Furniture for a studio apartment

Studio apartments are becoming more and more popular, and young families often choose studios when choosing a place to live. This is not surprising, because such apartments are much cheaper, which is an important indicator for a developing family. The choice of furniture for a studio apartment is often a problem, since it is necessary to correctly distribute the space of one room.


A studio apartment is one large room without any partitions. In this room, it is necessary to place several zones, including a kitchen and dining room, as well as a sleeping area and a living room. If a young family is planning the birth of a child, then when arranging furniture, it is worth considering where the future baby will live..

The main feature of furniture for a studio apartment is its practicality and functionality. Fortunately, many modern manufacturers take into account the peculiarities of this type of apartment, and more and more pieces of furniture appear on the furniture market, ideal for small apartments. Judging by the reviews, one of these manufacturers is Ikea, in whose arsenal there are a variety of options and solutions that will make your studio a real cozy nest and provide space with everything you need, minimally cluttering it.


Basic styles


The design direction called Loft appeared in England. Loft means attic. Several decades ago, English workers used it for housing. The arrangement of the attic was nothing special: the usual assorted furniture, bare brick walls and wooden floors. Now this style is popular with people with different financial situations. It is one of the best solutions for a studio apartment. Its main feature is simplicity, which combines light negligence and the unique taste of its owners..

The Loft style is characterized by furniture in dark shades, where gray is dominant. Protruding ventilation ducts and visible electrical wiring are also one of the main features of this style..


Modern means modern. The modern style of the studio apartment includes various pieces of furniture that meet the requirements of modern living. Apartment in style "modern" can perfectly combine kitchen and bedroom, dining room and living room. In general, a studio apartment itself is housing in a modern style..

When choosing furniture, pay attention to the small sofas in pastel shades, which easily turn into a full double bed. This way, you can save space and not make room for a separate sleeping area with a bed. As for the kitchen of a modern studio apartment, it can be equipped with a bar counter, which will become a kind of space delimiter.

High tech

A high-tech apartment is perfect for serious conservative people who love order in everything and always know where everything is. A studio apartment in this style resembles a drawing along a ruler, which is characterized by clear straight lines without the slightest error. High-tech does not tolerate any decor in the form of carpets and curtains. Instead of the usual tulle and curtains, it is better to use blinds or Roman shades in discreet shades..

Furniture for this style should be selected in cold and discreet shades, including gray, silver. Minimalism is inherent in all furniture. So that the apartment does not seem completely gloomy boring, dilute the strict interior with a bright picture or a blanket, but do not overdo it with brightness, otherwise the high-tech style will turn into something incomprehensible.

Art Deco

In the twenties of the last century, this style was the embodiment of luxury and beauty. At the moment, lovers of this style should give preference to furniture made from expensive natural materials. When choosing a sofa, pay attention to the upholstery made of genuine leather or velvet.

The good news is that this style is characterized by the presence of a large number of mirrors of an unusual shape. As you know, mirrors are able to visually expand the space, which is so necessary for a small studio apartment..

Various figurines, paintings with abstract patterns, carpets made of natural fur can be used as decor. Implementing this style in an ordinary apartment is quite difficult, but this makes it even more desirable and unique..


Named after one of the French provinces, this style is perfect for those people who love a lot of decorative details. Various colored curtains with ruffles and bows will perfectly fit into the interior in the Provence style. This style bears great resemblance to the rustic style, which is characterized by furniture with polka dot prints, stripes, and flowers. Bedside tables, floor lamps, dressing table can be placed in all corners. It is better to use stools as kitchen furniture instead of upholstered chairs with backs..

Of course, this style is not suitable for all studio apartments, but it will look good in the home of a lonely young girl..


If you don’t know which style to choose for your studio apartment. Then fusion is the best option. Everything is allowed for this style, you can also combine furniture and decor items of various styles. The main rule is not to overdo it with bright elements..

The fusion style will allow you to zone the space well. For example, the kitchen can be furnished in accordance with the Provence style, the bedroom is high-tech, and the living room is modern..

Each owner of a studio apartment can be a designer himself and bring ideas to life, introduce new decor and furniture elements into his unique interior. You have the opportunity to use any decorative elements, but adhering to some rules for furnishing a small apartment.

Furniture for zones


If the bedroom and living room in a studio apartment can be one, then the kitchen should be a separate space. If you want to give the kitchen less space, leaving it for the living area, then choose a small but functional kitchen set.

The ideal option is corner furniture with hanging cabinets. The table can be placed in the living area. Convertible furniture is well suited for the kitchen. For example, a small dining table can turn into a large one that can accommodate a large number of guests..


If it is important for you to have a bedroom even in a small apartment, then you can purchase a wardrobe bed. During the day, this furniture looks like a wardrobe, which takes up a minimum of space in the room. So you have the opportunity to place a dressing table with a mirror. Before going to bed, you just need to lower the bed and sleep on a comfortable mattress. It is better to choose a dressing table with a dresser function, in which you can put small things and underwear.

Living room

A living room in a studio apartment can combine the function of a dining room. You can easily place a large round table in the middle of the room. If this option does not suit you, then give preference to a transforming coffee table. The low table has several transformation options. Rising on special legs and moving apart, the table turns into a good dining table.

It is better to choose a sofa for the living room with a bed function. This way you always have a spare berth for guests. An excellent option is also a chair bed..


If you have a child, then your studio apartment must necessarily have a place for a children’s area. You can pre-zone the space using two tiers. Leave the upper tier of the apartment completely for the nursery.

As long as the child is small and has not reached adolescence, then you can create a common bedroom with an emphasis on design for the child. A bunk bed with a sofa downstairs can help you with this. Pull-out sofa converts into a full double bed.

Decor elements


Paintings are a good way to decorate walls. For small studio apartments, small pictures in the form of collages are ideal. Avoid large canvases with geometric patterns. They steal space a lot. Instead of paintings, you can hang frames with photographs on the walls, they will add coziness to the room.

Curtains and curtains

As for curtains and curtains, ideally they are best avoided. Instead of massive wooden curtains, use special curtain rods that are attached to the ceiling. It is also better to leave curtains made of dense fabric on store shelves. Instead of curtains, opt for different types of blinds. It can be both classic metal models and graceful vertical blinds made of fabric..


Not a single apartment, even the smallest one, can be cozy without a beautiful carpet. Place your rug in your sleeping area or living room. Choose small oval or rectangular models with fine pile. Color drawings and floral prints are poorly suited for space in a studio apartment..

How to choose furniture

When choosing furniture for a studio apartment, follow a few basic rules. At first. Try to choose the most practical furniture. Pay attention to the built-in wardrobes, which take up less space than conventional models with hinged doors.

Try to place furniture with a reflective surface in the apartment, which also visually expands the space..

In any case, no one takes away from you the right to choose furniture for your studio apartment. But everyone wants to make their apartment as functional as possible and clutter up the minimum amount of space..

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