranged in such a way as to create a modern apartment with a divided space. The first step is to define what and where will be.

Namely, where there will be a dining room and a kitchen, where there is an area for leisure and receiving guests, where is the sleeping area, and where is the area for work. Next, you should determine what color scheme is planned for this dwelling. If a young married couple will live in a studio apartment, they will be happy with the colorful and bold design of the walls and floor, which will reflect their inner state and mood..

The walls can be multi-colored – one, for example, blue, the other pink. Color contrast will psychologically emphasize the presence of a man and a woman on the territory. Fashionable and creative furniture designs such as hanging or folding beds, built-in bookcases and other “boxes” hidden in the walls where you can store shoes, clothes, other household items, emphasize the peculiarity and uniqueness of such housing.

If one person is supposed to live in a studio apartment, it is worth considering the peculiarities of his character, wishes for the design of the room. Someone likes the classic style of decoration – laminate, parquet, sofa bed, TV. And someone is ready for bold ideas and solutions in design options.


This is the “heart” of the entire studio apartment. It should be with a divided space, and it will have to be arranged so that it organically fits into the whole room, and at the same time fulfills all its functional purposes. Option one – the kitchen can be divided from the rest of the apartment using a partition, which will actually become a bar counter or a place for tea drinking. And it is no longer news – it is often used as a dining place. And the lower part of the rack can be used under a refrigerator, where you can place built-in refrigerators of the required size.

Zoning is the main point in working with a kitchen in a studio apartment. Using a bar counter, you don’t have to think about purchasing a dining table, it will fully replace it. A great option for a kitchen in a studio apartment is to transfer it to the balcony. It seems only at first glance that the decision is unreasonable and strange. In fact, the kitchen and the balcony are perfect for each other..

It is clear that the balcony should be glazed and, of course, insulated. In fact, it is a full-fledged part of the apartment, and not an area for drying clothes and storing unnecessary things, as was done in Soviet times on balconies or loggias. You can both glaze and insulate the balcony, which will become the kitchen area in the studio apartment, as well as ensure the heating elements are carried on it, both with your own hands and with the help of professional specialists..

It is possible to combine the kitchen area of ​​the apartment with the balcony by eliminating the window block. It is recommended to install a hob, a gas stove, a dishwasher and a washing machine, a sink in one part of the balcony, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, cabinets and drawers for dishes and household utensils in the other..

Some of the communications will have to be shifted to the balcony area – to supply electricity there, to divert the water supply, to install an extractor hood. Thus, the space in the studio apartment itself will be more, and it can be used for the living room, sleeping area.

Living room

Modern zoning of small interiors implies the use of materials that allow dividing a studio apartment into several zones to get a comfortable layout. Drywall is most commonly used. It can be used to create a whimsical design of dividing walls, decorating an area for receiving guests, watching TV and relaxing. Partitions can be rectangular, trapezoidal, with various cutouts and can be used as shelves for flowers or books. They can serve as a basis for the installation of light panels with LED lamps..

A section of a studio apartment with a divided space can be equipped with a platform made of plasterboard, plywood or other suitable materials. A TV or a folding sofa is installed on it, which can become not only a piece of furniture where guests sit, but also a sleeping place. The central area is allocated for the living room in the studio apartment. It will not be difficult to furnish it with mobile and comfortable furniture..

A liquid crystal or plasma TV is mounted on the wall, under which you can fix narrow, comfortable cabinets for things, open shelves for books or pleasant trifles for decor. Often, it is in this place that the chandelier is attached to the ceiling. But if the apartment has stretch ceilings, then the lamps built into it can be distributed taking into account where artificial lighting is most needed.

If there is a small library in the living room area, and for this there is enough a closet or shelves with books and a cozy armchair nearby, then the light should fall on this territory. Optionally, you can purchase multi-colored lamps so that electric lighting in different parts of the room is combined and effective.


If you often have to take work home, and it is associated with spending time at a computer or laptop, a work area is required. Most often, it is organized near the window, so that there is plenty of natural light. Drywall can again come to the rescue, with which you can make a small partition of the working area from the main territory of the apartment. They are often arranged in the form of shelving. It is convenient and stylish – the racks will serve not only as a decorative decoration, but also as convenient shelves for papers and work documents.

The working area is done in the immediate vicinity of the living room. Then the drywall partitions can be common and serve as a library and shelves for working documents. With the help of such a solution, you can correctly distribute part of the space of the apartment. In the working area, it is enough to put a compact table on which a computer or laptop will be located. But still, this place requires an individual approach depending on the type of activity..

In some cases, the study is set up on the balcony. A door is installed that separates the balcony from the noise in the apartment. Thus, a full-fledged office is obtained – light and spacious. Of course, you need to provide it with heat and electricity. The work table is installed near the wall. Above it – drawers or filing cabinet.

And if in a studio apartment there is not a balcony, but a loggia, then this is double luck. Because it can be broken down into two functional parts. In one to equip the kitchen, and in the other – a working area. Divide these territories between themselves by partitions with a door. And then the study will become comfortable and solid, and the kitchen area will become compact and mobile..

Sleeping area

The most difficult question is how to properly place a sleeping place in a studio apartment. After all, the footage of the room is small, and the sleeping place occupies a significant territory. Firstly, the place to sleep and rest should be in the quietest part of the apartment. The ideal option is by the window. Naturally, its density should be high so as not to hear street noise. Double-glazed windows are perfect for such a case, which do not allow extraneous noise to penetrate into the apartment..

The sleeping place does not have to be equipped with a bed. In a studio apartment of 27 square meters, there may not be enough space for a full wide bed, you can opt for a collapsible sofa. The zoning of this space consists of comfortable furniture – light and compact, in which linen and various things will fit.

The best is to give up bulky dressers and drawers for linen. They will take up a lot of space. Their functions are perfectly fulfilled by interior sofa boxes or drawers that are located under the bed. In some cases, the berth is fenced off with curtains or a canopy. The mountings for them are located on the ceiling. Curtains can be arranged in a circle, surrounding the bed during sleep with a tight ring.

The main point in the planning of a studio apartment is the compactness of the furniture and the competent distribution of the entire area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe housing. The right approach to finishing materials can make even the smallest room visually larger. For this, light tones and shades are performed. Walls can be painted with special paint in beige, creamy, pinkish colors. It is better to make the ceiling light, so the room will appear both larger and brighter..

It is recommended to abandon dark tones, wallpaper with a heavy, too dark pattern. To prioritize, you can consult various literature offering design options. You can seek advice from professionals who will tell you what is the best layout to use, how to choose the right furniture and colors and shades in decoration.

A studio apartment is a special home with a lot of opportunities to make it cozy and comfortable..

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